The Babylon Project

"And what kind of head of Security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know?
I mean, I know what I know because I have to know it. And if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me either... I try never to get involved in my own life. Too much trouble.

Michael Garibaldi

Michael Garibaldi, was Chief of Security for Babylon 5 from 2257 to 2261 as a member of Earthforce security (attaining clearance ultraviolet alpha), Head of Covert Intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance for most of 2262 and from September 2262 onwards, was CEO of Edgars Industries.


Early life[]

Michael Alfredo Garibaldi[2] was born on February 2, 2221, the son of Earthforce Marine Alfredo Garibaldi. The Garibaldi family had long been involved with law enforcement, as Garibaldi's grandmother had been a police officer in Boston.[3] He later inherited her "slug thrower."[4]

Michael spent most of his early childhood living with his family in an old 82 story apartment building in Manhattan, New York. Michael's father Alfredo was famous in the building for being a prolific cook and taught his son everything he knew.[5] On Sundays he would cook up a huge dinner for anyone who wanted to come, serving sometimes twenty or thirty guests at a time. Most that came would bring some food too, though a few would just come to be fed. Not that Alfredo ever seemed to care, such was his love for cooking. He'd spend all day cooking, singing ballads he claimed were from the "old country". Though Michael never questioned that claim, given that his father was six generations removed from Italy he rather doubted it.[6] Michael was raised Roman Catholic, although he later became agnostic.[7]

In 2230, when Michael was only 9 years old the Earth Alliance came to the aid of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and his father was called away to fight, serving under future Earthforce General Richard Franklin. Around this time the Garibaldi family moved to Mars where Michael would spend some years there growing up, though he retained very few fond memories of the place.[7]

After returning from war, Alfredo left the Infantry and began working security. Though Michael eventually saw his father live to the age of 75 and still hauling in crooks, he unfortunately developed Torg's Syndrome and passed away soon after.[5]

Years later, looking back at this period, Michael would describe it as being like some long summer night. Crazy, innocent, and optimistic as hell.[8]

Europa Assignment[]


Frank Kemmer introduces Michael to his wife and daughter.

In 2241, Michael took a job through Earthforce working security at the ice-mining station on Europa. Michael was one of very few officers on that post who was neither corrupt nor apathetic regarding his duties, causing considerable strain and leading to a drinking problem. Fortunately, Michael befriended a shuttle pilot named Frank Kemmer, who would often invite Michael to come with him to spend time with his family, including his young daughter, Lianna, who called him "Uncle Mike." Determined to expose the corruption at the station, Garibaldi ignored warnings that it would go badly for him if he did not back away. He believed he could deal with whatever came his way. Unfortunately, they did not come directly, but rather rigged Frank's shuttle pad to explode, killing Frank instantly. Worried about a scandal, the incident was officially blamed on Garibaldi's negligence. Garibaldi had to tell Frank's wife and Lianna personally. Lianna did not even cry, but according to Garibaldi she just "died inside." Michael ran off soon afterwards, falling "off the wagon" hard and staying there for a long time (which only made Lianna all the more angry and resentful for years).[2]

Michael stayed in one security job or another, broken up by periods of his drinking. During one job he met Walker Smith, whom he arrested for being heavily intoxicated and taking apart a holeopeep in Fortune City. The two became fast friends. Smith went on to have a successful boxing career.[9]

Earth-Minbari War[]

When the Earth-Minbari War broke out in 2245 and a planetary draft was instituted, Garibaldi became a ground-pounder. Serving mostly planet-side, Garibaldi served in places that "made Europa look like Disneyplanet."[10] On one such world the Minbari easily overran the defense perimeter he was stationed at during some point in the conflict. The subsequent fighting was enough to occasionally give Michael nightmares the rest of his life (as well as compel him to speak to counselors infrequently).[11]

Garibaldi's outfit were dug in on a moon orbiting Vega II when the Minbari came through the Vega System. Though their position was not directly assaulted, the enemy advance through the system was so rapid it left them cut off from their supply lines and forgotten for weeks, left with only a meager supply of meal bars, cryo-rations and Insta-Heats left over from the Dilgar War to keep them going. When those finally ran out, Michael and his shelter mate Colleen (a fellow Ground-Pounder from Texas, whom everyone simply called "Cowpoke") did their best to keep their minds off the starvation by talking about food recipes. Cowpoke taught Garibaldi her mother's recipe for Three-Alarm Chili that she used to make for her when she was a child and Garibaldi taught her his father's recipe for Bagna Cauda. Though help did eventually arrive, Cowpoke didn't survive, but Garibaldi remembered the recipe for years to come and when in 2260 Emerson Briggs-Wallace, proprietor of Fresh Air, asked Garibaldi for contributions, he included "Cowpoke's Three-Alarm Chili".[12]

In 2247 after the failure of the secret initiative to end the war and Earth Forces being beaten under the Minbari advance, EarthDome fear a coming invasion. Bolstering defences in the Sol system, they assign ground troops to Mars, among them Garibaldi’s unit. While he is stationed there he strikes up a friendship with Lise Hampton [13]

Adventures on Mars[]

By 2253, Garibaldi was working as a shuttle pilot on Mars. One day he got an assignment to pick up three other Earthforce officers. His drinking problem had continued to plague him. One of the three officers was Jeffrey Sinclair, a hero of the Battle of the Line, who was not at all impressed when he found Garibaldi passed out in a drunken stupor at the Mars spaceport. Sinclair ordered the other two officers, Sanchez and Foster, to sober Garibaldi up and get him ready to go. Soon afterwards, Garibaldi was piloting them away from the spaceport. Sinclair came off as standoffish and withdrawn. He refused to tell Garibaldi what they were looking for, but it was obvious they were searching for something. On the fifth day of searching, the ship's navigational systems and inertial dampers suddenly went off line. Garibaldi managed to crash-land the ship; Sanchez's leg was broken and Foster did not survive.

Sinclair and Garibaldi went to get help, a fifty-mile trek across the surface. They had not gone far when Sanchez linked in to report all the ship's systems had suddenly started working again—evidence that Garibaldi was not at fault for the crash. Sanchez also reported a dust storm on the ship's scanners, prompting Sinclair and Garibaldi to seek shelter in a nearby cave.[14]

With only five days of air and food, the wait was long and hard. Sinclair managed to maintain radio contact with Sanchez. Unknown to Sinclair, Michael had some alcohol with him, and after having a few drinks wandered off. Sanchez linked him some time later, informing him that he couldn't raise Sinclair. Garibaldi went back and found that a cave-in had trapped Sinclair. He managed to pull him unconscious from the rubble. As soon as Sinclair came to, he wrestled Garibaldi to the ground, threatening to kill him if he ever did something as stupid as wandering off again.

Moving on, they climbed to the top of a canyon and witnessed something terrible—a huge, nightmarish alien ship hovering over an excavation site. In the site was another of those ships, still half buried—the first was digging it out of the ground.[15]

The pair saw humanoid figures not far off, watching the excavation. Sinclair guessed that their communications could not work either, but they seemed to be communicating. Figuring they were telepaths, Sinclair had Garibaldi knock him out with a stun gun as a land vehicle drew near. When the two occupants got out to investigate the unconscious Sinclair, Garibaldi got the jump on them, knocking them both out. He then woke up Sinclair, and they donned the uniforms of the two telepaths. Sinclair then explained to Garibaldi his mission: he had been sent to find evidence of covert human-alien activities. He had gone with Garibaldi because previous missions had been fruitless and Earthforce suspected sabotage. Sinclair confided in Garibaldi he was the only one he can trust at the moment. They drove the vehicle to a small camp set up by the telepaths and split up briefly.

Michael entered a building and found a huge transparent dome containing a large alien biomechanical construct, veins and skin and bone intermingling with tubes and panels. Passing through the organism were dozens of human bodies on a conveyor belt. Technicians in a small isolation area jutting out the side of the dome were monitoring the situation, as other workers milled about the rest of the building with heavy weaponry. Suddenly, Garibaldi could feel darkness closing in around him, self-pity and fear building in his head. It subsided somewhat when he remembered what Sinclair said about trusting him; he gathered enough courage to get out of the vehicle. He opened a crate and discovered some grenades, which he took for later use. Then he examined the dome more closely. The bodies on the conveyor belt appeared to have energy fields surrounding their heads. Garibaldi figured it was some sort of medical experiment, but could not figure out what it was for. When they were discovered, Sinclair was forced to rescue Michael by driving the vehicle into one of the buildings where strange medical experiments were being conducted on human beings. Garibaldi ended their pursuit by throwing grenades at their pursuers as they rushed off.

