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Londo was a stout patriot, willing to do anything for his homeworld, but like most Centauri of his generation he pined for the glory days of the [[Centauri Republic]]. Londo is ambitious, loud and opinionated, and has a weakness for women, drink and gambling. He also has a weakness for power, and will do almost anything to gain more, so he can help the Centauri Republic become the "Lion of the Galaxy" once again. Although seen as proud, forceful and arrogant in public, he allows his softer side to be seen by a few in private, his love for the Lady [[Adira]] and his concern for the development of [[Vir Cotto]] being the most obvious examples of this.
Londo was a stout patriot, willing to do anything for his homeworld, and like most Centauri of his generation he pined for the glory days of the [[Centauri Republic]]. Londo is ambitious, loud and opinionated, and has a weakness for women, drink and gambling. He also has a weakness for power, and will do almost anything to gain more, so he can help the Centauri Republic become the "Lion of the Galaxy" once again. Although seen as proud, forceful and arrogant in public, he allows his softer side to be seen by a few in private, his love for the Lady [[Adira]] and his concern for the development of [[Vir Cotto]] being the most obvious examples of this.

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"In my life I had four wives. I cared for them all deeply. But I loved Centauri Prime. Everything I did, I did for her."

Emperor Londo Mollari, 2278.

Londo Mollari was the Centauri ambassador to Earth in 2243, ambassador to Babylon 5 from 2257 to 2262 and Emperor of the Centauri Republic from 2262 to 2278 (Earth calendar).


Londo was a stout patriot, willing to do anything for his homeworld, and like most Centauri of his generation he pined for the glory days of the Centauri Republic. Londo is ambitious, loud and opinionated, and has a weakness for women, drink and gambling. He also has a weakness for power, and will do almost anything to gain more, so he can help the Centauri Republic become the "Lion of the Galaxy" once again. Although seen as proud, forceful and arrogant in public, he allows his softer side to be seen by a few in private, his love for the Lady Adira and his concern for the development of Vir Cotto being the most obvious examples of this.


Early Life

When Londo was twelve, just after passing his first exams to enter Military Academy, his father took him on his first zoolow fishing expedition to teach him to hunt like a man. The young Londo was disappointed as he had hoped to have had the opportunity to hunt a small leati with his bare hands. The hunt did not go well, and the captain of the fishing vessel was severely injured. Mollari would later posit this incident had been why he had not spoken much with his father in subsequent years.[1]

As a young man Londo was a member of the prestigious fighting school, along with his close childhood friend Urza Jaddo. House Mollari and House Jaddo had been allies since the early days of the Republic. Londo became an accomplished swordsman with the Coutari, becoming part of the Couro Prido duelling society. He earned the nickname "Paso Leati" from his comrades, as they claim he fought "like a crazed leati."[2]

He was also an accomplished fighter pilot, personally leading a raid on the planet Frallis XII.[3]

During his youth, Londo impulsively married a beautiful dancer of low station. He was later pressured into divorcing her by his family. Londo eventually came to have three wives through arranged marriages, namely Timov, Daggair, and Mariel.[4][5][6]

Early Diplomatic Duties

In 2243, Mollari was called to a meeting with General Leftcourt and a presidential aide. The meeting was called to request Centauri intelligence on a race then unknown to Humans, the Minbari. Londo attempted to warn the men off from their intended expedition to Minbari space, pointing out the Minbari's isolationist nature and the fact that even at the height of the Centauri Republic, they never opposed the Minbari. Londo gave them the warning that "If you do not bother them, they will not bother you." His warnings fell on deaf ears. At the end of the meeting, Londo agreed to get the information he was asked for.

During the Earth-Minbari War, Londo was asked by Hastur to provide advanced weapons to Earthforce in order to combat the Minbari. Londo refused for fear that the Minbari would declare the Centauri enemies of the Minbari Federation for helping the Humans. Afterward, Londo learned that the Narn had agreed to sell weapons to the Humans and that G'Kar was hoping to implicate the Centauri Republic in the endeavour. Londo contacted Sonovar, his agent on Minbar, and informed him of the Narn's deal, making sure the Centauri would not be accused of assisting the Humans. Later he received orders to prevent the Narns from using the war to establish closer ties with the Humans. Using his influence over the Narn official G'Mak, he found out where the meeting would take place and ordered an attack on a Human/Narn meeting, hoping to sabotage any alliance between Humans and Narns. The meeting was an attempt by Lenonn to open a dialog with the Humans and put an end to the war. Lenonn was killed in the attack, and the hope of a quick end to the war died with him. Later in life, Londo would blame himself for the blood of those killed in the Earth-Minbari War after this point.[7][8]

Faded Glory

Londo was appointed to Babylon 5 in 2257 as the station went online. He initially thought this an "honor" but was quickly told that no one else wanted the position and it was little more than a joke.[9]

Like many Centauri, Londo had the "gift" of foreseeing his own death in a dream. In his dream, he was an old man and being strangled to death, while he in turn was strangling his attacker. As soon as Mollari met Ambassador G'Kar of the Narn, he knew instantly he was the one from the dream. The dream became clearer as he grew older.[10] Soon after his appointment he and G'Kar entered a furious rivalry.

"We should have wiped out your kind when we had the chance!"

Early in 2258, Londo was assigned a diplomatic attache, Vir Cotto. On the same day, the Centauri agricultural colony of Ragesh III was attacked and taken over by a Narn sneak attack. Enraged when he discovered it was the Narn, Londo confronted and physically attacked G'Kar in the Zocalo, requiring station security to pull them apart. Londo apologized to Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, explaining that he arranged for his nephew, Carn Mollari, to be the head researcher at Ragesh 3 to keep him safe--and now he may be dead. Mollari vowed that if Carn was dead, there would be war with the Narn if it was the last thing he ever did.[10]

Rather than risk a confrontation over such a small colony, the Centauri Republic decided not to respond militarily to the Narn attack. Mollari tried to embarrass his government into acting by getting other races to interfere, but G'kar was able to convince the council that help was not requested. Carn Mollari was forced to read a statement that the colony requested the Narn to come. Londo retrieved a firearm from his quarters and headed out to murder G'Kar. However, a brush-up with Talia Winters, a telepath, alerted her to his plan and she told security chief Michael Garibaldi, who stopped Londo. Later, when the station crew uncovered a plot involving the Narn Regime backing local Raiders, they were able to use this as leverage and force the Narn to withdraw from Ragesh III.[10]

Londo and Adira Tyree

In this early stage of his assignment, Mollari spent most of his time drinking and gambling at either the casino or one of the more seedy bars or clubs on the station. He consistently put off negotiations for the Euphrates Treaty with the Narn because of these vices (at one point he even expected Vir to negotiate in his stead). In his own words, he was nothing more than a "washed-up old Republican dreaming of better days." He met a Centauri exotic dancer named Adira Tyree whom he instantly became enamored with. Adira was actually a slave owned by an alien named Trakis, who used her to steal Londo's Purple files, top secret information Trakis hoped to sell to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for him, Adira genuinely fell for Londo, which put her life in danger. Londo appealed to Commander Sinclair to help rescue her, which Sinclair did on the condition that Londo agree to his compromise in the Euphrates negotiations. The pair managed to recover the files and save Adira. Londo gained her freedom and gave her a symbol of his House, which he told her to wear proudly as a free woman. Adira left the station, promising to come back to him one day.[11]

"In purple, I am stunning!

When the station threw a week-long series of festivities to demonstrate the different beliefs of species on the station, Londo hosted a large feast for all of the major diplomats and station senior staff (although G'Kar may not have been invited). Londo had a great deal to drink and passed out (or as Vir put it, he became "one with his inner self").[12]

During a string of vicious anti-alien attacks on the station, a pair of young Centauri nobles arrived, one of whom was Vir's cousin. Their names were Aria Tensus and Kiron Maray, both arranged to be married--Aria to a man old enough to be her grandfather and Kiron to a very ugly woman. They had run away from Centauri Prime because they were in love and wished to marry each other, quite the scandal for the Centauri. Londo assured their families he would send them back soon, and insisted they "grow up" and accept the sacrifices for their family and society. Vir stood up for the couple, but Londo remained firm, explaining his own "sacrifices," namely his three wives whom he nicknamed "Famine", "Pestilence", and "Death".[13]

"My shoes are too tight, and I have forgotten how to dance."

