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"...Give me a break. Receive transmission, audio only. Yes?"

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Max, black market accountant

Max was a black-market accountant on the Mars Colony.

In November 2261, during the last days of the Earth Alliance Civil War, Michael Garibaldi came to Max looking for information on the whereabouts of Lise Hampton-Edgars, widow of the late William Edgars of Edgars Industries who had been on the run after her husband and staff were murdered in their home by Psi Corps. According to Garibaldi's information Lise had attempted to bribe her way off planet, going to the Mars mafia for help, though they decided it'd be more profitable to hold her for ransom instead. Garibaldi reasoned that Max was the most likely person the Mars mafia would come to launder the anticipated ransom payment. With a little "persuasion", Max gave up the location where they were holding Lise and Garibaldi, with the aid of a strike force of Anla'Shok was able to storm Luko's hideout and rescue Lise.[1]