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A Love Bat is a baseball-bat-shaped human product with a soft surface, designed to relieve stress. They can be bought on Babylon 5. The user hits her or himself or an inanimate object, relieving the desire for self-punishment or violence. Every time it hits something, the Love Bat squeaks and cheerfully says "I love you" or "I forgive you."

Lieutenant Corwin used a Love Bat when he felt too stressed out, and found it very helpful for his confidence and self-esteem as well. In June 2263 when, after several months of calm with almost no crises, Michael Garibaldi visited Babylon 5 and Captain Lochley anticipated that his presence would cause a crisis, Corwin offered to help her. He soon presented her with a new Love Bat and explained how to use it. Lochley was nonplussed, but tried to express gratitude.

Rather than using the Love Bat herself, Lochley offered it to an obnoxious lawyer who had been harrassing her with a frivolous lawsuit. Having defended herself with a clause from his client's lease which the laywer had never bothered to read, Lochly gave him her Love Bat which she had reprogrammed to say "I'm an idiot," "I'm a loser," "No one likes me," and "My Mommy dresses me funny." The lawyer declined the "gift."[1]