Centauri telepath- Passing Through Gethsemane

Mark Folger is an actor.

In the episode he portrayed a Centauri telepath that was hired by the families of victims of the Black Rose Murderer/ Charles Dexter. Dexter, who was mindwiped, had accidentally found his way into the Trappist Order, as Brother Edward, and onto Babylon 5 had been sought out by the families for nine years. The families hired the telepath to override the mindwipe, and used a non-Psi Corps telepath knowing that Psi Corps taught their members not to undo such procedures.

After being identified and questioned he was reluctant to reveal any information about the job, including his employers, so Lyta Alexander was secretly brought in to scan him while he was blindfolded. She was able to discern enough to lead security to the location the family expected to exact their revenge on Edward.


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