The Mars Provisional Government may refer to one of two distinct political entities on Mars.

Earth Appointed Provisional GovernmentEdit

The first Mars Provisional Government (often referred to as the "Earth Provisional Government" by residents of Mars) was a provisional institution put in place by the Earth Alliance in the aftermath of the Martian Food Riots in 2251 and was still in place through the Mars Rebellion of 2258.[1][2] Though it contained local Martian born leaders, some in favour of Martian independence, it was led by a military governor answerable directly to Earthdome.[3][4] It remained in power until the outbreak of the Earth Alliance Civil War in 2260, when government head Xavier Montoya refused to implement President Morgan Clark's martial law decree.[5]

Known Members

Independent Mars Provisional GovernmentEdit

The second Mars Provisional Government was formed in late 2261 after Captain Sheridan and his rebel fleet toppled the Clark Administration and offered Earth membership in the newly formed Interstellar Alliance on the condition that the colony worlds be granted independence, if they so wished. After independence was granted, Mars had the right to create their own passports, currency and identicards and did so. However, the Earth Alliance was slow to accept the change and created various bureaucratic roadblocks to discourage use of Mars based documentation. In order to solve this problem, President Sheridan authorized the new government on Mars to setup an embassy on Minbar thereby providing the new Mars government a means to get around the Earth Alliance's bureaucracy. Additionally, some of the senior positions of the new government were filled by individuals who were senior members of the Mars Resistance.[6]

Known Members


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