"Something my father said. He was old, very old at the time. I went into his room, and he was sitting alone in the dark, crying. So I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "My shoes are too tight, but it doesn't matter, because I have forgotten how to dance." I never understood what that meant until now. My shoes are too tight, and I have forgotten how to dance."
– Londo, to Vir

However, Kiron was soon attacked and seriously injured by one of the anti-alien assaults. As he was being treated in MedLab with Aria at his side, Londo checked on them. In the process, he met Shaal Mayan, a Minbari poet, who asked Londo why he was so resistant to the idea of love and confronted him on his own sacrifice, having chosen to live without it. Londo went to reflect on her words in the Zen Garden, where Vir again confronted him. This time, however, Londo admitted that he had gone a long time without remembering what it meant to be in love. When Kiron recovered, Londo informed them he had arranged for them to be taken in by his second cousin, Andilo Mollari, under an old tradition known as "fosterage." Londo explained that their families would not object, as Andilo was quite powerful and respected. After living with him for a few years, Londo explained, Andilo would give them permission to marry whomever they chose--even if it was each other.[13]

When the war criminal Jha'dur, known as Deathwalker, was discovered aboard the station, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds demanded she be held for trial. A vote was called for the Security Council and the League, but Londo was instructed to vote against holding her for trial (to conceal the depth of Centauri involvement with Jha'dur and the Dilgar).[14]

When Shon, the son of Tharg and M'Ola of the Onteen, required a life-saving medical procedure, the parents refused, but Dr. Stephen Franklin announced he would go through with it anyway. Tharg and M'Ola pled their case to each of the ambassadors on the station, including Mollari. Londo offered the help of the Centauri--but only for a fee, and the couple had no means of paying.[15]

Londo, with Mr. Garibaldi, in the casino

In the days preceding the arrival of Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago, a bomb exploded in one of the docking bays. When Michael Garibaldi was framed for the bombing, he went on the run. He encountered Londo in the casino and asked if he was involved in the frame-up. Londo declared his innocence. He sent Garibaldi to G'Kar and gave him a pouch of money, stating he felt they were alike, both being "the odd man out."[16]

Aware of how dangerous a Na'ka'leen Feeder was, Londo was terrified when Commander Sinclair alerted him one might be on the station. Mollari contacted the Republic, furious that a quarantine of the creatures had apparently been lifted for budget reasons, and insisted it be reinstated. While the creature was on the station, he barricaded himself inside his quarters, not wishing to see anyone. Vir still welcomed inside Aldous Gajic, a man seeking the Holy Grail. Londo told Gajic it would cost a substantial sum of money for the Centauri to go over their records, but Vir had already done so and given Gajic the data free of charge (much to Londo's chagrin).[17]

"How important is your religious ceremony to you?"

Soon afterwards, during the Days of G'Quan, an accident in the docking bays destroyed a Narn transport carrying a G'Quan Eth plant ordered by G'Kar to be used in a Narn religious ceremony. Its destruction provided an opportunity for Londo to torment G'Kar, as Londo was in possession of one of the plants and no other one could get to the station before the required time. After mocking G'Kar's beliefs, Londo first offered to sell it to him for 50,000 commercial credits. Although outraged, G'Kar managed to get the money and offered it to Londo--only to have Mollari flatly refuse to sell it for any price. Londo stated this was his revenge for his nephew Carn and what happened on Ragesh III. G'Kar asked Sinclair to speak with Londo about handing over the plant, but Mollari again refused, saying he'd rather burn the plant than ever turn it over to G'Kar. As a result, G'Kar arranged for a statue of a Centauri god to be stolen from their temple, outraging Londo. Sinclair forced the two of them to have a sitdown, insisting that G'Kar return the statue--and telling Londo he was confiscating the plant as contraband. Mollari did not resist, as the timing for the ceremony had passed and he had gotten his amusement from the plant.[18]

A mysterious man named Mr. Morden arrived on the station and asked Mollari, "What do you want?" His answer of seeing the Centauri Republic to its former glory is an adequate answer for Morden and his "associates."[19]

"I want...I want it all back the way that it was!"

"You really want to know what I want? You really want to know the truth, yes? I want my people to reclaim their rightful place in the galaxy. I want to see the Centauri stretch forth their hand again, and command the stars. I want a rebirth of glory, a renaissance of power. I want to stop running through my life like a man late for an appointment...afraid to look back, or to look forward. I want us to be what we used to be! I want...I want it all back the way that it was!"
– Londo, replying to Morden's question

Morden's timing coincided with Londo's part in recovering the Eye, a precious jewel worth enough to purchase a small planet, which was a symbol of the Centauri Republic and had been missing for over one hundred years. Londo completed the transaction with the one who found it, and was entrusted to turn it over to Lord Kiro, who would deliver it to the Emperor. Kiro came to the station and spoke to Mollari about claiming the Eye and the throne, but Mollari warned him he would be dead within a day of trying without support. Kiro was kidnapped and the Eye was stolen by Raiders in a daring attack on the station. Londo ensured the safety of Kiro's aunt during the attack. With Kiro's disappearance (and death), Londo was convinced he would be blamed for losing the Eye, which would end his career. Luckily, Morden arrived at his quarters to hand-deliver the Eye, promising he would return soon.[19]

When it came to negotiations with the Minbari, Londo found Delenn a far more agreeable and reasonable diplomat. He agreed to her offer regarding trading routes in Sector 119. Delenn suggested that G'Kar was not so much unreasonable as angry, and that anger must burn out in time. Londo stated he believed the cycle of hatred between the Centauri and the Narn could not be broken. After the negotiations, Londo tried to cheer up Michael Garibaldi, who was depressed over riots that had broken out on Mars. Londo succeeded slightly, telling Garibaldi a story about a stripper he once married--the day he met her. He then witnessed an image of Varn appearing to him. When Sinclair and Ivanova returned from an expedition to the planet below, Londo confronted both of them, insisting the Republic be given a share of whatever they found.[4]

"Who says the good old days are gone, eh?"

Londo also met Draal, an old teacher of Delenn's, when he came to the station. Londo (somewhat uncharacteristically) invited Delenn and Draal to join him for some hot jala, diverting from his research on the human race (specifically, Londo had been obsessing over the words to the song "Hokey Pokey," apparently off and on for seven days). When he learned that Varn had appeared to Delenn and Draal, he learned that the alien was the guardian of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3, the planet below the station. Londo offered to help Delenn and Draal take Varn back to the planet by use of his personal shuttle. He explained that he understood that one of the three of them would need to take Varn's place in the heart of the machine. Londo successfully evaded the planetary defenses. Draal took Varn's place and Londo returned to the station with Delenn.[3]

When a Centauri Senator encouraged Londo to try and foster better relations with other races, Londo turned to Ambassador Delenn's young aide, Lennier. Londo took Lennier to a bar and strip club, narrowly averting giving Lennier some alcohol (which apparently causes psychotic rages in Minbari). Londo was quickly bored with Lennier's stories about his education, until Lennier mentioned he was well schooled in probability. Londo took him to another bar to introduce him to poker. While his probability skills made Lennier a natural at the game, the subtleties of the game (including "bluffing") were lost on him. Londo was discovered cheating, prompting a fight to erupt in which both Londo and Lennier were injured. Commander Sinclair confronted them afterwards, awaiting an explanation as to how they got involved with a brawl. Lennier accepted total blame for what happened, but both were covered by diplomatic immunity. After Sinclair left, Londo asked Lennier why he would lie for him. Lennier explained that among his people, helping another save face was considered very honorable. Londo developed a deep respect for Lennier that only grew over time.[20]

The Wind Changes

"There comes a time when you look into the mirror and what you see is all you will ever see. And you accept it, or your kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors."
– Londo

"Keep this up, G'Kar, and soon you won't have a planet to protect!"

