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"Let me be a fever from which you never recover, and our nights an anarchy of pleasure."

Lyndisty Drusella, to her fiance, Vir Cotto

Lyndisty Drusella was a Centauri noble of the House Drusella and daughter of Lord Drusella. She was briefly engaged to Vir Cotto in 2260.


Drusella was brought up to be a traditional Centauri woman, well-educated and trained in self-defence. She was also brought up to regard the Narn as nothing more than animals, personally responsible for all the troubles of the universe.

In 2260, during the Second Centauri Occupation of Narn, her father was a military officer assigned to Narn Homeworld. One of his duties was "culling the herds," a eugenics program intended to weed out aggression by killing the local population. Drusella stayed with her father for a time and personally put to death hundreds of Narns. Two Narns managed to escape, taking the Narn blood oath to avenge their murdered family and neighbors.

Also that year, Drusella's family arranged for her to marry Vir Cotto, at the time the Centauri envoy on Minbar. The engagement was handled by her mother and his uncle. Drusella committed herself completely to the place of a good Centauri wife for Cotto, going so far as to tell him she believed he could do no wrong. They met for the first time when she came aboard Babylon 5. Cotto was overwhelmed by Drusella's affection and devotion to him, though being a "radical" he told her he was uneasy about marrying someone he had never met or heard of before. Drusella promised he would love her if he gave her the chance. As Drusella herself put it, their marriage would be filled with erotic delights. Indeed, when Drusella kissed Cotto for the first time, he said it was "one to remember" as he passionately returned the gesture.

While on the station, one of the two Narns caught up to Drusella and attacked while she was with Cotto. They both assumed the attack had been directed at Cotto himself, until the other Narn strikes at Drusella in her quarters and she is able to subdue him. She offers him to her future husband for him to kill, but Cotto refuses. At the same time, Cotto's role in illegally smuggling Narn civilians off their homeworld is discovered by Londo Mollari. Not wishing to impact his own position, Mollari does not reveal the entire story, but does arrange for Cotto to be recalled from Minbar. With Cotto's position now not as prominent because of some "terrible misunderstanding," Drusella's family decides to delay the marriage indefinitely. Drusella leaves the station, hopeful that one day she and Cotto will be together.[1]


  • Lyndisty Drusella's sole appearance was in "Sic Transit Vir."
  • Her family name was not specifically stated, but she referred to her mother as "the Lady Drusella."