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The Mi-Ma-Ti (literally translated: "The Chosen of the Burrow") is the supreme authority for the Llort race, based on their homeworld Vartas.


A feudal government, the Mi-Ma-Ti derives its power from a succession of ever changing allegiances in which whoever happens to hold the most power at a given time declares themselves "Mi-Ma-Ti". While the Mi-Ma-Ti theoretically commands supreme power, the constantly changing allegiances that form his or her power-base all but guarantees that the government is in a state of perpetual turmoil that's been known to effect even interstellar relations. The reign of a given Mi-Ma-Ti tends to be very short with only the very strongest lasting more that a single lur. While this state of affairs may seam unsustainable the aggressive, independent, and chaotic nature of the Llort means that they actually thrive in their constant state of near pandemonium.


The Llort are generally considered to be technologically unsophisticated, having only developed interstellar travel in 2161 and with most of their research and development geared towards the maintenance and improvement of their underground habitats.


Despite the Llort's combative nature, their intrinsic factionalism has to date prevented them from forming a united military, with most of their energy spent fighting each other and as such they are not considered to be even a remotely formidable military power among interstellar races. Though heavily armoured, Llort ships are relatively slow, clunky, and armed with weapons that are just barely adequate.


Due to their constant infighting, the Llort have never made a concerted colonisation effort and as such have established no off-world colonies.


In 2258 the Mi-Ma-Ti representative seconded Ambassador G'Kar's motion to dismiss all charges levelled against the Narn Regime in regards to the Ragesh III incident.[1]


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