Over the year, tension continued to build between the Centauri Republic and the Narn regime. When the Narn made advances to take all of Quadrant 37 at the close of 2258 (stating they no longer recognized the treaty they signed "under duress" regarding the system), the Republic once again decided to withdraw rather than risk an open confrontation. Londo bemoaned the state of the Republic, and hated that his sole purpose seemed to be to watch it be whittled away slowly. Before he could relay the Republic's position to the Council, however, Morden reappeared with an offer to help the Centauri. He offered to give Londo great prestige and glory, but Londo was unconvinced, saying he believed that he would never be more than he currently was. To prove otherwise, Morden told Mollari to simply tell his government that he [Mollari] would personally take care of the situation in Quadrant 37. Londo was skeptical that Morden's "associates" could do what they claimed. Nevertheless, he ordered Vir to convey the message (Vir's initial reaction was shock, and the belief Londo was drunk).

"You had a problem with Quadrant 37, we took care of it for you."

The effect was that an entire Narn outpost in Quadrant 37 was completely destroyed, which confused the Narn as to how it could have happened so quickly--and who the culprits could be. They were forced to abandon their claims to the system. Londo was initially dismayed to think Morden's "associates" had simply wiped out 10,000 Narns in cold blood, but Morden blunted this dismay by pointing out how popular Mollari had just become--he had spared the Republic another embarrassing defeat and dealt a mighty blow against the Narn regime. He had become a hero among the highest levels and Noble Houses of the Republic, including the Royal Court. Londo stayed silent about the attack, with only Vir knowing the details of how it happened.[21]

Rising Star

With G'Kar having left the station following the attack on Quadrant 37 and Ambassador Delenn in a cocoon, most of the business of the Babylon 5 Security Council was delayed. Mollari angrily moved that both the Minbari and Narn delegations be reprimanded and new ambassadors be sent immediately. The motion failed to be seconded.[22]

Londo grew anxious over the attack in Quadrant 37 over the next month or two. He worried that he would somehow be connected to it, despite Morden's assurances otherwise. Morden told Londo his friends could do the same thing elsewhere, and all they asked in return (at the moment) was to be informed if they heard about any activity out near the Rim. Londo laughed when Morden told him to "just pick a target," suggesting they wipe out the entire Narn homeworld. Morden coolly replied, "One step at a time." G'Kar returned from the Rim in early 2259, bringing with him a warning that an ancient enemy of darkness had returned. He announced that a Narn expedition was sent out to the Rim to a planet called Z'ha'dum. After hearing this Londo tipped off Morden. The expedition was destroyed as it exited hyperspace.[22]

Londo became close allies with Lord Antono Refa, a shrewd and ambitious Centauri noble from a powerful family with great influence in the Republic. Refa was intrigued with Mollari's solution to the Quadrant 37 problem, and hoped to use him to further his own goals.[23]

"I think we have a great deal of work ahead of us."

In 2259 many techno-mages stopped at Babylon 5 on their way to the Rim. Londo was desperate to get an audience with one of them, to increase his standing back home (since the first emperor had received the endorsement of a techno-mage). He sent Vir to secure a meeting, but none of the mages were interested in anything Londo had to offer. He then tried to trick one of them into taking a photo with him, but the techno-mage Elric was not fooled. He angrily "put a spell" on Londo, which caused a number of problems concerning his personal files, finances, and quarters (including causing him to buy 500,000 shares in "Fireflies Inc." as well as shares of a spoo ranch, and to have the speakers in his room play Narn opera very loudly). Londo apologized, and the spell was withdrawn. Elric warned Londo that he was "touched by darkness," but he knew Londo would not heed his warnings. He also told him he saw a vision of "a great hand, reaching out of the stars," and with it millions of voices crying out Londo's name. However, they were not his followers but his victims.[23]

When a strange creature came on board Babylon 5 via an ancient Earth cryonic ship, many of the races were uneasy, recalling legends from their own worlds about an ancient enemy and its agents. Londo was dismissive of such claims, stating simply that if there was some monster on board, it should simply be found and killed. The station succeeded in doing exactly that.[24]

Londo, his wives, and G'Kar at Londo's Party

Londo's prestige and influence continued to grow. As the anniversary of his Day of Ascension drew near, he was granted an audience with the Emperor and offered any one wish the Emperor could grant. Londo's request was a divorce from his three wives. The Emperor said he would grant the request, but asked that Londo keep one of the three for state occasions. Londo invited his three wives to come to Babylon 5 for the party he was throwing for his anniversary--and to give them the news personally. While Daggair and Mariel kept trying to convince Londo to keep them (which resulted in a ménage à trois), Timov made no such pretenses of affections. At the party, an old Centauri artifact given as a gift by his wife Mariel turned out to be booby-trapped, poisoning Londo and leaving him critically injured. He was saved when Timov volunteered to a blood transfusion, but she made Dr. Stephen Franklin swear Londo must never find out it was her. He made a full recovery thanks to her aid. Londo chose to keep Timov even without knowing she had saved him, telling her that with her he would "always know where he stood." He also agreed to a modest alimony to the other wives (although significantly less than they were accustomed to, and without a title to go along with it).[6]

The Die is Cast

In mid-2259 the Centauri Emperor Turhan arranged to come to Babylon 5 to issue a formal statement. Lord Refa arrived a day before the Emperor, explaining to Londo what their allies had been plotting. They wanted Londo to make a public statement to the Emperor regarding the weaknesses of the Empire--weaknesses they intended to make apparent in the coming months, increasing their own position and prestige. Londo pointed out that this would not earn him any favor with the Emperor, but Refa merely responded that the Emperor's failing health meant he would not live much longer. After Refa left, Londo confided in Vir his discomfort with the situation.

Refa's plan did not work out as he had hoped, as his words ended up being more prophetic than he could have guessed. Shortly after his arrival on the station, the Emperor suffered a severe heart attack, leaving him very close to death. Other factions began to move quickly, readying themselves to put their own claimants on the throne the moment the Empepor should die. Refa told Mollari that before that happened, their faction must do something "unparalleled." Londo suggested conquering the Narn colony of Quadrant 14, on the very border of their space. When Refa responded that they could never take the planet without a major assault, Londo promised to "take care of the situation." Londo arranged for Morden to set up an attack, knowing full well it would lead to open war. Londo had his familiar dream about his death--but now he dreamt of other things, including his coronation as emperor, and of the words spoken to him by the techno-mage. He awakened and realized the attack had begun.[25]


"I understand fine. By this time tomorrow, we will be at war with the Narn. May the Great Maker forgive me."
– Londo, to Vir

The Narn colony's defenses were annihilated by the Shadows, without any word getting out as to the attackers. Refa had a Centauri expeditionary fleet seize the planet, leading the Narn (and everyone else) to believe the Centauri had conducted the entire attack. Meanwhile, unbeknown to Londo, Refa arranged to have Prime Minister Malachi murdered on Centauri Prime, with his death made to look like suicide. Londo had considered Malachi a friend. Before word of the attack reached the station, G'Kar tracked down Mollari and insisted on having a drink with him. Bewildered (and now grief-stricken) as G'Kar toasted to his health and the health of the Emperor, Londo accepted the drink and said nothing about the assault.

Londo's Dream of a "great hand, reaching out of a star."

At the subsequent session of the Babylon 5 General Assembly, Captain John Sheridan told Londo that Earthforce intended to send observers to assess the situation of the Narn civilians in Quadrant 14. Londo said he would arrange for the Republic to allow the civilians to leave the planet unharmed (thus preventing any Earthforce personnel from assessing how the colony was captured so quickly). Immediately following this news, Ambassador G'Kar informed the Assembly that the Narn regime had officially declared war against the Centauri. Londo and Refa went to the Emperor's side as he died. His last words were that both Londo and Refa were damned, but since Londo was the only one who heard it he lied and said that Turhan's wish was to continue the work they were doing. Refa informed Londo that their allies had successfully managed to get the Emperor's nephew Cartagia installed as the new emperor. Vir expressed surprise that Londo did not ask Refa for a position in the Royal Court (paving the way for his own potential ascent one day), but Londo stated he had no interest in becoming emperor (secretly still fearing his prophetic dream), but preferred to work behind the scenes.[25]

A Different Reflection

"I have a destiny to fulfill, one that will lead our people back to a golden age. We are Centauri...We are meant to conquer, to rule, to build empires."
– Londo, to Urza Jaddo

"I wanted respect. Instead I have become a wishing well with legs."

