The Babylon Project

Literada Varda was a Drazi senior doctor with the Drazi Freehold on Zhabar.[1]

In late 2262, during the Centauri War, Dr. Varda met with Dr. Stephen Franklin, CMO of the Interstellar Alliance and Ms. Lyta Alexander to address the Freehold's failure to return the recovered bodies of Centauri killed during battles with Freehold forces. Varda claimed that he had surveyed the damaged ships and there were no intact bodies to return and that they only found unrecognisable parts and pieces floating in space. Before these words are even out of his mouth, Lyta is instantly suspicious when she shakes his hand, revealing the extent of his intense nervousness. A surface scan confirms his dishonesty and when she asks why he's lying to them, Varda attempted to feign innocence and outrage but was quickly cut off by a pair of Drazi agents that had repelled into the balcony and opened fire of the two visitors. Franklin shot one while Lyta telepathically forced the other to shoot himself and the pair forced Varda to take them to where the bodies were being held. Varda reluctantly co-operates and takes them to a holding facility full of small black devices, which Lyta instantly recognises as Shadow Technology. They manage to grab one and escape just as Varda is shot in the chest by pursuing Freehold agents.