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The Lumati are a humanoid race who believe themselves to be superior to other life forms and have chosen to isolate themselves from "inferior" species.[1]


A Lumati vessel in 2259

The Lumati believe that the way for one race to help another is to allow evolution to run its course and that it is not their place to either help nor harm another race or individual. When dealing with less advanced cultures, the Lumati consider it to be a loss of face to communicate directly with an inferior individual and so they will instead speak through a servitor using a form of intracultural symbiosis.

Tradition is an important part of Lumati culture and since important agreements are considered to be symbolic with two sides coming together in perfect union, it is tradition that such deals are concluded by the two primary negotiators having sex with one another. For the Lumati, alliances are built upon more than just tactical advantages but also upon similarities of culture.


In 2259, the Earth Alliance made first contact with the Lumati who agreed to a diplomatic meeting on Babylon 5. Captain Sheridan assigned Commander Ivanova to conduct their tour of the station. The diplomatic mission consisted of Ambassador Correlilmurzon and his servitor Taq. After a tour of one of the station's downbelow areas Correlilmurzon was greatly impressed by the existence of the human lurkers, believing that the homeless were genetically inferior humans that had been deliberately isolated as an evolutionary protection. Limiting the genetic pool and their chances for procreation, thereby creating a workforce without a power base to challenge the state. Claiming this to be a brilliant move by the Earth Alliance the Ambassador stated this scheme had not occurred to the Lumati before but it was something they would institute on their homeworld at the first opportunity. It was thanks to this understanding that Correlilmurzon agreed to sign the treaty making the Lumati allies of Earth. Ivanova managed to sidestep a diplomatic incident while at the same time avoiding having to have sex with the Ambassador by talking him into having sex "human style".[1]

Later that same year the Lumati offered to open up trade relations with the Minbari Federation, though Ambassador Delenn regretfully declined, citing issues with the present diplomatic circumstances.[2]

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