With his position suddenly so much more prominent, Londo soon found a long line of Centauri aristocrats and businessmen coming to him looking for favors. Even as the Centauri groveled for his friendship, many of the other people on the station became icy towards him. Londo ran into Michael Garibaldi and appealed to him to not turn his back on him, citing that back when he was little more than a joke, Garibaldi was already friendly and open to him. Garibaldi said he would come back after his shift if he could. Londo waited in the casino until closing time, but Garibaldi did not make it, as he was busy investigating the murder of a Centauri citizen. When a Narn turned out to be the murderer, Garibaldi and Sheridan called Mollari, hoping he would keep the situation quiet. Londo agreed, stating that he knew the dead Centauri to be a trouble- maker and that he understood it was the Centauri's own fault for what happened. He asked only that the killer be deported, with his effects seized and auctioned, with the proceeds going to the Centauri war effort. Afterwards, Garibaldi met Londo for a drink.[26]

"Insanity is part of the times! You must learn to embrace the madness, let it fire you!"

Refa's associates began to purge the government of people that would be hard to control as they stacked the Centaurum with people sympathetic to their beliefs. Londo's old friend, Urza Jaddo, came to Babylon 5 to tell Mollari that a resolution would soon come up in the Centaurum accusing him and his family of treason. Urza hoped to unite his house with Mollari's to defeat the resolution, and Londo promised to do all that he could. He contacted Lord Refa immediately to tell him to have the resolution halted, but Refa said he did not think he could stop it. Londo then met Urza at a lavish party filled with many Centauri nobles, many of whom would never have associated with Mollari in past times. Urza was dismayed to learn that Londo had become close to Lord Refa--the very man who entered the resolution against his family. Urza explained that he had become disillusioned with conquest, and asked Londo why he went on the course he had. Londo replied that he had a destiny to fulfill, and he must see it carried out.

Londo, having just slain his old friend, Urza

Urza promptly challenged Londo to the Morago, a duel to the death, and Londo knew that to refuse would bring humiliation and shame upon his House. Vir tried to dissuade Londo, but he stubbornly insisted that death was preferable to dishonor at this stage. Under the rules of the Morago, the losing party's family were taken in by the winner's. Once the fight began, Urza allowed Londo to kill him, knowing it was the only way to spare his family from the charge of treason. House Jado was absorbed into House Mollari. For the first time in a long time, Londo began to realize the depth of what he has done. Vir told him he could still turn things around, but Londo replied that it was too late for him now.[2]

"The Centauri Republic will not stand for such insults!"

As Londo's importance continued to grow, the Republic sent word to Vir that he would be replaced. Vir was despondent, and for the first time he went to the bar to drink. Londo found him and learned that Vir's family had always considered him a joke--they considered his appointment one when he first got it, but now that it was becoming an important position, he wais being withdrawn. Londo contacted the Republic and insisted that he could not carry out his duties without Vir as his assistant, securing his place. Londo also contacted Vir's family, telling them of his importance--and inviting them to come visit for a month, much to Vir's shock.[27]

In an effort to raise money, Babylon 5 briefly started up a merchandise shop, complete with dolls and figures of the various ambassadors. Londo was outraged over the doll made in his likeness, stating it was a mockery and insult to the Republic. His major problem with the doll was its lack of "attributes." The Centauri dolls were pulled and the whole shop was shut down soon thereafter.[27]

Power and Glory

Main article: Narn-Centauri War

"We are Centauri! If we are to seize our destiny, we must do it ourselves!"

Towards the end of 2259, Refa recalled Londo to the Imperial Palace to share his plans for ending the war sooner than anyone thought possible. Refa had learned that the Narn were planning a massive assault on Gorash 7, a critical supply world, the loss of which would completely disrupt the Centauri offense. Instead of meeting the fleet there, the Centauri would take their fleet straight to the Narn homeworld and destroy the surface of the planet with mass drivers. Refa explained the only thing they needed was for Londo to have his allies destroy the Narn fleet at Gorash 7. Londo objected to the plan--he had been growing worried over his "allies," especially given their sheer strength. He also pointed out that the Republic had signed treaties outlawing the use of mass drivers. Refa rebuked Londo, telling him that they were only in the war because of Londo, and the time had passed for doubts. To end the war quickly and save Centauri lives, Londo agreed to contact Morden and do what Refa asked, but insisted it would be the last time.

Londo witnesses the bombardment of the Narn homeworld

After making the arrangements with Morden (which resulted in a total loss of the Narn fleet), Londo was invited by Refa to come with him on the largest Centauri battle cruiser that would be leading the attack on Narn. Londo reluctantly went along, knowing he could not refuse, and watched in quiet horror as the fleet bombarded the Narn homeworld for days on end, completely shattering the Narn infrastructure and reducing most of the cities to rubble.

The Centauri now speak for Narn

When the Narn regime finally issued a total and unconditional surrender, Mollari returned to Babylon 5 to announce the surrender and the terms the Republic was imposing to the Babylon 5 General Assembly. In addition to the other terms, Ambassador G'Kar was stripped of his rank and ordered to return to Narn. G'Kar, however, appealed for sanctuary on Babylon 5, which Captain Sheridan granted and the Minbari supported. Mollari acknowledged he must accept this, but insisted G'Kar be removed from the chambers.[28]

While quietly questioning such moves, Londo zealously defended the actions of the Republic following the war when they aggressively raided neighboring states, including space belonging to the Drazi and the pak'ma'ra. Captain Sheridan confronted Mollari, but Londo insisted their actions were justified.

Londo, vigorously announcing the intentions of the Republic to expand

A Narn heavy cruiser that survived the war secretly came to Babylon 5 seeking aid. Londo was tipped off about it and relayed the information to the Republic, which dispatched a battle cruiser to take custody of the cruiser. Sheridan refused to turn over the ship, resulting in a firefight. The Narn cruiser escaped and the Centauri ship was destroyed. This created an outcry from the Republic, and the Earth Alliance insisted Sheridan issue an apology for what happened. Word arrived that the Earth Alliance would soon be entering a formal Non-Aggression Treaty with the Centauri Republic. Londo was to be present when Sheridan made the apology, but two Centauri agents placed a bomb on the core shuttle Sheridan was riding, forcing him to jump from the shuttle. Falling rapidly, he was rescued by a "being of light" whom everyone perceived as an angelic being in their own species' likeness--everyone but Londo, who saw nothing. Following the treaty signing with Earth, Londo continued to zealously defend and present the aggression of the Republic before the General Assembly.[29]

Reading the Signs

"We've danced our last little dance, Mr. Morden. Now it is time for you to go away."

Londo, now quite wary of his relationship with Morden and the Shadows (whose identity he was still unaware of), tried to sever all ties between them and the Republic. He had one last meeting with Morden to finalize the terms of this severance, where Morden displayed a map of the galaxy, carving it up so that roughly 15% is welcome to the Centauri--and Morden's associates would take the rest. Morden also stated that a small planet on the border must be given over to his side. He mentioned that he contacted Lord Refa to secure it for them, alarming Londo that Morden was not going to quietly back off. Londo asked Morden if one day he could see the ships his associates use, which Morden brushed off.

