The Babylon Project

Maya Hernandez was a doctor working in Babylon 5's Medlab facilities.[1]


In March 2258, Dr. Hernandez treated Dr. Stephen Franklin after he was attacked by Nelson Drake, who had been taken over by an Ikarran War Machine. After transferring him to the infirmary she informed Security chief Garibaldi that it was OK to ask Franklin questions, so long as he gets his rest.[2]

In April, while Ambassador Delenn was waiting for Dr. Franklin to perform a medical exam, to get a healthy Minbari baseline Maya had a conversation with her, during which she mentioned that Dr. Franklin had once hitch-hiked on starships.[3]

A few months later in June, Maya consulted on the case of Shon, a young Onteen who suffered from a congestive blockage in his upper air passages. Doctors Franklin and Hernandez recommended a simple operation to clear the mass, but the religious prohibition against the puncturing of the body proved too strong. Hernandez and Franklin attempted to talk the child's parents around, but they refused to allow the procedure. After Commander Sinclair refused Franklin's request to suspend M'Ola and Tharg's parental authority, Franklin went ahead and did it anyway and Hernandez offered to assist. Though the procedure was a success, because of the nature of Onteen beliefs, Shon's parents euthanized him, believing their son's soul to have already left the body, leaving only a shell that must be put out of its misery.

In late 2262 Dr. Hernandez was assigned to Medlab 3. At that time, of all of B5's medical staff Hernandez had the most off-world experience with alien life forms.[4]