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The Markab Confederacy was the governing body of the Markab civilization.[1]


The Confederacy was made up of the homeworld and the Markab's three colony worlds Septis II, Falaron and Morda with each planet ruled by a pair of elected leaders; the Kor (a male) and the Girda (a female). They were elected through a large council of elders on each planet and at any time could be removed from their positions. Once elected the Kor and Girda of each world would appoint seven representatives to the Homeworld Council. Each planet within the Confederacy was allowed to govern itself as it wished, provided that they did not go against the collective interests of the Markab race as a whole, which would be determined though a vote of the Homeworld Council.


The Confederacy ceased to exist in 2259 when the Drafa Plague swept though the populous, effectively making the Markab an extinct civilisation.[2] In the aftermath, what was left of the civilisation on Septis and elsewhere was systematically stripped by scavenging parties until the local Jumpgate was overloaded by Captain Sheridan aboard the White Star 1 to destroy a Shadow Vessel that had pursued them from Zagros VII.[3]