His reasons for asking about the ships were two: in his prophetic dream about his future, a new scene had been appearing ever since before the Narn-Centauri War. He was standing in a desert on what he believed was Centauri Prime, looking up into the sky and seeing hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Shadow vessels flying overhead. Londo was surprised when David Endawi from Earthforce Special Intelligence showed him a video clip recovered from a probe in hyperspace that depicted one of the ships from his dream.[30]

Londo and G'Kar, trapped in a transport tube after a bombing

After returning from a brief trip off station, Londo was in one of the customs areas when a bomb exploded. He was saved by Lennier in an action that left the Minbari critically injured. The bombing was one in a series, which Londo quickly blamed on the Narns. He visited Lennier in Medlab, sitting with him for a brief time and talking to him, overwhelmed at the selflessness of Lennier. He stayed for several hours.

The next bombing, however, trapped Londo in a transport tube with G'Kar. Londo awoke after being unconscious for two hours to discover they were trapped and that a fire was apparently burning on the outside of the tube. He told G'Kar they had to work together if they were to escape. G'Kar refused, stating he'd rather watch Londo die. While they suffered from smoke inhalation, they were both rescued before they suffocated.[31]

The Centauri provisional government on Narn sent Na'Far to replace G'Kar as the Narn leader on Babylon 5. Before he could speak with G'Kar, Na'Far had to ask Londo for permission. Londo granted it, but only after taunting the Narn a bit about being ground under the Centauri's heel. Afterwards, Vir asked Londo why they had to not only be beaten but broken. Londo explained he did not want the Centauri to have to go through another war in another hundred years, as happened last time.

Londo asks Delenn for a favor for Vir

Londo approached Delenn, mindful of how icy their relationship had become. Still, he requested a favor--that Vir be allowed to occupy the otherwise empty post at the Centauri Embassy on Minbar. Londo admitted that he thought it would be far better for Vir (who he said reminded him of himself at a young age) to be away from him, especially in the days to come. When Delenn suggested that Londo needed Vir, Londo immediately resumed the gruff attitude he had adopted since the Narn-Centauri War, arguing that Vir was only a hindrance to him. Vir himself first objected to the assignment, but Londo insisted he take the position and the prestige that came with it.[32]

Londo's "extremely overpaid" sources let him know when Lyta Alexander arrives on the station--in a Vorlon transport. Guessing correctly that Lyta had been to the Vorlon homeworld, Londo found Lyta and offered her a great sum of money to talk with her about it, but she coldly rejected his offer. A hint of tipping off the Psi Corps to her presence did nothing to persuade her, as she merely retaliated with a far worse threat of her own. Later, after Londo provided the identity of a Centauri telepath the station crew was looking for, he learned that the telepath was violated by some "unknown" telepath. Mollari protested, but the matter quickly died.[33]

Vir returned after a few weeks to report on the initial phase of his assignment. Londo was glad to have him back, but chided him after reading the reports Vir intended to file. He told Vir that the purpose of these reports had nothing to do with intelligence but everything to do with politics--specifically, to make the Emperor happy. In the midst of this session, a drug-enraged G'Kar stormed in, viciously beating down Vir and Londo both. He dragged a severely beaten Londo away to a run-down corner of the station. G'Kar was under the effects of dust, which allowed him to invade Mollari's thoughts. He taunted Mollari at first, but then discovered how involved Londo is with the War and the Shadows. Londo tried to resist him, and G'Kar suffered an overwhelming flash of images, being stopped in his mind probe by a vision of his father. G'Kar turned himself in and pled guilty to an assault charge, resulting in his being consigned to the brig. Londo and Vir recovered in Londo's quarters, with Londo happy in spite of everything to have Vir back, however briefly.[9]

"I need you to see for me."

Vir returned a few weeks later, this time just after the Earth Alliance's declaration of martial law. It also coincided with Londo's request from the Royal Family for a visit from Lady Morella, the late Emperor Turhan's third wife, a powerful seer and still influential figure. Londo was uneasy that her arrival would coincide with the chaos brought about by the Earth Alliance's state, but hoped she would be able to provide insight into his future. Lady Morella agreed to give him a reading before the end of her trip, as well as admonishing Mollari that the war with the Narns was never something her husband had wanted. She first wished to see the station, but her tour was cut short when a riot broke out in the Zocalo. Vir was injured slightly protecting Morella, and she treated him in Londo's quarters. When she touched Londo during this, she had a vision of Mollari's future. She later explained it to him (and Vir), but claimed she would deny it if he disclosed it to anyone. Morella told Londo that his destiny to become Emperor was unavoidable, but he still had a chance to save himself from damnation. He must "save the eye that does not see," must not "kill the one who is already dead," and if he still failed on those two, he must "surrender to [his] greatest fear, knowing it will destroy [him]." She then told Vir that he would also be Emperor. When Londo questioned this, she explained that "one will become emperor after the other is dead." Londo was understandably now anxious for Vir to return to Minbar.[34]

When the bulk of the station security was replaced by Narns, Londo was quite put out. His frustration mounted upon a return to the station where he was delayed in customs because of an ID card reader.[35]

"Only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots fights a war on twelve fronts!"

With Londo not interested, Refa was more than willing to work with Morden to expand the empire. Londo discussed the foolishness of Refa's actions, which embroiled the Centauri in engagements or open war on seven fronts. Londo feared that the Shadows were merely using the Centauri. Refa dismissesd Londo's fear, citing his own desire to eventually ascend the throne. In an attempt to get him to cooperate, Londo explained to Refa how he poisoned Refa's drink--a two-part poison, neither part detectable on its own, but more than potent enough to kill Refa whenever Londo's agent delivered the second half. When Refa asked him why he did this, Londo replied that sooner or later Refa would have done it to him. Refa had no choice but to carry out Londo's orders to convince Emperor Cartagia to recall the Centauri forces and commit them to defending the borders.[36]

"THIS will teach you to trifle with the Centauri!"

Vir's next return to Babylon 5 was preceded by the arrival of Lyndisty, a Centauri woman whose family had arranged with Vir's to have them married. Londo welcomed Lyndisty, telling her "the good parts" about her fiance until Vir arrives. The pair was soon attacked by a Narn in a seemingly random act of violence. However, Susan Ivanova unearthed that while Vir was on Minbar he was secretly spiriting away Narns (2,000 in total) from their conquered homeworld), falsifying records to read that the Narns had been killed. Londo was enraged to learn of this, knowing that since he pushed for Vir to get his position on Minbar, the scandal would impact them both should it be made public. Calling in favors, he managed to bury the information, and in the process Vir's position on Minbar was withdrawn and he was reassigned to Mollari.[37]

Darkness and Revenge

"All I want now is revenge. They took from me the one thing I have ever truly loved. And you will help me, Mr. Morden, to strike them down. Give me this, and the safety of my people, and let the rest of the galaxy burn! I don't care anymore."
– Londo, to Morden

"There is nothing you can do to me that has not already been done."

In mid-2260, Adira Tyree contacted Londo and told him she was coming back to the station to see him. For the first time in a long time, Londo actually felt happy--almost giddy--at the thought of being reunited with her. He asked Vir to arrange a suite for her arrival.

As he waited, Londo was confronted by Morden, angry that he had managed to sever all his contacts with Lord Refa and everyone else within the Republic. He insisted Londo get the Republic involved in its previous border wars, but Londo refused, knowing that Morden and his associates only had their own agenda. Morden suggested it might lead to unfortunate consequences (for both himself personally and the Republic) but Londo brushed aside his threats and left.

"Gods, Vir, I feel happy...I'd almost forgotten how it felt."

In retribution, Morden arranged for Adira to be poisoned just before her ship arrived on Babylon 5. Londo and Vir waited for her in the customs area (Londo with a bouquet of her favorite flowers in hand) only to have her body wheeled off on a gurney. Dr. Lillian Hobbs broke the news that she was found dead in her quarters, devastating Londo, who asked that she be checked for poison (recalling his last encounter with Refa).


The poison used was of Centauri origin, leading Londo to believe that Refa was the cause of her death. Embittered, vengeful, and full of rage, Londo agreed to resume his "partnership" with Morden, planning revenge against Refa and anyone who helped him bring about the death of the one person he ever truly loved: the only thing left to him now was a desire for revenge.[38]

"Everyone around me dies, Mr. Morden, except the ones who most deserve it. That is about to change."

