The Babylon Project

Originally a member of Psi Corps, this telepath was a friend of Jason Ironheart and was part of the same experimental program that lead to his increased ability. Though the experiments didn't give him anywhere near Ironheart's abilities, they did push his rating up to P12 or possibly even P13. When Ironheart escaped the Corps, his friend went with him to Babylon 5 and managed to go undetected.[1]

Though Ironheart was gone, his friend remained on B5 living as a lurker in Downbelow, organizing an Underground Railroad for unregistered teeps and coordinating with Dr. Stephen Franklin, the runner who was using a free clinic as a cover for their activities. In December 2258 he along with Stephen Petrov and some others were hired by a man named Edgar Devereaux to move some crates. Later when Petrov turned up dead, he told Security Chief Garibaldi that whatever Devereaux had them move scared Petrov half to death. The tip lead Garibaldi to stumble onto the plot to assassinate EA President Luis Santiago by destroying Earthforce One at the Io Transfer point, though Garibaldi was too late to prevent it.[2]

In March 2259, Psi Cop Alfred Bester arrived on the station having discovered the railroad from Jensen, a contact on Mars. He along with Talia Winters and the other blips in downbelow were able to evade Bester by projecting an image of Talia turning on them and helping Bester slaughter all of them. With Bester gone, he and the others moved the railroad off B5 as it had become too hot.[1]