13 episodes of Crusade were produced before TNT canceled the series.

Broadcast Orders

According to posts by J Michael Straczynski, which are archived on, TNT broadcast the episodes out of the intended sequence. The order of the episodes was then revised when they were re-broadcasted on the Sci-Fi channel, the Sci-Fi channel actually contacted Straczynski and asked which order he would prefer the episodes were broadcast. A third order was formally endorsed by Straczynski as the "true" chronological sequence of events for the filmed episode, as it appeared in The Official Babylon 5 Chronology (published in the pages of The Official Babylon 5 Magazine in 1999-2000). This particular ordering supersedes Straczynski's own "preferred" sequence from a strictly chronological and causal standpoint. The original broadcast order as set by TNT was used for the DVD releases.

Original broadcast order Revised broadcast order
(Straczynski's Preferred order)
Chronological order
  1. War Zone
  2. The Long Road
  3. The Well of Forever
  4. The Path of Sorrows
  5. Patterns of the Soul
  6. Ruling from the Tomb
  7. The Rules of the Game
  8. Appearances and Other Deceits
  9. Racing the Night
  10. The Memory of War
  11. The Needs of Earth
  12. Visitors from Down the Street
  13. Each Night I Dream of Home
  1. Racing the Night
  2. The Needs of Earth
  3. The Memory of War
  4. The Long Road
  5. Visitors from Down the Street
  6. The Well of Forever
  7. Each Night I Dream of Home
  8. Patterns of the Soul
  9. The Path of Sorrows
  10. Ruling from the Tomb
  11. The Rules of the Game
  12. War Zone
  13. Appearances and Other Deceits
  1. War Zone
  2. The Long Road
  3. Appearances and Other Deceits
  4. The Memory of War
  5. The Needs of Earth
  6. Racing the Night
  7. Visitors from Down the Street
  8. Each Night I Dream of Home
  9. The Path of Sorrows
  10. Patterns of the Soul
  11. Ruling from the Tomb
  12. The Well of Forever
  13. The Rules of the Game

Six other episodes were planned, but were never filmed or aired. These were:

To the Ends of the Earth (script published online) Value Judgments (script published online) Tried and True (script unavailable) Part 1: War Story (script unavailable) Part 2: The Walls of Hell (script unavailable) Part 3: (title unknown, script unavailable) End of the Line (season finale, script published online)

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