After returning to civilization, the two linked in with Earthforce, returning to the site later aboard a military shuttle. When they got back, however, they found no trace of anything they had seen before—save for one burnt Psi Corps badge Michael kept.[16]

With no evidence, they eventually kept quiet about the incident. The experience created a strong friendship between the two of them that would last for many long years.[17][18]

Garibaldi remained on Mars and worked as a security officer for Mars colony in 2255. During this time he met Lise Hampton again becoming romantically involved. Sinclair and Catherine Sakai come to visit Garibaldi, this is the second time they both meet in person. In March 2256 Sinclair contacted him, having just been appointed commanding officer of Babylon 5 and offers Michael the position of Chief of Station Security. Having been fired from four of his previous jobs, Garibaldi was anxious to prove himself (and also appreciated the respect Sinclair had for him). He decides to take the job when his Mars Security assignment ends, but Lise refused to go with him. They had a major fight and Garibaldi stormed out. He later admitted that he said some things that night that haunted him for a long time.[19]

The Babylon Project[]

Unmasking a Conspiracy[]

The first year is relatively quiet (though not exactly easy for the security chief), as many different races come to the station and sign on to the Project. Finally, the Vorlon Empire agrees to send an ambassador, which will mean all five of the major powers will have a voice on the Babylon 5 Advisory Council. Garibaldi informs Sinclair that Earth does not have much information to go on regarding the Vorlons. When the Vorlon ambassador, Kosh Naranek, arrives at the station, Sinclair is supposed to meet him alone. He takes a transport tube that suddenly stalls on its way to meet the ambassador, and when he does get there he finds Kosh lying on the ground, seemingly attacked. Sinclair has Kosh taken to the IsoLab, but the Ambassador's encounter suit precludes any possibility of treatment. The Vorlon Empire specifically demands his suit not be opened, but Sinclair orders Dr. Benjamin Kyle to open it anyway and save Kosh. He orders Kyle not to report anything he sees about Kosh's physiology. Kyle learns that he has been poisoned, but needs to know the exact entry point. Sinclair asks the human telepath Lyta Alexander to scan Kosh's mind and figure out how he was poisoned. Lyta successfully sees the poison was administered through the hand—seemingly by Sinclair himself.

There is an uproar on the station as Sinclair flatly denies the charges. He is temporarily relieved of command. Ambassador G'Kar of the Narn Regime assembles the Advisory Council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, voting to have Sinclair handed over to the Vorlons for trial. G'Kar manages to blackmail Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari into voting in favor of the motion. Lt. Cmdr. Laurel Takashima, acting in Sinclair's stead, votes against the resolution, and Delenn of the Minbari Federation abstains. G'Kar contacts the Vorlons, however, and they vote in affirmation.[20]

As the Vorlons send a small fleet to force the handover, Garibaldi learns that the frame-up was carried out through the use of a changeling net. The real culprits are a radical clan within the Minbari Warrior Caste called the Wind Swords, who sent a lone assassin to frame Sinclair. Sinclair confronts the assassin alone and the assassin triggers a bomb on his person. Sinclair manages to escape the blast and is exonerated of the charges against him.[20]

No Quiet Days[]

In 2258, Lt. Cmdr. Laurel Takashima is reassigned and Lt. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova takes her place as second in command of the station. Shortly after she arrives on the station, Garibaldi is approached by Ambassador Londo Mollari for a favor. Despite openly admitting he will never trust a Centauri, Michael does develop a sort of friendship with Londo. As Londo introduces Michael to Vir Cotto, his new diplomatic attaché, Vir informs Londo about an attack on a Centauri colony, Ragesh 3. As Londo rushes off, Garibaldi gets orders from Ivanova to take a Starfury wing to investigate an attack on a transport. Garibaldi's wing locates the ship, stripped bare of all cargo and with no survivors.

Garibaldi learns from Sinclair several hours later that the Narn Regime is responsible for attacking and seizing the colony. He is also approached by commercial telepath Talia Winters and asked why Ivanova is so standoffish to her. Michael suggests approaching her off duty. Despite his usual aversion to telepaths, Michael is immediately attracted to Talia. After some investigation, Garibaldi discovers the common link between the attack on the transport and other recent ones just like it. He predicts where they will strike next—but the transport ship is carrying refugees instead of goods. Sinclair decides to take a patrol out and rescue the transport himself. While he is gone, Talia approaches Michael and warns him that she accidentally scanned Londo and learned he is planning to murder G'Kar. Garibaldi confronts Londo and talks him out of his plan.


Garibaldi escorts Sinclair's prisoner while he confronts G'Kar


When Sinclair returns, he does so not only with a successful mission but also a Narn officer who sold the weapons and ships to the Raiders. Sinclair is able to use this as leverage and convince the Narn Regime to abandon their claim on Ragesh 3. Afterwards, Garibaldi goes to his quarters to enjoy "his second favorite thing in the universe": 20th century Daffy Duck cartoons. After failing to entreat Talia to join him, he successfully convinces Ambassador Delenn to do so (although the humor is lost on her).[21]

A few weeks later, a strange alien ship arrives at the station, carrying a single identified alien being. The alien is brought to Medlab for treatment. Garibaldi meets Sinclair and Delenn in the Lab. Delenn recognizes the alien as a Soul Hunter. Instinctively, she grabs for Michael's gun so she can shoot him where he lays, but Michael wrestles the PPG away from her. The Minbari are not the only ones familiar with the Soulhunters, and the presence of the alien aboard the station unnerves many aboard. The situation escalates when the Soulhunter escapes from the Medlab and kidnaps Delenn. As Garibaldi organizes a search, a second Soulhunter arrives and requests to come aboard. Against Garibaldi's advice, Sinclair allows him onto the station. He explains to Sinclair and Garibaldi that the first Soulhunter has "gone rogue," killing people rather than waiting for their natural death to claim their souls. Sinclair insists on going along with the security patrols. Striking out alone, he manages to rescue Delenn and kill the rogue Soulhunter.[22]

A short time later, Garibaldi discovers that someone has been making unauthorized transmissions using the Gold Channel frequency. He immediately goes to Ivanova with his discovery, but she dismisses his beliefs, saying it is probably just a glitch. Garibaldi disagrees and continues his investigation. He sets up a computer trap to identify the source of the rogue transmissions, but a safeguard in the system prevents him from finding out. He again goes to Ivanova, who again dismisses his investigation. A few hours later, when an alarm identifies gunfire in Downbelow, Ivanova links to Garibaldi to check it out. Rather than go personally, Michael sends a team while he continues to monitor the situation. His latest means for tracking the rogue signal prove successful. He is able to cut in and observe the last transmission, which was actually being sent by Ivanova herself. The transmission was to a hospital in the Russian Consortium where her father lies on his deathbed. After saying a few words to his daughter, he passed away. Michael decided not to report the incident (as obviously there would be no more of them) and lets Ivanova know as much. He offers to buy her a drink sometime.[23]

On the two-year anniversary of Babylon 5 going online, ISN sends a reporter, Mary Ann Cramer, to the station to interview Cmdr. Sinclair. Not caring much for reporters, Sinclair has Garibaldi show her around, hoping to delay the situation as long as possible. Garibaldi is happy to escort Cramer around. When he tells her a little about the adventure he and Sinclair had on Mars, however, she is more interested in probing him about his troubled work career (an area he would rather not talk about). Meanwhile, a dockworker is found dead from an apparent heart attack. Garibaldi wonders if it was murder, but his investigation is put on hold when an artifact from Ikarra VII brought aboard by a Dr. Vance Hendricks bonds to his assistant, Nelson Drake, transforming him into a living Ikarran warrior. After the weapon attacks and injures Dr. Franklin, Garibaldi quickly puts together a tactical team to confront it. Their weapons are unable to damage the weapon, however, and it evades them as it continues to build up its power level. Sinclair insists on joining the tactical team in battling the warrior. He orders Garibaldi to have C'n'C blow an airlock once he [Sinclair] draws it into one. He dashes off before Garibaldi can stop him. Luckily, Sinclair is able to appeal to the AI of the weapon and get it to shut itself down. Dr. Franklin, in addition to helping Sinclair piece together the information needed to do that, also discovered that Drake had been responsible for murdering the dockworker.

