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The Marga Chulda is the governing authority for the Grome race, based on their homeworld Gromahk.


Being an Autocracy, the Grome are governed by a ruler known as The Margus. The ruler is typically male, though there have been a few female Margi in Gromahk's history. The position of supreme ruler is an hereditary title and once installed the authority of a Margus is absolute, though he or she is advised by numerous government bureaus that run and supervise the routine activities on Gromahk. Over the years, the Marga Chulda have become exceedingly corrupt, leading many to believe that a revolution is only a matter of time. In 2260, during the Second Shadow War, the Grome were one of many races in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds that found themselves caught up in one of many small border wars as the Shadows convinced many smaller worlds to go to war with their neighbours.[1] In the case of the Grome, they found them at war with the Androma Republic, one of the few League governments with a level of technological and military power comparable to the Marga Chulda.[2]


The Grome level of technological sophistication is low compared to the other Younger Races, having only developed interstellar flight as recently as 2191. The Grome area of expertise lies in communications, transport, mining and food synthesis, however their general technological disadvantage is compounded by the fact that most of there technological progress is made to benefit and/or restricted for government use only.


Grome have very few warships such as the Grome Corvette which are not terribly effective in combat and the generally poor degree of fleet cohesion in the Grome Military leaves them at a distinct disadvantage. It was these weaknesses that allowed the marginally superior Hurr forces to gain the upper hand during their brief war with Grome in 2260.[2] The Grome were generally considered the weakest race in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and continued to be so in the Interstellar Alliance.


As of 2262 the Grome had not founded any colonies and their only permanent presence in space is a series of orbital stations.


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