Londo spent considerable effort in plotting his revenge. As he did so, his House and Refa's became fierce rivals in the Royal Court. The Emperor and the Prime Minister wanted the matter settled, and were mindful that House Mollari had been gaining a great influx of wealth and allies.

Knowing Refa had a telepath in his employ, Londo tricked Vir into telling G'Kar that Na'Toth was still alive on Narn. Londo falsely told Vir that his plan was to have G'Kar captured and brought before the Emperor, which would curry enough favor with him to win his feud with Refa. Sure enough, Vir was captured by Refa's men and had his mind scanned. Because Vir believed this was the truth, Refa headed straight for Narn to personally apprehend G'Kar and be the one credited with the capture.

"If you are seeing this, very soon you will be dead."

Londo arranged for him to be betrayed, and had G'Kar play a message from Londo detailing the plant. Refa was killed by the Narns in the trap and evidence was planted which implicated him with the Narn Resistance. Londo had the evidence "recovered" and gave it personally to the Prime Minister, saying Refa's ultimate plan was to ascend the throne himself. With this information, Refa's entire House crumbled, increasing Mollari's power and influence greatly. Vir, however, was angry over being used.[39]

As 2260 drew to a close, Londo received official word from the Royal Court that he was being promoted to a position within the Court itself, as Minister of Planetary Security. Londo was actually depressed at the news. Drinking heavily, he explained to Vir that he believed he was not getting the position because he deserved it, but rather because the Court feared him and wanted to keep him close so the Emperor could keep an eye on him. Afterwards, one of Morden's associates warned Londo that if he valued his life, he should leave the station immediately.[40]

Emissary of Gods

"He is insane. Great Maker forgive us all, he is mad!"
– Londo, about Emperor Cartagia

Returning to Centauri Prime, Londo meets Emperor Cartagia for the first time since the young Centauri ascended the throne. At first Cartagia comes off as merely foppish and eccentric, but no serious threat. That evening, Londo is shocked to find Morden waiting for him in his quarters--not so much that Morden is there, but that he has been horribly mutilated, with most of his skin having been seared off. Morden accepts his current state stoically, explaining that the Shadows will heal him soon. He had already sent word explaining to Mollari that Captain John Sheridan had detonated two thermonuclear devices on Z'ha'dum, an "incident" that has temporarily thrown the Shadows into chaos. He then explains that Cartagia has agreed to give a small piece of the planet to the Shadows. When Londo insists Cartagia could never have done this without the Centaurum's approval, Morden explains the resolution was passed quietly--and none of the fourteen who opposed it have been seen since. He leaves for a time, telling Londo that everything is coming to a head.

"What did they give you?"

The following day, Londo is asked to out into the Sand Gardens, a desert garden in the Royal Palace. Standing in the garden, he looks up and is dismayed to see hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Shadow vessels fly overhead: the first part of his dream. Going into the courtroom, he accosts Cartagia on what he has done. The Emperor explains he has given sanctuary to the Shadows on the Island of Selini in exchange for their promise to turn him into a god. Londo backs away at a loss for words after Cartagia's ravings, aware of how mad the emperor is. Virini, now the Prime Minister, tells Londo the "rumor" that Cartagia has taken to decapitating his enemies and talking to their heads late at night.

"I need a friend, Vir, and I need a patriot. You are both."

Londo promptly contacts Vir, insisting he come to Centauri Prime immediately. Once Vir arrives, Londo explains the depths of the Emperor's madness and how they have to stop him. He also confides in Vir that he is the only person he can truly trust, and his only real friend. Vir agrees to help him do what is necessary.[41]

A few days later, while Londo and Vir quietly figure out a plan, G'Kar is captured by Centauri agents and brought before the Emperor in chains. Cartagia offers him as a "gift" to Londo, though a gift he plans to make the most use out of. Hours later, Londo visits G'Kar in his cell, explaining that he has no wish to see G'Kar brutally tortured and killed the way he surely will be. He asks for G'Kar's help in removing Cartagia. Recognizing just how desperate Londo is, G'Kar replies that he will only help on the condition his homeworld is freed. Londo agrees to the condition, and leaves G'Kar.[42]

"There is a monster on the throne..."

Despite presenting G'Kar as a "gift" to Londo, Cartagia insists on torturing and humiliating G'Kar for his own amusement--but quickly becomes frustrated when G'Kar refuses to scream or beg or even whimper. He warns Mollari that G'Kar will have to be killed if he refuses to scream. Londo goes to G'Kar's cell again, begging him to swallow his pride and scream, or else there is no hope for his people. G'Kar tells Londo it is the one thing he cannot do.

Londo and Vir are forced to watch as Cartagia has G'Kar tortured

Cartagia later invites Londo and Vir for his latest torture of G'Kar. He has the Narn chained to a post while a guard lashes him with a special flail designed to increase the pain with each stroke (with 40 being enough to kill him). Londo is forced to watch as G'Kar endures 39 lashes before screaming loudly, delighting Cartagia.[43]

A few days later, Morden informs Cartagia and Londo that the Vorlons have begun destroying every planet that has a trace of Shadow influence. Londo points out that there are several hundred Shadow ships on Selini, but Morden says he does not believe the Vorlons will destroy a planet of that size, with that many people. Londo then speaks with Cartagia alone to try and persuade him to send the Shadows away. Cartagia admits he believes the Vorlons will destroy the planet. He shows Londo his collection of severed heads, explaining how they "speak" to him. He says it will be better for his people to all die rather than live without him when he becomes a god, so it is better to let the Vorlons turn the planet into his ascension pyre.

Londo immediately contacts Captain Sheridan, seemingly returned from the dead (and Z'ha'dum) to ask how much time they have before the Vorlons could reach Centauri Prime. Sheridan theorizes they have one week exactly, just enough time for Londo to work out his plan. He then convinces Cartagia that once he is a god and all the Centauri dead, no one will remember him. He suggests going to Narn, to hold the execution of G'Kar, and to show the Narn his magnificence so they will sing his praises after his ascension. Cartagia agrees and makes the arrangements for an immediate departure.[44] Immediately prior to leaving, Londo finds Cartagia standing in a hallway with a chained G'Kar. The emperor mentions that he "doesn't like the way he is looking at me", referering to G'Kar. He thinks he should do something about it and asks for advice. Londo fails to notice the connection to Lady Morella's prophecy that he must "save the eye that does not see," and tells the emperor that he can do whatever he likes about the situation.

"By the end of this day, either Cartagia is dead, or Centauri Prime is dead."

Once on Narn, Londo draws a handful of other Centauri nobles into his plot, insisting that the only way to save the homeworld is for Cartagia to die. The others agree and he sets the final phase of his plan in motion. He has Vir acquire a poisonous weapon that he will use against Cartagia (although he is a little alarmed when Vir explains the poison is supposed to work "almost" instantaneously). He then visits G'Kar (discovering the Emperor has had his left eye plucked out) and explains what will happen next. G'Kar will be paraded before the Emperor and a collection of Narn leaders before his "trial." Londo tells him that his chains have been weakened; he need only break them and create a commotion long enough for Londo to deliver the strike.

"You can burn...burn with all of them!"

During the show-trial, G'Kar snaps his chains (despite the fact that Cartagia had them replaced at the last minute), creating a disturbance that allows Londo to spirit the emperor from the throne room. As Londo prepares to strike, he becomes impatient with a babbling Cartagia and orders him to "keep quiet." In response, Cartagia goes mad with rage and attacks Londo, causing him to drop his weapon and putting him into a position where he can no longer carry out his plot. Vir arrives just in time, recovers the poisonous instrument from where Londo dropped it, and kills the Emperor.[45]

Prime Minister

"There is much to be done back home."
– Londo

"We are yours to command, Prime Minister."

Londo managed to pull off his story that the Emperor "collapsed," his hearts giving out. He is then selected by what is left of the Royal Court to take the position of Prime Minister. Londo convinces the Royal Court (and the Centaurum) that their first act should be to leave Narn, stating it was a cursed place not worth the trouble. He also rallies the Centauri behind him in agreeing they must do what they can to remove the Shadows from their homeworld before it is too late.