Afterwards, Michael goes to see Jeff in his quarters. The whole station is buzzing about how Sinclair personally risked his life to stop the weapon. Michael warns Jeff that many of the people he knew who served in the Earth-Minbari War came out of it with a "hero complex," and a desire to go out in a blaze of glory. Jeff concedes he does not have an answer to that, but promises to work on one.[17]

The station became much busier than usual when Earthforce decided Babylon 5 would be the perfect setting for a weeklong series of festivities demonstrating the major belief systems of those races aboard. Garibaldi has very little patience for the extra chaos brought about by this, particularly since many of the rituals of the different worlds called on the use of items officially labeled as contraband. Michael participated in a few of the aliens' celebrations (enjoying some, like the Centauri's, more so than others, like the Minbari). That same week, Sinclair's ex-girlfriend, Catherine Sakai came aboard. Michael told Jeff immediately so he would not come upon her by surprise. By the time the week was over, the two were back together.

Garibaldi also had another murder investigation to solve that week. This one involved a large alien thug that G'Kar found "dead in his bedroom." G'Kar denied ever having met the alien or having any information about his death. Garibaldi was skeptical, though G'Kar had an alibi for the time of death and was anyway covered with full diplomatic immunity.[24]

Secrets from Earth[]

Finally, after the celebrations were over, the station quieted down (relatively speaking) for about a week. Then a pair of Psi Cops came aboard looking for a rogue telepath named Jason Ironheart. Garibaldi did not try to hide his unease over Psi Cops. He worked quickly to try to locate Ironheart and remove him. Unfortunately, the full scope of the danger Ironheart represented had not been revealed to the command staff. Ironheart had become a telekinetic and his powers were increasing exponentially. He managed to seal off an entire section of the station with an energy field. After Talia Winters arranged for Sinclair to meet with Ironheart, the commander agreed to allow him to leave the station. He ordered Garibaldi to clear a path to the docking bay. However, the Psi Cops intervened, resulting in one of their deaths. Ironheart left the station and a few minutes later transformed into a being of pure energy. He spoke to Talia one last time, giving her a "gift," before departing. Garibaldi and Sinclair met with the remaining Psi Cop, explaining how they were going to all agree on "something close to the truth" about what happened. Afterwards, Garibaldi asks Sinclair if he believed what Ironheart had told him (namely, that Psi Corps was involved in a conspiracy bent on absolute control). Jeff was skeptical, but the two old friends agreed to keep their eyes open.[25]

The surviving Psi Cop was Alfred Bester, who would eventually become Garibaldi's greatest nemesis.

A few weeks later, a Minbari poet named Shaal Mayan comes aboard the station as part of a poetry tour. As she headed to her quarters after leaving Delenn's the day of her reading, Mayan is attacked by an unknown assailant who stabs her in the abdomen and brands a symbol into her forehead. The attack was the fourth in a series of anti-alien assaults that had recently occurred on the station. Garibaldi immediately suspected that Homeguard; a "pro-Earth" clandestine paramilitary organization was responsible. As he sought for the assailants, a pair of Centauri (Kiron Maray and Aria Tensus were also assaulted, leaving Kiron near dead. The aliens aboard became increasingly frustrated. Garibaldi had to call out a security team in full riot gear to disband a near riot orchestrated by G'Kar. One of Garibaldi's suspects (who proved to be a dead end) was assaulted by several aliens in the backlash to the attacks. As the suspect recovered, Garibaldi set up a hidden video in Medlab. This caught Malcolm Biggs; a former lover of Ivanova's who had recently come aboard, coming to offer the suspect a place in Homeguard. Garibaldi then worked with Sinclair and Ivanova where they would feign anti-alien sentiment to try and infiltrate the organization. This required a ruse where the investigation was seemingly stonewalled by Garibaldi. Afterwards, Biggs brought Sinclair and Ivanova to meet his partners. He revealed his master plan to murder all the major alien ambassadors at once while another cell would murder the ambassadors on Earth. Biggs boasted how Homeguard operatives were everywhere. Fortunately, Garibaldi and his security team were closely monitoring the situation. They were able to set upon Biggs's unit and apprehend them after a brief confrontation. Biggs and the others were subsequently deported from the station and sent back to Earth.[26]

Garibaldi tried to run a tight unit. He noticed when one of his men, Frank Benson, was gambling more money than what Earthforce regulations permitted. He reported the incident to Sinclair, and together they questioned Benson about whether he was getting in over his head. When Benson proved evasive in his answers, Sinclair ordered him suspended from active duty.

The next day, Delenn alerts Garibaldi that she cannot locate Sinclair. After failing to raise him on the link and finding Sinclair's quarters empty, Garibaldi informs Ivanova that Sinclair is missing. He quickly organizes a search of the station. Fearing the worst, he orders crews to check outside the station as well as in on the chance that Sinclair had been murdered and his body pushed out into space. The search team does locate a body, but rather than Sinclair it turns out to be Benson. Garibaldi had been looking for him as well, since his Aide alerted him that Benson had suddenly received an influx of 15,000 credits hours before the commander went missing. Luckily, Sinclair himself managed to escape his captors, a pair of clandestine agents sent to interrogate him. Sinclair had left one of them injured but the other followed him as he made his way to the Zocalo. Garibaldi made his way there and injured the agent in a shoot out. Sinclair, however, was delusional from his interrogation and began to take shots at Garibaldi. Delenn confronted him and managed to bring him out of his state (just in time for him to fire a fatal shot at the agent). His other captor had been left amnesic from feedback caused to his interrogation machine when Sinclair escaped. Despite this, he was ordered sent back to Earth for further investigation as to whom he was working for.[27]

A few weeks later, G'Kar's aide Na'toth violently attacks a recent arrival on the station in the customs area, shouting "Deathwalker." Garibaldi recognizes the name as being the label given to the notorious Dilgar war criminal Jha'dur who had never been brought to trial for her crimes. Sinclair also recognized the name, and despite the fact the woman was seemingly too young to be the real Deathwalker, Dr. Franklin's tests proved it was her. Earthforce soon sent orders for her to be sent immediately to Earth. After she awakes in Medlab, Jha'dur confirms her identity and tells Sinclair that Earth wants her because she had recently discovered a serum that halted aging and protected the user from all diseases. Sinclair was optimistic, but Garibaldi was angered over the thought of Jha'dur "getting a pass" for her crimes because of her apparent miracle cure. Once word leaked out to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds (who had suffered the most at her hands), Sinclair had no choice but to call a Council session to vote on whether she should be held for trial.

Just prior to the Council meeting, Garibaldi came to Sinclair and apologized for getting angry. Sinclair admitted he had his concerns, but hoped the Council meeting would take care of the issue. Unfortunately, three of the four members present on the Security Council voted against trial, outraging the League. They threatened to attack the station and Garibaldi immediately put his teams on alerts, preparing for rioting. Fortunately, Sinclair diffused the situation by explaining about Jha'dur's cure to the League and offering to cut them in. Just before boarding her shuttle, Jha'dur explained to Sinclair and Garibaldi that each dose of serum required the sacrifice of a sentient being. Minutes after her shuttle left the station; with the entire Council watching a Vorlon transport came through the jumpgate and obliterated the shuttle.

Garibaldi joined Sinclair in the Zocalo after their shift. While they spoke about the entire affair, Talia Winters came to them complaining about Ambassador Kosh for an entirely different reason. She explained that he had asked her to negotiate between himself and a strange man named Abbut. Garibaldi, familiar with the man, explains that he is a Vicker, a cyborg capable of recording thoughts and memories. Garibaldi suggests Kosh used her to secure information he might use against her some day.[28]

When Dr. Franklin sought to operate on an alien child against the wishes of his parents, Sinclair was put in the unfortunate position of having to decide whether to allow him to proceed. Garibaldi warned him that should he override the parents' wishes, the station would visibly be forfeiting any claims of neutrality. Sinclair ultimately opted not to allow Franklin to operate but he did so nonetheless (though the child ultimately died anyway).[29]

Shadows from the Past[]

Midway through the year, President Luis Santiago announced he wanted to come to the station as part of a tour of the Alliance. He would also be presenting a new fighter wing to the station. As the overworked crews worked hard to prepare for his arrival, there was an explosion in one of the Cobra Bays. A worker named Nolan was critically injured and rushed to Medlab. Soon afterwards, the President's security detail arrived. Garibaldi was surprised when the head of the detail was none other than Lianna Kemmer, now a Major in Earthforce. Still having not forgiven him for the death of her father, she ordered Sinclair to allow her team to investigate without Garibaldi.

