The Babylon Project

The following is a list of known businesses, corporations, and other related entities known to exist throughout the galaxy.

  • Amtek: An Earth Alliance corporation with offices on Mars. On February 14, 2271, the CEO of Amtek had a meeting with Edgars Industries CEO Michael Garibaldi that consisted of dinner followed by a game of racquet-ball.[1]
  • Auricon: An Earth Alliance weapons manufacturing corporation responsible for supplying the Earthforce military with side-arms.[2][3]
  • Barfingle's Manufactory: A major Earth-based independent ship-building corporation that manufactured Asimov class commercial starliners.[4]
  • Edgars Industries: Founded by William Edgars, it was the fourth largest mega-corporation in the Earth Alliance, the largest pharmaceutical producer on Mars, and had a sizeable chemical and biological weapons program contracted with Earthforce.[6]
  • Ever-Dream Enterprises: A Cryonic suspension service founded in 2540. In 2561, Marcus Cole purchased a 32 year and four month sleep from technician D. Garibaldi, while waiting for a clone of Ivanova to reach maturation. In 2583, EDE had "slight accident" with the freezer units that resulted in a number of sleepers (including Cole) suffering some minor epidermal burns. By the time Cole was awoken in 2593, D. Garibaldi was EDE's vice-president and only a week from retirement.[7]
  • Fireflies Incorporated: A limited company. In 2259, while his computer was possessed by Elric's holo-demon, Londo Mollari involuntarily became the owner of 500,000 shares of Fireflies Incorporated.[8]
  • FutureCorp: An Earth-based corporation that hoped to broker a deal with the Mars authorities that would bring peace to the colony, and give their company the opportunity to expand beyond Earth.[9]
  • Halotech: An Earth-based pharmaceutical company that in 2117 developed the psi talent suppressing drug known as Sleepers.[10]
  • Interplanetary Expeditions: A multi-planetary corporation which funds research and archaeological expeditions to explore ancient ruins and uncharted worlds in the interest of salvaging advanced technology from extinct civilisations.[11]
  • McAuliffe Firearms: An Earth Alliance weapons dealership contracted to supply Auricon PPGs to the security forces aboard Babylon 5 in 2258.[14]
  • Quartermaster Corporation: An Earth Alliance military supplier. In 2258, EIAs investigator Colonel Ari Ben Zayn posed as a QM Corp rep, trying to acquire a supply contract for Babylon 5 while investigating the command staff.[17]
  • Rentech: Rentech Corporation was a direct competitor of Holden Waters.[10]
  • SleepWorld: A Cryonic suspension service based on Earth. Some time prior to 2561, SleepWorld created a huge scandal after it went bankrupt and sold off the bodies of all their sleeping customers to anyone who wanted to buy, before dumping the rest for parts.[7]
  • SportCorp: An Earth-based corporation responsible for Earth's world boxing championship.[18]
  • XenoCorp: An Earth-based corporation that had business dealings with several alien worlds including Narn Homeworld, Centauri Prime and Pak'ma. Between 2247 and 2257, Lyta Alexander worked as the commercial telepath for XenoCorp, usually monitoring corporate negotiations between alien representatives.[22]