The Babylon Project
This article is about the Alien government Agent. For the young Centauri Girl, see: Lyssa Deradi

Lyssa was the companion of Durkani.

At first she didn’t believe Durkani, thinking him to be "deluded", but as the proof of so-called alien interference mounted, she started to believe him and soon joined him. After a very disturbing discovery, she and Durkani stole a ship and took it beyond their world. When they were both disarmed and imprisoned by Captain Gideon, she offered her apologies to Durkani for doubting him over the years. She was very doubtful about trusting these aliens at all. After Kendarr arrived and Durkani threatened to shoot him if he didn‘t do what he wanted, she couldn’t understand Kendarr’s calmness when he was held hostage by them. After the situation was resolved, she accompanied Durkani in their ship back to their homeworld.

Although very capable and reliable, Lyssa’s position in their little team was supplemental as it was eclipsed by Durkani’s more dominant personality. [1]