Frustrated over not being able to reconcile with Lianna, Michael nearly assaulted a petty thief named Dagool. Sinclair pulled him away and confronted him about his behavior. Michael told the story about his history with Lianna and her father. They are pulled away by a call from Medlab when Lianna forcibly awakens Nolan to question him about the explosion. Nolan mutters Garibaldi's name and that it was a bomb blast before dying. Lianna, believing Nolan was implicating Garibaldi, orders him relieved of duty. Sinclair reluctantly agrees. Back at his quarters, Garibaldi finds Lianna's aide, Cutter, searching the place. Cutter produces bomb parts and a sack of Centauri ducats, seemingly confirming Garibaldi's complicity. Rather than let himself be arrested, Garibaldi quickly fled into Downbelow.

Determined to clear his name, Garibaldi approached both Londo Mollari and G'Kar to see if either of them were responsible for the frame up, but both exonerated themselves. He also attempted to purchase a fake ID from N'Grath, but the crime boss refused to deal with the "policeman." Hiding from Lianna's patrols in a bar, Garibaldi "fell of the wagon" for the first time in years. After drinking himself into a stupor, he was easily apprehended by Lianna's team, who dragged him to a holding cell. Lianna questions him personally, wanting a confession. Fortunately, Lou Welch found evidence implicating Nolan himself behind the bombing, proving he was part of Homeguard. Garibaldi points out that Cutter must also be involved, as he was the one who found the evidence in Garibaldi's quarters. He convinces her to let him accompany her to the Cobra Bays (which Cutter is supposed to be checking). Once there, Cutter knocks out Lianna and attacks Garibaldi. Michael fights Cutter, who has planted more bombs, and knocks him out. He gets word to C'n'C to cancel the fighter drop, preventing the bombs from going off. The President's visit is a success. Before she leaves, Lianna apologies to Michael for the way she had acted towards him, and they finally reconcile Frank's death.[2]

Riots, Raids, and Eyes[]

A severe accident in one of the docking bays leaves one dockworker dead and many more injured. Outraged over poor wages and insufficient equipment and funding, the Docker's Guild threatens to strike. Knowing they cannot legally strike, they organize what Garibaldi calls a "blue flu," with over half of the workers calling in sick. EarthGov sends a negotiator, Orin Zento, to work out a deal with the Guild and the station command, but Zento merely threatens to call on the Rush Act and force the workers to comply. As a result, the workers nearly start a riot. Garibaldi is forced to call out most of his teams in full tactical gear, but they are nearly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of workers. Fortunately, as Zento does enforce the Rush Act, Sinclair uses the word of the law (granting him the power to use "any means necessary" to end the strike) to allocate more funds for the Docker's Guild and to pardon any of those involved in the riot. Zento is embarrassed and angry. Garibaldi warns Sinclair that his actions will undoubtedly have long term repercussions.[3]

Investigation Request

Sinclair asks Garibaldi to carry out an investigation

In the next few weeks, the Raiders step up their attacks on the shipping lanes to Babylon 5, becoming bolder in each attack. They are also able to withdraw much faster than they should be able to. Sinclair works with Garibaldi and Ivanova to plan a better counterattack. After the meeting, he meets with Garibaldi privately. He explains that ever since he was kidnapped, he has begun to piece together memories from the Battle of the Line. Previously, there was a twenty-four hour period that he could not account for, but now he was remembering it. He explains that he remembers being taken aboard a Minbari ship and being brought before Grey figures, one of whom was Delenn. He asks Michael to investigate the situation. Michael agrees and thanks Jeff for trusting him enough to confide in him.

A few days later, Sinclair sends Ivanova and Delta Wing to intercept a Raider ambush. He quickly determines it is a ruse, however, and orders them recalled. Fearing an incident closer to the station, Sinclair orders Garibaldi to suit up and lead Alpha Wing outside the station. His theory proves correct when a Raider turns out to be aboard the station. The Raider kidnaps a Centauri noble, Lord Kiro, and forces his way off the station aboard Kiro's shuttle. Before Alpha Wing can intercept, a Raider mothership jumps into the local space and launches a fighter wing, sparking the First Battle of Babylon 5. Garibaldi's fighters easily outclass the Raiders. They are soon joined by Ivanova and Delta Wing. Between the two fighter wings and the station's defenses, the Raiders are quickly wiped out. The mothership, however, escapes with its hostage. After the battle, Garibaldi delivers the casualty report to Sinclair. Only one B5 pilot was killed. Though Michael offers to write his family, Sinclair insists on doing it himself. Michael points out that they should no longer be a nuisance because all Raiders’ fighters have been destroyed.

A few days later, Garibaldi reports to Jeff on the first bits of information regarding the Battle of the Line. Michael explains that Jeff's name was very far down the list of candidates for commanding officer of Babylon 5, but all the others were rejected by the Minbari Federation. They were the first to sign onto Babylon 5 with the condition they would be allowed to pick the commanding officer. As to why, Garibaldi can only guess.[30]

Garibaldi's old friend, Walker Smith, arrived on the station and met up with him. Smith's boxing career had been ruined through a crooked circuit. He wanted to participate in the Mutai, the alien fighting ring operating on the station. Garibaldi warned him that the Mutai only permitted aliens and was a brutal, no holds barred competition. Smith does not listen, but at first he is turned away by the Muta-Do, who runs the Mutai. Michael hopes this will dissuade him, particularly since Smith does not take the matches seriously. With the help of an alien named Caliban, however, Smith is able to compete. Michael serves as his Ka-Tow, helping him train. During Walker's fight against Gyor, Michael saves Smith from being shot in the back by a alien bystander (who did not want to see humans competing). Smith manages a draw, but earns the respect of the Muta-Do and the other fighters of the Mutai. Afterwards, Smith returns to Earth.[9]

After months of unsuccessfully trying to bring down an underworld boss named Deuce, Michael finally caught a break when a witness, Mirriam Runningdear, agreed to testify against him. On the day of the trial, however, Mirriam was found near dead, her memory destroyed by something akin to a Mindwipe. Ombuds Wellington had no choice but to let Deuce go. That same day, a petty thief named Thomas Jordan was caught trying to pick pocket a man named Aldous Gajic. Michael asked Gajic to come with him for the hearing. Gajic surprised Michael when he offered to take Jordan into his custody. Gajic had come aboard announcing he was seeking the Holy Grail, a point that made it hard for Garibaldi to take him seriously. Garibaldi noticed that Deuce (in the courtroom at the time) spoke to Jordan briefly.

Dr. Franklin concludes that Mirriam must have been killed by a Na'ka'leen Feeder, a creature from Centauri space. Convinced Deuce must have smuggled the monster aboard, Michael decides to track down Jordan to see if he can help. Before he can find him, Jordan runs into Sinclair and alerts him that Gajic and Wellington have been kidnapped by Deuce and will be fed to the Feeder. Sinclair links Garibaldi who quickly brings a team into Deuce's lair. In the subsequent shootout, the Na'ka'leen feeder is killed, though Gajic is tragically murdered by Deuce. Jordan steps into his role and leaves the station soon afterwards to continue the quest.[31]

After five years of piecing together parts of a Kawasaki Motorcycle from the Twentieth Century, Garibaldi finally acquired all the parts necessary to assemble it (including a manual he won in a blackjack game). When Lennier comes to him to secure extra security for Shaal Mayan (who is about to return to the station), he takes an interest in the bike and offers to help put it together. When Michael gets busy, Lennier ends up completely putting it together on his own. At first Michael is annoyed, having looked forward to working on it himself, but he gets over it when Lennier reveals he made a minor adjustment—a Minbari engine part that will let it run without gasoline. Michael takes it for a test ride with Lennier riding with him.

At this same time, while trying to crack down on arms smugglers to Mars, Lou Welch alerts Garibaldi about a trader named "Aaron Franks" asking many questions about Sinclair and the station. Suspecting he might be one of the arms smugglers, Garibaldi investigates Franks and his companion, Harriman Gray. Franks reveals his real name is Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, a member of Earthforce Internal Affairs, who had been sent to investigate Sinclair and the command staff. He warns that Gray; a member of Psi Corps will be scanning all command staff. He insists on recruiting Garibaldi to his investigation. Garibaldi warns Sinclair that Zayn is pressing really hard, investigating every major decision he has made. After a very one-sided interview, Zayn relieves Sinclair of command and charges him with subversion. Afraid that she will have to be scanned, Ivanova walks out of C'n'C. Michael is unable to stop her, but he agrees to meet her at the casino.

