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"I'm not questioning your judgement. I'm saying you're flat wrong!"

Dr. Hobbs to Dr. Franklin, 2260

Lillian Hobbs was a Medlab doctor on Babylon 5 acting as the Chief Administrator of the Medlab facilities until she replaced Dr. Franklin as Chief Medical Officer.[1]


Doctor Hobbs earned her medical degree at the Tagore Medical School in Bangalore, Indian Consortium on Earth before doing advanced medical training at the Institute Pasteur in Paris. She authored several papers on the Human immune system published in the EMA Journal.[2]

During her time on B5, Dr. Hobbs found herself bouncing from one Medlab to another, never really finding herself a niche, though it left her with a lot of generalist medical experience. She also butted heads with Doctor Franklin on a few occasions but still had great respect for him.[1] One of these disagreements was particularly bad in 2260 when Franklin became increasingly addicted to stims. Michael Garibaldi, wanting to intervene, approached Hobbs in the Zócalo to ask for records confirming Franklin's addiction without making an official request. She refused, not wanting to breach their trust, but gave him the location of the records instead.[3] Hobbs learned later that Franklin took a leave of absence, so she served as acting Chief Medical Officer.[4]

Hobbs was one of the few who knew that Kosh had been killed, but little information was able to be gleaned. Lyta Alexander arrived afterward wanting more information. Hobbs said the records were confidential, but did admit no one was there at the time.[4]

Marcus Cole contacted Hobbs to try to learn about any new techniques that could be used to prevent Susan Ivanova from dying of her injuries sustained at the Battle of Sector 300.[5]

Elizabeth Lochley had Hobbs take over extra duties when Franklin took on a job with the Interstellar Alliance.[6]

In 2262, when Dr. Stephen Franklin left B5 to replace Dr. Benjamin Kyle as head of Xenobiological Research at Earthdome, he handpicked Hobbs to take his place as B5's CMO, because of her wide array of medical experience he felt that she would be perfect for the job, much to her surprise.[1]


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