As he prepares to leave, Londo seeks out Vir, who is overwhelmed with guilt over what he has done. Londo tries to console him, stressing that Vir did what was necessary to save the lives of everyone on Centauri Prime. All the remaining Centauri, including Londo and Vir, depart soon afterwards for their homeworld.[45]

"Sorry, I wasn't thinking. Felt very natural though."

Upon returning to the Royal Palace, he orders all of Cartagia's attendants and servants removed from the palace, fearful one may try to harm him. He quickly meets with several other ministers and sets his final plan in motion. Just after this meeting, the Minister of Intelligence meets with him privately, explaining that he was charged by Cartagia to learn the truth of how Adira Tyree was murdered. The Minister explains that Cartagia did not want him to disclose the information, but he had learned that Morden was the one responsible. Londo is thrown into a rage, overwhelmed with anger and grief over being used by Morden.

Not long after, he has Morden dragged before him, the guards firing and killing the invisible Shadows ever at Morden's side. Londo offers Morden one last chance for the Shadows to withdraw, but Morden refuses. Seeing no other choice, Londo detonates three fusion bombs he had planted on Island of Selini, wiping out all the Shadow vessels with it. He then orders Morden's execution, afterwards placing his head on a pike in the royal gardens and presenting it to Vir as a gift. Londo then contacts the Vorlons to tell them that all Shadow influence had been destroyed.

"Not for me. They wouldn't do it just to get me!"

Despite Londo destroying the Shadow fleet on the island of Selini and killing Mr. Morden, Vir points out that there is still one thing left "touched" by the Shadows--Londo himself. Even as he points this out, a Vorlon planetkiller eclipses the sun. Londo pleads with Vir to kill him, but thanks to the events at Battle of Coriana VI, the Vorlons leave Centauri Prime unscathed.

Knowing he has made a few enemies and aware Cartagia might still have a few loyal assassins lurking about, Londo decides it might do him some good to return to Babylon 5 shortly.[46]

Laying New Foundations

Londo returns to the station in happy mood, partaking in the general revelry that has come as a result of the War being over and the Shadows being gone for good. It does not take long for him to encounter G'Kar, who coldly tells him that now that Narn is free Mollari "does not exist" for him.[47]

G'Kar cannot so easily avoid Mollari completely, however. A month or two after the War is over, Captain Sheridan invites both men to a meeting. He explains about a few recent raids by a mysterious race called the Drakh. Londo admits he had heard of them, but thought they were only a legend. Sheridan wants to keep all the races cooperating and working together and asks G'Kar and Londo to allow the Rangers to patrol their respective borders with the White Star fleet. Londo is reluctant at first, citing that it could be a blow to Centauri pride to allow it (especially given they are not necessary) but soon agrees in the interests of peace.[48]

Just a few days later, however, Sheridan meets with Londo privately and asks him to deny all knowledge that the White Stars have been invited to do their patrols along Centauri space. Londo is confused--Sheridan still wants the ships in place, but does not want Londo to talk about it (even deny it happened). He does as asked, denying everything to several League representatives when they call upon him in his quarters. This has the effect of making the League ambassadors believe Sheridan and Londo have knowledge of a new threat they do not want to share. The League members promptly insist the Rangers begin to patrol their own borders as well.[49]

In September, 2261, Sheridan calls for an emergency session of the Council and the League to discuss the status of the Earth Alliance Civil War. With President Clark completely out of control, Sheridan and his allies have decided to strike back and liberate their home. Sheridan asks the Centauri, Narn, and all the other races that have mutual defense treaties with Earth to suspend them for the duration of the civil war. All present unanimously agree.

Londo decides to go a step further. He meets with G'Kar in his quarters. Candidly, Londo tells his one time enemy that he no longer wishes to be trapped in the same old cycle. He wants to build something better. Recalling the drink G'Kar bought him just before the Narn-Centauri War, Londo offers G'Kar a drink and proposes that they shift from a neutral party to rendering more active assistance to Sheridan. G'Kar says nothing, and pours the drink back into Londo's flask, making Londo leave feeling disappointed. Later however, G'Kar changes his mind and meets him in the Zocalo and does have a drink. He agrees to Londo's proposal--but insists his name not be on the same page as Londo's when it is signed.[50]

It takes a few weeks to make all the necessary preparations. Just before they are ready, Sheridan is captured by President Clark's forces. Londo calls together the League and gives an impassioned speech, calling humans the "glue that holds the races together," and pointing out that Sheridan risked everything to help all the other races during the Shadow War. Londo purposefully left Delenn out of the deliberations, wanting to protect her from accusations she was forming a coalition because of her personal relationship with him. They let her know just as it is being finalized. Sheridan will have all the support he could need.[51]

Living History

Soon enough, Sheridan is rescued and not long after his forces are victorious in the Earth Alliance Civil War. Londo, Vir, G'Kar, and others prepare to head to Earth. Londo finds that he and G'Kar have inched closer to actually being friends. Just before they depart, Vir informs Londo of a message from Centauri Prime: the Regent is not expected to live out the coming year and the Royal Court has decided that Londo will succeed him as Emperor of the Centauri Republic.

While en route to Earth, Delenn lays out the proposals that herself, Sheridan, and others had been working on all year--the groundwork for the Interstellar Alliance. Though he can't stop laughing, believing that the proposal will never go anywhere, he agrees to help Delenn with her efforts. Surprisingly, Delenn's plan works and at a press conference on Earth she announces the formation of the new Interstellar Alliance. She, Londo, and G'Kar explain the details to Acting President Susanna Luchenko. The three of them will make up the Advisory Board while John Sheridan himself will act as the first President. Afterwards, Londo and the others are part of the wedding ceremony for Sheridan and Delenn aboard a White Star that takes them all back to Babylon 5. During the trip home, Londo and G'Kar enjoy a drink together and Londo asks G'Kar how it feels to "make history," to which G'Kar replies that you cannot hope to make history, only to survive it.[52]

Stephen Franklin and Michael Garibaldi both arrived back on the station before Sheridan and the rest and decided to surprise the newly-weds by throwing them a party. Londo is surprised at how happy an occasion it is, remarking that wedding ceremonies among the Centauri are solemn, sober occasions.[53]

Alliances of Light and Dark

Births and Rebirths

Londo remains on Babylon 5 to attend Sheridan's inauguration as President of the Interstellar Alliance. Although an assassin attempts to murder Sheridan before he can be sworn in, he is thwarted and the swearing-in is carried out. At this same time, Captain Elizabeth Lochley takes over command of Babylon 5 and Michael Garibaldi is appointed by Sheridan as head of Covert Intelligence for the Alliance.[54]

A short time later, Londo is angered to learn that his shipment of drinks has been temporarily impounded. While complaining of the situation to Vir and Security Chief Zack Allan, Londo is struck by a severe heart attack of his left heart. At the brink of death, Londo experiences a series of dreams where Sheridan, Delenn, Vir and others appear to him. They all tell him that he has the power to save himself, but to do so he must allow a confrontation with a dream version of G'Kar. Londo tries to refuse at first, but deciding he really does want to live he allows the confrontation. The dream G'Kar (who describes himself as potentially a piece of G'Kar's mind left behind when G'Kar scanned him using dust, or possibly just a delusion, or perhaps the manifestation of Londo's own conscience) confronts Londo about his involvement with the Narn-Centauri War. He insists Londo apologize if he wants to live. Londo eventually breaks down in tears, apologizing profusely. Even as he does so in the dream, he awakens in Medlab and seeing the real G'Kar watching him, waiting for him to die, he apologizes many times. G'Kar appears visibly moved by this though he says nothing.