Digging into Zayn's past, Garibaldi learns that he was one of the officers passed over for command of Babylon 5. Zayn is also friends with Bester, and Garibaldi concludes they are working together out of revenge to bring down Sinclair. Unfortunately, in his rush to tell Sinclair, he forgets about Ivanova. He is called to the casino and finds she has started a brawl there, though she stops as soon as he approaches her. Garibaldi and Ivanova go with Sinclair during his next interrogation by Zayn. During the process, Sinclair goads Zayn into losing his cool and admitting he is there for revenge. Zayn even strikes Gray when the telepath turns on him and threatens to shoot the others. They manage to subdue him and send him back to Earth under arrest.[32]


When the Minbari war hero Shai Alyt Bramner dies suddenly while on a tour outside Minbari space, his clan decides to parade his body back to Minbar by stopping at several places and allowing it to lie in state. One of the stops is Babylon 5. Neither Garibaldi nor Sinclair is happy about seeing a Minbari warcruiser again. The ship's commander is Alyt Neroon, an aggressive Minbari warrior who has little patience for humans. Not satisfied with station security, he insists on his own security for Bramner's body. Despite this, during the formal viewing, the body is missing. Garibaldi begins a search and Neroon insists on accompanying him. When part of Bramner's burial garb is found near the quarters of some pak'ma'ra, Garibaldi insists the carrion eaters have their stomachs pumped, though this turns up nothing. Garibaldi even searches Sinclair's quarters to satisfy Neroon. Sinclair eventually learns that Delenn herself stole the body, angered that Neroon had not honored Bramner's final wishes regarding his body. The official story is not disclosed publicly.[33]

Late in the summer, the station begins to detect strange disturbances from Epsilon 3. While the station investigates, word is broadcast over ISN that severe rioting has broken out on Mars. Garibaldi is terrified Lise Hampton has been caught in the riots. Unable to reach her directly, Garibaldi tries unsuccessfully to find word of her. Knowing that Psi Corps has a secret training facility on the planet, he approaches Talia Winters to ask if she can contact it and find word about Lise (Michael has to first apologize for his repeated advances). Talia agrees, but is unable to learn anything definitive. She does let Michael know that Lise's name was not listed among the officially wounded.

Meanwhile, Sinclair and Ivanova take a shuttle down to Epsilon 3. They discover a vast Great Machine, technology centuries more advanced than anything Earth has. Sinclair broadcasts his finding up to Garibaldi in C'n'C. His message is picked up by Earth Central. The EAS Hyperion is dispatched to help secure the new technology.[19]

Sinclair and Ivanova return to the station with an alien named Varn, who is rushed to Medlab. Varn warns that without an operator, the Great Machine is designed to start a chain reaction that will obliterate the planet—and take the station with it. Sinclair orders Garibaldi and Ivanova to begin planning for an evacuation, even though they will not be able to rescue everyone. While they prepare, a strange alien vessel arrives and announces its intention to take custody of the planet.

The Mars riots continue during the crisis. When a bar patron comments that all the Mars natives should just be killed, Garibaldi reacts violently to him. Sinclair comes to his quarters that evening to discuss the incident. After they talk, Sinclair asks Garibaldi to make sure Ivanova makes it off the station should they need to evacuate. Garibaldi promises to make it happen.

Hours later, a shuttle leaves the station and heads for the planet below. This prompts the alien vessel to attack, starting the Battle for Epsilon 3. Garibaldi decides to grab a shuttle and follow the first down to the planet. He is surprised to find it was piloted by Londo Mollari. He had brought Varn, Delenn, and Delenn's mentor Draal down to the planet so Varn could arrange Draal to take his place as the Great Machine's operator. Once in place, Draal forces a ceasefire for the parties in the Battle (though he is forced to destroy the alien ship).

Afterwards, a message finally comes in from Mars for Michael. Lise is on the line, recovering from minor injuries in a hospital. Michael apologizes for everything that happened between them and asks if there is a chance they can get back together. Lise explains that is not possible, as she has since gotten married to a man named Franz—and they are expecting a baby in September. Michael, deeply saddened at the news, congratulates her anyway. He seeks some solitude, reflecting on what he has lost. He runs into Delenn, however, and asks why she did not alert the command staff to Draal's plan. Delenn explains that if she had, she is convinced Sinclair would have insisted on taking Varn's place instead.[34]

Weeks later, the station detects a strange disturbance in Sector 14, an area of space three hours away and the site of Babylon 4's disappearance. A pilot is dispatched to investigate. His ship returns hours later, the pilot dead of old age (his internal organs prematurely aged three times past his natural age). Soon afterwards, Babylon 4 itself reappears in Sector 14. The station sends them a distress call, asking to help evacuate the skeleton crew. Sinclair and Garibaldi lead several shuttles to the station, though they cannot understand how it can be there after disappearing four years earlier.

Once aboard, Sinclair and Garibaldi meet Major Krantz, who had been in charge of overseeing the station's construction. Krantz explains that inexplicably the station has become "unstuck" in time. The same phenomenon causes "time flashes," where someone can see an event in their own life forward or backward in time. Jeff and Michael both see a vision of themselves on B5 when it is under attack by an unknown enemy. Garibaldi is holding them back, but cannot do so for long. Later, while helping with the evacuation, Garibaldi has a time flash back into the past, reliving the last fight he had with Lise.

Major Krantz also introduces them to an alien named Zathras, who seems to recognize Sinclair at first, but then admits his mistake. Zathras admits that he is part of a team that has come to steal the station and move it through time to serve as a base of operations for "the side of light" in a great and terrible war. Sinclair, Garibaldi, and Krantz also behold a being Zathras calls The One, but they cannot identify the being, as he is wearing a space suit. As the tachyon emissions resurge, threatening to pull the station through time once more, the last of the crew begin to evacuate. A fallen column traps Zathras and he is pinned down. Sinclair tries to free him, but is unable. Sinclair and Garibaldi leave on the last shuttle, just before the station disappears again. Sinclair implements a quarantine of Sector 14.[35]

In the fall of the year, Garibaldi's team arrests a murderer named Karl Mueller. Mueller had killed two Lurkers and one of Garibaldi's officers. He is quickly found guilty at trial. The judge, Ombuds Wellington, confers with Sinclair and Garibaldi regarding sentencing options. Garibaldi is convinced that Mueller has killed before and would be delighted to see him put to death. As there is no death penalty option, however, Wellington sentences Mueller to the "Death of Personality," a Mindwipe. Talia Winters first scans him as part of the procedure. Michael finds her in the Zen Garden, deeply shaken by the experience. She confesses to him that inside his mind, she learned he had murdered many more than the three he was convicted for. Garibaldi annoys Franklin by suggesting he slip something more lethal into the anesthetic. Mueller escapes, however, before the Mindwipe can take place. He flees into Downbelow and is killed by Dr. Laura Rosen after Mueller threatens her and her daughter at gun point.[36]


"I don't like this... I don't like this a lot."


Late in the year, Garibaldi hired Zack Allan.[37] Zack had a shaky background and had been turned down for other jobs, but Michael (perhaps seeing him as a kind of kindred spirit) decided to take a chance and hire him.[38]


Garibaldi and Ivanova learn the news about Jeff and Catherine

On December 30, a former thief turned informant for Garibaldi stumbles into the Zocalo, dying of a knife wound. The informant, Stephen Petrov, warns Garibaldi "they're going to kill him" before collapsing. He dies in Medlab, and Garibaldi quickly gets to work investigating his death. In Downbelow, he meets one of Petrov's friends who explains that both of them had been hired by a man named Devereaux to slip some equipment onto the station. Garibaldi locates the man in the Casino and arrests him and his two companions. A personal search turns up a PPG on each of them. Garibaldi is unnerved when none of the weapons has a serial number. Knowing the serial numbers of standard PPGs cannot be removed, he concludes they must be special issued ones, guns only available to Earthforce special agents.


"They're going to kill the President!"

On New Year's Eve, Michael and Susan join Sinclair and Catherine Sakai at the Fresh Air Restaurant. Jeff and Cathrine announce their engagement and ask Michael and Susan to be Best Man and Maid of Honor. The celebration is cut short, however, when Garibaldi is alerted that Devereaux and his companions have disappeared from custody. Garibaldi worries they are indeed Special Agents, unsure of what that means. He decides to investigate the materials seized from Devereaux personally. His Aide, Jack, is already there going over the equipment. Garibaldi discovers that the components are meant to form a device designed to disrupt Gold Channel at Io. Knowing the President is due to arrive there, he realizes that someone is plotting an assassination. He links the commander to meet with him and dashes off. On his way, however, he is confronted by Devereaux and his men. Garibaldi attempts to place them under arrest, but is suddenly shot in the back. The shooter pockets his PPG and link. After they leave him, he manages to crawl to a transport tube and make it to a level where he is found. He is rushed to Medlab. Before being taken into surgery, the barely conscious Garibaldi grabs Sinclair and warns him about the assassination plot. Immediately afterwards, he passes out and the surgery begins.


