Maui colony was an Earth Alliance colony.[1]


An ocean world, Maui colony is almost entirely covered by water with just a few small scattered landmasses, not even visible from orbit. The planet's oceans are populated by mostly foreign lifeforms such as Earth shrimp, imported and raised in offshore aqua-farms while what little native life there is has yet to evolve beyond microbes. Though not exactly cold, the climate is cooler than that of Earth, even at the equator and while pleasant and mild, doesn't quite live up to its terrestrial namesake.


Originally settled by a group of mostly Polynesian romantics, intent on recapturing a way of life that was long past. Later generations of colonists didn't share their founder's passion, especially where it meant living in grass houses on a world somewhat chillier than Earth though the colony architecture retained some Polynesian touches. A second wave of colonists, this time from Chinese State added their own influences to the colony's culture, the most visible evidence of which being fancifully shaped streetlamps made to resembled paper lanterns.

In 2271, the fugitive war criminal and former Psi Cop Alfred Bester spent some time on Maui colony, staying with one of his former Corps compatriots Sophie Herndon who had a house at the colony. While there he ran into Derrick Thompson, an Earthforce telepath stationed at the EF base at the Bue Atoll. Thompson didn't recognise Earth's most wanted at first and so Bester took the opportunity to attack the young man in order to alter his memory and leave a false trail that would lead his pursuers out of human space while Bester made arrangements to return home and settle in Paris.

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