While recovering in Medlab and complaining about the food, Londo talks to Vir about a piece of Centauri folklore he had only recently learned. Vir knows the story well, having heard it since childhood. The story goes that certain Centauri spirits, great and important spirits, will sometimes be born into the bodies of persons who are complete and abject monsters, prompting the spirit to try and leave the body. If the person survives, they are forever changed. Londo contemplates the story, and wonders if the dream he has had for so long about his death will indeed yet come true.[5]

As the Centauri regent grows more and more ill, Mollari reflects on his immenent promotion to emperor, and the fact that this will mean the end of his tenure on Babylon 5. Unable to leave the station due to an accident that has blocked the main docking bay, Londo escapes an assassination attempt when a Centauri liner bound for Centauri Prime that he was scheduled to board explodes as it is leaving. In the wake of this, Delenn becomes concerned with Londo's well-being and tasks G'Kar with serving as Londo's bodyguard, a job he is somewhat reluctant to take up, until he realises that he'll be able to stand around and make other Centauri extremely uncomfortable in their own royal court. Londo accepts this situation even though he believes it will be trouble in the future.[55]

Fractured Alliances

During the Brakiri Day of the Dead Londo is briefly reunited with his murdered true love Adira.[56] Londo travels to Centauri Prime with G'Kar as Sheridan and Delenn learn of a series of mysterious attacks being conducted against ships belonging to the races of the Interstellar Alliance. There, Mollari learns from his old friend Lord Jano that regent Virini has been acting strange, and that there are secretive activities being conducted by Centauri ships. Lord Jano is killed shortly afterwards, presumably for revealing this information to Londo. On his way to visit the regent, Londo is attacked and separted from G'Kar. Lord Vole corners him alone and attempts to assassinate him with a thrown knife but he is saved by a mysterious telepathic Drakh agent, who kills Vole with his own knife and then disappears. Londo finally meets with Virini who tells him that "they" want him to ignore the mysterious activities Centauri ships are engaged in and that he should enjoy himself, because he "has so little time."[57]

As the mysterious attacks continue, suspicion grows and the Alliance members start accusing each other. Back on Centauri Prime, Londo wonders why Centauri defense spending has increased 15% since the end of the war. G'Kar questions Londo as to why food was being sent to an apparently un-used portion of the palace. Upon investigation, they discover that Na'toth has been imprisoned there since the end of the Shadow War on the orders of the late emperor, orders which Londo, though he is the Prime Minister, is helpless to countermand until he actually becomes emperor. They conspire to sneak Na'toth off Centauri Prime by dressing her up as a Centauri woman and covering her head with a veil.[58]

Some of the Alliance races begin to suspect the Centauri are behind the attacks and the Advisory Board sans Londo acquires some evidence that would seem to support this conclusion. The Board knows that Londo is not involved but they conceal the evidence from him for his own protection. Londo appoints Vir to be Ambassador to Babylon 5 and mentions to the Advisory Board that "someone" attempted to plant a bug in his quarters while strongly implying that the Drazi Ambassador was responsible.[59]

Lennier acquires proof that the Centauri are behind the attacks and the Alliance races are called to a closed council with Londo being specifically excluded.[60] When Londo is finally brought in front of the council to rebut the evidence against the Centauri, he claims it is completely circumstantial and after communicating with Centauri Prime withdraws from the Interstellar Alliance and leaves Babylon 5. Shortly afterwards the Centauri attempt to break the blockade of Centauri space imposed by the Alliance, precipitating hostilities and prompting the Alliance to declare war. Londo is imprisoned along with G'Kar back on Centauri Prime, on the orders of the regent.[61]

Emperor Mollari II

Emperor Mollari, 2278

As hostilities between the Alliance and the Centauri escalate, Londo dreams he is abducted from his cell by a Drakh agent and subjected to a bizarre medical procedure. Londo is allowed out of his cell and attempts to convince the ministers to oppose the regent's orders in order to stop the war. The defense minister insists that the fleet is acting completely defensively.

While a combined Narn and Drazi fleet secretly approaches Centauri Prime, Londo finds the Regent waiting in his quarters and learns that Virini has ordered away the defensive fleet and shut down the planetary defense grid, having been ordered to do so by the mysterious "them" who seem to be responsible for causing the conflict.[62]

The Narn and Drazi fleet emerges from hyperspace and devastates Centauri Prime. Londo rescues G'Kar from the cells and then finds the Regent, whom he confronts. At this point, Shiv'kala the Drakh agent reveals himself to Mollari. In order to conceal the involvement of the Drakh, Shiv'kala kills Regent Virini and informs Londo that he will take his place as the new Emperor of the Centauri Republic, then he will surrender to the Alliance forces and blame the whole conflict on Virini. Londo is forced to accept a Drakh Keeper in order to prevent the Drakh from destroying the Centauri home world by detonating the fusion bombs they had planted across the surface.[63]

That night, Londo decides that he cannot possibly live like this and determines to end his life at the earliest opportunity. First though, he decides to see the devastation first-hand, and taking only a small escort led by Durla, the Palace's Captain of the Guard, he takes a walk in the streets of the capital. As he surveyes the damage, Londo is suddenly struck on the head by a missile thrown by a figure hiding in the rubble. His bodyguards immediately give chase and apprehend the assailant, who as Londo discovers as he catches up with them is a young girl, none other than Senna, the daughter of Lord Refa.

Senna had been made homeless when her home was destroyed and her mother Celes was killed during the bombardment. She has since been taken in by a family of common Centauri, who had managed to rig a meager shack in the ruins of the capital. Mollari, admiring the young girl's spirit and feeling a degree of responsibility for the daughter of the man he had killed, offers her a place at the palace with the promise he will see to the needs of the poor family. Senna refuses at first, but when the family turns her out into the rain for ruining their chance at escaping the gutter, she goes to the palace to see if the offer is still open. Mollari takes her in and she becomes his ward.[64]

When Sheridan and Delenn travel to Minbar to take up residence at the headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance, Londo meets them there and at dinner gives them a gift for their child.[65]

By the Banks of the Tuwain

The Long Night of Centauri Prime

Armies of Light and Dark

Out of the Darkness


Londo always remembered a dream he had of his death, with his hands around the throat of G'Kar. After allowing Sheridan and Delenn to escape from the Centauri Palace in 2278, he and G'Kar strangled each other. Far from showing fear, he referred to G'Kar as his "old friend" and specifically asked G'kar to do it, tired of his life and desperate to prevent the sleeping Keeper from awakening and stopping Sheridan and Delenn. G'Kar complied and began to choke Londo, but the Keeper awoke in a panic and forced the emperor to stand and fight back. Ultimately, the Keeper's efforts were futile, and Londo and G'Kar died together.[66]

Londo surrenders to his greatest fear, finally redeemed.


Following the sacrifice of Londo and G'Kar two large statues were built to the two men at the gates of the capital city. These large statues were positioned so that the two men were watching each other's backs.

A short time after Londo's death, Vir had a dream in which he and Londo were sitting on a beach. In this dream Londo gave his protege two pieces of advice. The first was to always watch for shadows, and that sometimes when one was not watching they watch back. The other piece of advice he gave to Vir was to make love every day.


  • Londo's age is difficult to assess. In "Soul Mates," set in 2259, he celebrates the 30th anniversary of his Day of Ascension, a major event in the life of a Centauri--but whether this is event occurs earlier (like a bar mitzvah) or later (like reaching the age of maturity) is never clarified.
  • Also, Londo mentions it as being the thirtieth anniversary in the presence of other Centauri. At least one other time on the series, when only Centauri were speaking, their reference to months was in Centauri months (i.e. in "The Long, Twilight Struggle," Refa told Londo the Narn-Centauri War began "six months earlier" when many other Earth related sources had it begin eight to nine months earlier). Therefore, his Day of Ascension could have been as much as forty-five Earth years before. Of course that is only if a Centauri year contains 12 months, to date there's be no evidence to that fact, one way or the other.
  • Londo also mentions multiple times that in his youth, the Centauri Republic was in a far greater state than it was when he first comes to Babylon 5. He speaks of being a young fighter pilot and part of a fighting society with Urza Jaddo. This was probably within ten years of 2209, the year the First Centauri occupation of Narn came to an end, as the decline became steady not long afterwards.
  • Londo's accent (and by extension Refa, and Urza's) is characteristic of Centauri Prime's northern province and is generally indicative of the "old school" of court nobility.[67][68]


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