The Babylon Project

"We want to put Earth back at the center of the universe: our universe."

Malcolm Biggs

Malcolm Biggs was a member of the Homeguard, a humanocentric hate group. He had a relationship with Susan Ivanova, which he sought to rekindle after establishing himself on Babylon 5.


Around 2250, Biggs had a relationship with Susan Ivanova shortly after she became a full officer in Earthforce. It was passionate, but ultimately she broke it off after being reassigned to the transfer station on Io.

By 2258, Biggs became a high-ranking member of the Homeguard, a radical anti-alien Earth organization. Biggs attempted to take part in the Homeguard plot to assassinate the major alien ambassadors on Babylon 5 (Delenn, Londo Mollari, G'kar and Kosh). He also coordinated with a number of Homeguard agents who had been organizing random acts of violence against non-humans.

As soon as he came aboard, he learned that Ivanova was stationed there. He took her out on a date, hoping to rekindle their romance.

Unbeknownst to Biggs, Security Chief Michael Garibaldi had been watching and caught him on tape trying to recruit a human into the Homeguard. Sinclair recruited Ivanova to put on a ruse that he was secretly bitter and hateful towards aliens. This included a few pro-Earth comments to the discomfort of the guests in front of Biggs as he escorted Ivanova to a diplomatic reception. Sinclair and Ivanova continued the ruse in private with Biggs, and he bought it completely. Biggs revealed Homeguard's plan: to assassinate the major alien ambassadors as a signal to the Earth-bound members of the group to do the same with the major alien ambassadors on Earth. He then revealed the other Homeguard agents at the station and a new stealth personal cloaking field handed to them by Homeguard sympathizers within Earthforce. He finally asked Sinclair to prove his loyalty by murdering an Abbai delegate named Mila Shar. Sinclair and Ivanova then revealed the double cross as Garibaldi and his team arrested Biggs and his men.

As he was transferred to Earth, Biggs angrily confronted Ivanova, but her own quiet outrage was stronger and he fell silent.[1]