The following is a list of transports of unknown class.

  • Epsilon: In 2258, the cargo ship Epsilon underwent a cargo transfer at Babylon 5.[3]
  • Murano: In 2258, the Murano was put on hold status when the dock workers went on strike at Babylon 5.[12]
  • Pereus: In 2258, the Pereus was berthed at Dock H on Babylon 5, when the vessel requested to leave the station.[13]
  • Southern Passage: Earth Alliance transport. Departed Babylon 5 for Arcturus IV on March 31, 2258.[14]
  • Zoful: In 2260, the Minbari passenger liner Zoful docked at Babylon 5 from Minbar. Ambassador Delenn was a passenger on the vessel.[16] The Zoful left Babylon 5 for Minbar. Vir Cotto was a passenger on the vessel.[17]


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