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"I want a story about great battles and wars and bravery and heroes and villains!"

Luc Deradi, 2278

Lucco Deradi (or Luc as he was usually called) was the nephew of the late Urza Jaddo by way of his youngest sister.


Luc grew up in a house built close to the Centauri Royal Palace by Londo Mollari after House Jaddo was put under the protection of House Mollari. In later years, Londo had the family moved into the palace itself for their own protection. As a result, Luc and his sister Lyssa have lived necessarily sheltered lives.[1]

In 2278, Luc along with his sister met Emperor Londo Mollari, who named him Emperor for five minutes and let him give one order. Luc's order was to hear a story "about great wars and battles", his sister adding that it be a true one. Londo told Luc, Lyssa and Senna Refa, who was looking after the children, the story of Earth's disastrous first contact with the Minbari, and of the Earth-Minbari War. Afterwards, Luc returned the seal to Londo who dismissed him, his sister and Senna from his presence, never to see them again.[2][3]