Garibaldi lying in a coma

Despite being stabilized, Garibaldi slips into a coma as the year comes to an end.[39]

Coming to Terms[]

Nearly two weeks into the new year, Garibaldi awoke from his coma. Dr. Franklin explained that he used an Alien Healing Machine he had recovered from Dr. Rosen months earlier to heal him. Franklin also explained that President Santiago died when Earthforce One exploded over Io in what was officially labeled an accident. He also explained that Cmdr. Sinclair was reassigned, replaced with Captain John Sheridan. Sheridan introduces himself to Garibaldi. Ivanova asks whether he knows who shot him, but Michael cannot remember.


"Where's the commander?"

Hoping she can jog his memory (or learn something directly), Garibaldi asks Talia Winters to scan his mind. Talia's scan allows Garibaldi to focus on the moments before he is shot. He sees a reflection in a surface of his shoot—his own second in command. He and Talia tell Lou Welch and Jack is quickly arrested. Despite being weak, Garibaldi insists on confronting Jack immediately. During the interrogation, Jack admits to the shooting but remains mostly tight-lipped. He speaks about a "new order" arising. He definitively states Homeguard is not responsible. Garibaldi warns him that he will be tried with insurrection and treason, the penalty for which is Spacing. As Michael prepares to leave, Jack gives him a curious salute; the same one Bester gave Sinclair the previous year.


"I trusted you."

Returning to Medlab, Garibaldi confides his suspicions about the death of President Santiago with Franklin and Ivanova. Recalling that Psi Corps had endorsed then Vice President Morgan Clark prior to the last election, Garibaldi wonders how far the conspiracy might have gone—especially since Clark left Earthforce One hours before it exploded complaining of the flu. Meanwhile, now President Clark contacted Sheridan and insisted that Jack be shipped back to Earth for a more complete investigation. However, en route the prisoner was transferred to another ship and disappeared.[40]


Michael considers his options.

Garibaldi had to spend the next couple of days in and out of Medlab as Dr. Franklin ensured he was healthy. Garibaldi was not sure if he wanted to come back to work: unsure of Sheridan and unsure of his own abilities since he was shot by his own second. Garibaldi even contemplates suicide. Sheridan comes to see him, assuring him that his job is waiting for him. Garibaldi does not answer immediately if he wants it. Lou Welch comes to see him, telling the Chief he hopes to see him back at work soon. Welch and the rest of security have their hands full as a kind of civil war has broken out among the Drazi, prompting them to break up into two factions and begin fighting one another. A few hours later, Garibaldi runs into Welch again, who tells him that he got a message from Ivanova ordering an area of Brown Sector cleared out for the Drazi to settle their problems. Garibaldi is immediately suspicious, however, when Welch mentions that the message was an uplink, not a personal message and it said she would be without her link for the next few hours. Knowing Ivanova never went anywhere without her Link, Garibaldi went to look for her. He found that the Green Drazi faction had kidnapped her and used her name to send the message, hoping to lure all the Purple Drazi into one area and then flush them out into space. Garibaldi rescues her and they confront the Green Drazi. They explain that they will hold the Purple Drazi until the conflict is over—only to find out it lasts for over a year. Fortunately, Ivanova manages to assume control of the Greens and quell the fighting.

Later, Garibaldi enjoys a "welcome back" dinner with Ivanova, Franklin and Sheridan. He realizes he can still do his job effectively.[41]

Having resolved to stay aboard, Garibaldi decides to read Sheridan's personnel file (despite the fact such files are supposed to be private and confidential). Garibaldi thereby sizes up the new CO and finds he likes what he reads.[42]


"It's gonna cost me for you to say nothing to somebody? How much for you to say nothing to everybody?"

Dr. Franklin, still citing Garibaldi as recovering, insists he go on a "food plan" that does not include his favorite dishes. Sheridan and Ivanova both blame him when Franklin puts both of them on a similar plan for health reasons. Garibaldi decides not to listen, however, and appeals to a man named Orwell to find a means to bring him ingredients for Bagna Cauda. Orwell manages to deliver the goods, but Franklin finds out and confronts him about it. Garibaldi explains that he cooks the meal once a year to remember his father. Dr. Franklin tells him he should go ahead and cook the meal and that he will even join him in eating it. Franklin enjoys the meal immensely.[43]

The Coming of Shadows[]

"There's a great darkness coming, Michael."

Jeffrey Sinclair, to Garibaldi


"Figured you for a Groundpounder. Me too."

A few weeks into the year, an ancient Earth sleeper chip, the Copernicus, drifted into Babylon 5 space. The command staff went aboard and found a pair of sleeper tubes. While one tube contained a corpse, the passenger of the other was still alive. She is taken to Medlab and revived. Garibaldi, meanwhile, detains a man named Amis who was screaming about the end of the world in the Zocalo. Amis, a Lurker, was a heavily decorated soldier in the Earth-Minbari War. After sleeping a few hours in a cell, Amis awakens and is lucid, claiming he had blacked out during his episode. Garibaldi recommends some counselors, but Amis scoffs at the idea. Garibaldi asks him about the nightmares he was apparently having while he slept, but Amis claims he does not remember dreaming.


"A man is murdered and the list of suspects is pretty short."

Unfortunately, Ivanova's investigation of the sleeper ship reveals the second tube should not have failed. Dr. Franklin's autopsy of the cadaver reveals he died of organ failure—specifically, the organs are missing. Garibaldi immediately suspects the living passenger, Mariah Cirrus. Maria identifies the other passenger as her husband, Will, but denies knowing anything about his death. While Garibaldi waits to see what Franklin learns from Maria, Garibaldi finds Amis running amok again. Amis claims that a "soldier of darkness" was aboard the sleeper ship—and now is aboard the station. Checking into Amis's military history, Garibaldi learns he was the only survivor of a deep space outpost. Backtracking the ship's route, Garibaldi learns that the ship passed within the gravity well of the moon where the outpost was. About this same time, a body is discovered in Downbelow, the death being the same cause as whatever killed Will. Franklin, however, can provide an alibi for Maria.

Unable to sleep, Garibaldi wakes up Amis (back in a holding cell) and asks him to take him to where he saw the creature on the station. Amis takes him into Downbelow, but cannot find it. He explains that the creature only kept him alive to feed off him after it killed the others. Before Garibaldi can stop him, he runs off screaming. Garibaldi reports to Sheridan and Ivanova what Amis said. Hoping that the creature may have left a connection with Maria the same way it apparently did with Amis, Michael recruits Maria and Stephen to go with him into Downbelow. Unfortunately, the creature (a huge, mostly invisible life form) nearly overwhelms him. He manages to rescue Amis and kill the monster with the help of Sheridan, Ivanova, and a full tactical team armed with heavy weapons.[11]


"Could you at least tell me what 'badinage' means?"

A man named Taro Isogi comes aboard the station to negotiate a further process for Mars to become self-sufficient (bringing it closer to independence). However, he is murdered by someone shouting "Free Mars" right in front of Talia Winters. Sheridan orders Garibaldi to personally guard Talia while they try to learn the killer's identity. Garibaldi manages to cheer Talia up, as she had regarded Taro as a close personal friend. The forensic evidence is confusing, as it indicates Isogi was hit by a massive electrical pulse in some kind of prosthetic hand. While following up on this, Garibaldi has an officer watch over Talia. The killer strikes again, killing her guard but leaves her alive. Talia managed to grab some DNA off him, however, and Garibaldi identifies him as Abel Horn, a notorious Free Mars terrorist. Strangely enough, Earthforce had a confirmed record of Horn dying the year before during the Mars Rebellion.


"End of the road, pal."

Garibaldi steps up security for Talia, once again personally taking part in her protection (and becoming closer to her as a result). Sheridan, however, calls him to his quarters to discuss a classified project called Project Lazarus; a cybernetic program designed to transform recently deceased persons into cyborgs. Sheridan believes Horn may be a result of that project. Garibaldi prefers the more logical explanation (that Earthforce was wrong) but Sheridan points out that Horn's behavior (including brief scans of his mind by Talia) suggest its possibility. While Sheridan keeps digging, Talia requests to meet with Amanda Carter, the woman whom Isogi was meeting with. Garibaldi escorts her to Carter's quarters but does not follow her inside. Sheridan links Garibaldi moments later, having found a way to track the energy source that is powering Horn—inside Carter's quarters. Garibaldi, Zack Allan, and a few others burst in to find Horn holding Talia. In the subsequent standoff, they are forced to shoot Horn. Immediately after he collapses, an energy surge begins to build, eventually detonating in a violent explosion that destroys all traces.


