Lise Hampton Edgars Garibaldi was an old flame and the eventual wife of Michael Garibaldi.


Lise met Michael Garibaldi in 2247 when he was stationed on Mars during the Earth-Minbari War. This begins an on-and-off relationship that lasts until Michael decided to take the position as Chief of Security on Babylon 5 in December 2256.[1][2][3]

During the Mars Rebellion in 2258, Lise was caught in a crossfire and injured while trying to get some food. Garibaldi was eventually able to contact her but found that she is not only married to a man named Franz, but expecting a baby.[1] Shortly after Deborah's birth in September, Lise discovered that Franz was having an affair. She filed for divorce but because the Earth-appointed Mars courts were biased against Martian born, Franz, an Earther, gained custody of their daughter and remarried.

In 2260, she met William Edgars, one of the richest men in the Earth Alliance. The two of them were quickly married and Lise moved into his house in Marsdome.[4]

When Edgars was killed in November 2261, she inherited control of Edgars Industries. After marrying Michael Garibaldi, Lise asked him to help her run the company, finding that she had no taste for it due to the many disturbing secret projects and rampant intrigue, and as such Garibaldi assumed the role of CEO.[5]

In 2267, Lise gave birth to her second daughter, Mary Garibaldi. In 2281, Lise and Michael are still married and living on Mars with Mary, now a teenager and quite the tennis prodigy. Michael's old friend Dr. Stephen Franklin was visiting them when a Ranger arrived at their home with a message inviting Michael to a final dinner with Sheridan on Minbar. Lise was out shopping at the time, caught in the pre-Mars Independence Day rush.[6]