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Prime Minister Malachi was the Prime Minister of the Centauri Republic during the last days of Emperor Turhan's reign.

He tried to dissuade the emperor, who counted him as a close and loyal friend, from going to visit Babylon 5 in 2259, citing the Emperor's failing health as too fragile to risk the trip. The Emperor insisted on going anyway, and shortly after his arrival he suffered a crippling heart attack. Malachi learned of this almost right away, and knew that chaos would follow as there was no clear line of ascension. He was assassinated by men loyal to Lord Refa to make it possible for Refa's faction to put Cartagia on the throne. [1]

His death was told to everyone but the conspirators to have been a suicide, although several prominent politicians (such as Urza Jaddo) were able to see through the lie. Londo knew nothing of the murder until Jaddo told him. [2] Londo later told Lord Refa, just before Refa is killed, that he had considered Malachi a "dear and trusted friend." [3]