"There's a spider in the web, Mr. Garibaldi."

In Medlab, Amanda apologies for luring Talia to her quarters. She explains that she was once a member of Free Mars, before it was a terrorist organization, and they were lovers. Garibaldi objects when Sheridan agrees to bury any evidence linking Carter (a member of the Mars government) with Horn. Talia confirms Horn was indeed a cyborg. Later, Sheridan meets with Garibaldi privately and explains about Bureau 13, a secret black ops rogue unit he has been researching for years. Sheridan warns that the agency could be a danger to the entire Alliance.[5]

Michael's feelings for Talia continued to grow. One day a trader named Matthew Stoner came aboard. Michael felt something was suspicious about him, but was shocked to learn that he was Talia's ex-husband (via a Psi Corps arranged marriage). Garibaldi took an immediate dislike to Stoner. He did not trust Stoner's story about being able to leave the Psi Corps. He warns Stoner that if he bothers Talia, he will personally toss him out an airlock. Afterwards, Michael tracks down Talia to tell him, but she curtly tells him he should mind his own business. Hours later, she comes to his quarters and apologies for her outburst. She explains that Stoner has found a way to lose his telepathy and is offering to let her do the same—an offer she wants to accept.


"Don't push it!"

That same night, Michael and the other senior staff members are invited to the 30th anniversary party of Londo's Ascension Day. Michael goes despite not being in the mood for a party. One of the presents for Londo turns out to be booby trapped and poisons the ambassador. Garibaldi traces the gift back to an artifact Stoner sold in the Zocalo. Stoner is detained, but denies any knowledge of the artifact's danger. He stays remarkably cool headed during the interrogation. Afterwards, Garibaldi notices Stoner has some uncanny ability to persuade people to his point of view. On a hunch, he asks Talia to talk to him and announce she's changed her mind about his offer. She does so, but Stoner inexplicably not only changes her mind again but also convinces the guard to let him go. Michael surprises him and knocks him out as he leaves the cell. As soon as charges are filed, however, Psi Corps steps in and announces they want him back. Captain Sheridan and Garibaldi conclude that the Corps somehow transformed Stoner's ability, giving him empathic powers. He is happy to be rid of Stoner—and that Talia will be staying on the station. Meanwhile, Londo recovers from the poisoning.[44]


"Look at them: black uniforms, jack boots, giving orders. Some days they scare the hell out of me."

In mid March, Alfred Bester returns to Babylon 5, announcing he is there to disrupt an "underground railroad" of rogue telepaths that are being funneled through the station. Garibaldi does not like the idea of clamping down on those fleeing the Psi Corps any more than Ivanova or Sheridan, but reminds them that "the law is the law." Sheridan orders him to help Bester, but makes it clear to Garibaldi he does not trust him. Garibaldi tracks down Ivanova after her shift to ask if she is involved with the underground railroad, figuring someone with high authority must be. Susan quickly exonerates herself, however. Meanwhile, Bester is nearly assassinated by a pair of rogue telepaths in the Zocalo. He kills them both before they can shoot him, but during the firefight Talia disappears, apparently taken by the rogues. Bester is apathetic about Talia's fate, drawing Garibaldi's ire. Hours later, Garibaldi learns of a lair where the rogues are hiding. He tells Bester the location, but tells him that they will only go in together with a full tactical team. Bester ends up going in alone, however. Garibaldi learns later that Franklin was running the underground railroad, citing atrocities committed to the rogues by the Corps. With Talia's help, the rogues convinced Bester they had all been killed. He leaves, though the railroad is permanently dismantled.[45]

In June 2259, the Emperor of the Centauri Republic announces his intention to visit the station. Garibaldi steps up security in preparation of his arrival. Shortly after the Emperor comes aboard, Garibaldi notices a stranger following him. Not taking any chances, Garibaldi has the man detained until after the reception planned for the Emperor. That reception is cut short, however, when the Emperor suffers a major heart attack. He is taken to Medlab, but the outlook is grim.


"Hello, old friend."

Back in his office, Zack Allan informs Garibaldi that the detainee is asking to see Garibaldi personally. Michael agrees and the man hands over a data crystal. Michael is shocked when it turns out to be a message from Sinclair. Jeff explains that the man who delivered it is a Ranger, part of an elite band under his direction being trained on Minbar and elsewhere. He explains that some of them are operating out of the station, a small army growing in strength. Jeff appeals to Garibaldi to extend them every courtesy, as they are his eyes and ears, helping him prepare for a "great darkness." After the message, Zack links Garibaldi to alert him to a crisis in Green Sector. It turns out to be G'Kar, in a blind rage after news has come in of a full out assault by the Centauri Republic on a large Narn colony at Quadrant 14. Thankfully, Sheridan is able to talk G'Kar down out of his rage.

The Ranger then informs Garibaldi regarding a possible link between the Centauri and an ancient race. Rumors had been persisting since New Year's about such a race "on the prowl," though the Rangers do not know the exact nature of the link, or even if it definitely was behind the attack on Quadrant 14 (which was a major military victory on a major installation). Garibaldi shares the information with Sheridan. The captain uses it in a bluff to compel the Centauri to allow the civilians in Quadrant 14 to leave. Nevertheless, the Narn Regime formally declares war on the Centauri Republic over the incident. Garibaldi asks the Ranger to keep him informed of anything he can about the frontier, or anything regarding the war. The Ranger agrees and lets Garibaldi know that Delenn is also aware of their presence.[46]

A Brief Affair[]

"You'll never know what you missed out on."

Dodger, to Michael


"For once in my life, I want to think things through."

Partly in response to the outbreak of the Narn-Centauri War, Earthforce decided to send an army under the command of General Richard Franklin to assist the Sh'lassen Triumvirate in putting down a rebellion. Franklin's army first was to make a stop on Babylon 5 for about one week in preparation—a force of about 25,000 men. The huge numbers of Marines strained the station's resources and caused security no end of trouble. Garibaldi had to intervene when a few drunken Marines started a fight in the Zocalo. After learning one of them, a young woman nicknamed Dodger, had saved Delenn from being assaulted, Garibaldi arranged for none of them to be reprimanded. He and Dodger took an immediate liking to one another and he agreed to meet her after his shift. Dodger was only interested in one thing and they quickly made it back to his quarters. Michael, however, stopped before they could get intimate, saying he did not want to rush into a relationship after what happened with his last one. Dodger gets angry, explaining that she does not have time for a relationship considering she could die at any time, and storms out.

The day Franklin's army is scheduled to ship out, Garibaldi meets up with her in the casino. Dodger apologizes for overreacting. Minutes later, they are in the middle of a bar brawl started by Marines. Gen. Franklin quells it and orders his troops to begin loading up to ship out. Michael finds Dodger again just before she boards her ship. She promises to come back and see him, agreeing to deal with things as they come. Sadly, however, she is shot and killed in the line of duty during the operation for the Triumvirate.[47]

Rising Tensions[]

"Every day I get up, and I hope nothing'll happen. I'd love to be just bored out of my skull for 24 hours."

Michael, in an interview

In June, Garibaldi is called to Sheridan's quarters late one night along with Ivanova and Dr. Franklin. Sheridan asks them to join him in working with a few others inside Earthforce to investigate the strange and troubling events that have been occurring all year (e.g. the events surrounding President Santiago's death, the Psi Corps). Michael and the others all agree to stand with the captain, no matter where their digging leads.[48]


"I'd better tell Londo."

The Centauri quickly achieved the upper hand in the War. Michael is all too aware that Londo is involved with a lot of the background dealings that began the War, and it has strained his friendship with him. Londo regrets this. He meets up with him one day while Garibaldi is on patrol near the casino. Londo explains the bitter irony of his situation: a year ago no one cared about him or gave him much thought, but now that he has become important he has no real friend to share his good fortune with. He asks Michael to join him for a while, and Michael says he will try to meet up with him after his shift.


"It's good to have friends, isn't it, Mr. Garibaldi?"

