The following is a list of known businesses, corporations, and other related entities known to exist throughout the galaxy.

  • Barfingle's Manufactory: A major Earth based independent ship building corporation that manufactured Asimov class commercial starliners.[5]
  • Edgars Industries: Founded by William Edgars, it was the fourth largest mega-corporation in the Earth Alliance, the largest pharmaceutical producer on Mars, and had a sizeable chemical and biological weapons program contracted with Earthforce.[6]
  • Ever-Dream Enterprises: A Cryonic suspension service founded in 2540. In 2561, Marcus Cole purchased a 32 year and four month sleep from technician D. Garibaldi, while waiting for a clone of Ivanova to reach maturation. In 2583, EDE had "slight accident" with the freezer units that resulted in a number of sleepers (including Cole) suffering some minor epidermal burns. By the time Cole was awoken in 2593, D. Garibaldi was EDE's vice-president and only a week from retirement.[7]
  • Fireflies Incorporated: A limited company. In 2259, while his computer was possessed by Elric's holo-demon, Londo Mollari inadvertently bought 500,000 shares of Fireflies Incorporated.[8]
  • FutureCorp: An Earth-based corporation that hoped to broker a deal with the Mars authorities that would bring peace to the colony, and give their company the opportunity to expand beyond Earth.[9]
  • Halotech: An Earth based pharmaceutical company that in 2117 developed the psi talent suppressing drug known as Sleepers.[10]
  • Interplanetary Expeditions: A multi-planetary corporation which funds research and archaeological expeditions to explore ancient ruins and uncharted worlds in the interest of salvaging advanced technology from extinct civilisations.[11]
  • SleepWorld: A Cryonic suspension service based on Earth. Some time prior to 2561, SleepWorld created a huge scandal after it went bankrupt and sold off the bodies of all their sleeping customers to anyone who wanted to buy, before dumping the rest for parts.[7]
  • SportCorp: An Earth-based corporation responsible for Earth's world boxing championship.[18]