However, when a Centauri is found murdered, apparently by a Narn, Garibaldi is either unwilling or unable to meet with Londo. Without clear evidence of the culprits, Sheridan asks Garibaldi to delay telling Londo about the death, concerned it might add to the already tense situation between the Narn and Centauri on the station. Hours later, Na'toth brings the Narn responsible to security, explaining the Narn is prepared to make a full confession. Garibaldi and Sheridan explain the situation to Londo, asking that he not use the death for leverage. Londo agrees, not wanting to make their jobs any more difficult and recognizing that the Narns are losing the war badly anyway. After his shift, Michael decides to join him for a drink.[49]


Michael and Stephen, undercover in Downbelow

Later in the year, a top level alert is sent to Garibaldi from Earth. The alert warns that Dr. Everett Jacobs, the personal physician of the President, has gone rogue and is attempting to defect via the station. Earthforce authorizes lethal force to stop his defection. They also announce they will be sending an operative, Derek Cranston, to help locate him. Shortly after Cranston arrives, Sheridan contacts Garibaldi and privately tells him that General William Hague has gotten word to him that Jacobs is no traitor, but rather has evidence that President Clark was not sick at all when he complained of flu and avoided the destruction of Earthforce One that claimed Santiago's life. Garibaldi quietly contacts Dr. Franklin, as Franklin was a student of Jacobs and always trusted his loyalty. The two go undercover into Downbelow, hoping to stay one step ahead of the security patrols sweeping for Jacobs. When Franklin finds Jacobs’s watch, they are able to track him to a petty thug named Max who has grabbed him, hoping to turn him over for a reward. They are able to rescue Jacobs, though Garibaldi suffers a minor injury, and they recover the data crystal he brought with him with containing evidence against Clark. They take him to Sheridan's quarters, where the captain explains that Cranston has learned he can tap into the station's scanner to locate Jacobs via a security chip implanted in the doctor. Sheridan convinces Kosh to smuggle him aboard his ship, which prevents Cranston from scanning him. After Cranston leaves, the staff arranges for Jacobs to escape to safety.[8]


"Am I interrupting?"

A few weeks later, Capt. Sheridan shoots and kills a Minbari, allegedly in self-defense. Complications arise; however, when despite Sheridan's claim the Minbari was reaching for a weapon, no weapon was recovered. Sheridan explains that he was pursuing someone who stole his link when he ran into the Minbari, who attacked him without reason. After being knocked down, he found a PPG and defended himself. The Minbari Federation demands a full investigation.

Garibaldi quickly gets to work on the investigation. Sheridan mentions that another Minbari witnessed the attack. Garibaldi begins interviewing every Minbari on the station to locate the witness, but his efforts are frustrated as Lennier is present at every questioning. Despite the Minbari's claim that they do not lie, Garibaldi suspects the whole truth is being withheld. Lennier finally presents the witness, Ashan, who claims that Sheridan shot the Minbari in cold blood. Garibaldi continues the investigation, asking Zack Allan to follow Ashan and report anything suspicious. Allan is knocked unconscious while following Ashan into Downbelow. Ultimately, Delenn helps solve things by setting up a meeting between Lennier and Ashan where Ashan is tricked into confessing a plot among the Third Fane of Chudomo, a Minbari clan, to frame Sheridan and thus have him removed from Babylon 5. Rather than proceed and expose the plot (which would bring dishonor on the entire clan, including Lennier), Sheridan agrees to keep it quiet if Ashan recants and testifies to what he saw (just not the reasons behind it).[50]

Late in the year, Garibaldi gets a strange report of an incident in Grey Sector. He mentions it to Captain Sheridan while they are at the ball field in the Gardens. Despite Garibaldi's suggestion, Sheridan decides to go alone into Grey Sector. There he finds a dead Markab and the body lunges at him. Sheridan reports the body and goes to Medlab, where he explains what he found to Garibaldi.

The autopsy of the Markab reveals he apparently bashed his own skull in. On his way to relay the information to the captain, Garibaldi is alerted that the station's sensors detected gunfire in Sheridan's quarters. Garibaldi storms in with a few officers. Sheridan claims he saw a Grylor, a vicious flying predator he once encountered, and that he shot it. There is no evidence of such a creature, and Garibaldi is skeptical. He relays the details of the autopsy. He also explains that the Markab's ship passed through Sector 14 before coming to the station. He then explains about Babylon 4 and how it reappeared the previous year, offering some files he copied about the incident before Earthforce classified them. A few hours later, after some more strange behavior, Sheridan takes a Starfury and heads for Sector 14. Garibaldi heads after him, only ending up a few minutes behind him. At the edge of the anomaly in Sector 14, a strange energy/gaseous lifeform separates itself from Sheridan and enters the rift. This leaves Sheridan unconscious, however, so Garibaldi has to grapple his Starfury and bring them both home. Sheridan explains that he deduced he had been possessed by the creature and made a successful guess how to return it home.[51]


"Morden...I never forget a face."

As the Narn-Centauri War continues, more and more Narn refugees begin to come through the station, straining their resources. Sheridan insists that all the dead and wounded be brought aboard, no matter what. While discussing the situation, Garibaldi notices Sheridan has been going through some files on a ship called the Icarus. Sheridan explains it was the ship his wife was on and disappeared with all hands. Glancing through the files, Garibaldi recognizes one of the crew members, Morden, as someone he has seen on the station. After confirming he is currently on the station, Sheridan orders him detained immediately.


"Next time, are you going to listen to me?"

Sheridan interrogates Morden for hours. Despite clearly being untruthful about the fate of the ship, there is no evidence to charge Morden with anything. Garibaldi confronts Sheridan about detaining someone indefinitely. He reminds Sheridan that as Chief of Security, ultimately he will be held responsible for the situation. When Sheridan refuses to cut Morden loose, Garibaldi announces his immediate resignation. He hands over his link and PPG and walks out. Hours later, Sheridan finds him in the Zocalo. The captain explains he gave in and let Morden go and asks Michael to come back to work. Garibaldi agrees. Immediately afterwards, he notices Zack sporting an unusual armband. Zack explains he has joined Nightwatch, a new organization created by the Ministry of Peace that is offering him an extra 30 credits per week "to do what I do anyway." Garibaldi, however, is immediately wary of Nightwatch.[52]

After a number of Markab die mysteriously on the station, Dr. Franklin learns that a strange plague has infected them, one that is extremely contagious and totally lethal. Sheridan implements a quarantine immediately and Dr. Franklin begins to organize countermeasures to learn about the plague and hopefully find a cure. Garibaldi supports the idea of getting all the Markabs together in one area to keep them safe from the inevitable backlash when word of the plague becomes public. Dr. Franklin warns, however, that may spread the plague faster. He insists the Markabs be brought in for examination. Because the Markabs believe only the "impure" can be affected, they decide to isolate themselves anyway. While Garibaldi and his teams manage to contain the violence, it is all for naught when no cure is found in time to save the Markabs. The plague, however, is contained after isolated infections among the pak'ma'ra provide the clue needed to produce a vaccine.[53]

Divided Loyalties[]

Conspiracies of Light and Dark[]

"I try never to get involved with my own life. Too much trouble."


Some weeks after the ISN broadcast, Garibaldi suggests to Sheridan bringing Talia Winters into their trust regarding their investigation against Clark. Sheridan agrees and asks him to arrange a sit down. Before he has the chance, however, a situation develops when the former resident telepath, Lyta Alexander, suddenly arrives, injured and unconscious. When she awakens, Lyta insists on a meeting with the entire command staff. Lyta explains that she is on the run from the Psi Corps and has been working with the Martian resistance. They have sent her to the station to warn about a hidden Psi Corps sleeper agent—an alternate personality hidden in someone on board without that person's knowledge. The personality is triggered via a telepathic code word, which she has and offers to use to expose the hidden traitor.



The ordinarily suspicious Garibaldi confides his trust in Lyta. Sheridan points out, however, that the traitor might have been his Aide who shot him in the back. That night, while they mull over the possibilities, someone attempts to murder Lyta. This suffices for Sheridan to agree to her suggestion, though Ivanova flat out refuses to participate. The next day, Sheridan has Lyta send the command to himself, Franklin, and Garibaldi, and all three are clean. He agrees not to subject Ivanova to the test, so they begin trying dozens and dozens of others in the crew. After hours of fruitless searching, everyone becomes on edge. Ivanova finally relents and agrees to submit to the test, but she is cleared. At that moment, Talia walks in and Lyta sends the command to her. Talia, as it turns out, had the hidden "Control" personality. Garibaldi has to drag her away before she can attack Lyta.


Michael has to restrain Talia after the truth comes out

The Psi Corps insists on recalling "Control" immediately and the crew has no choice but to obey. Garibaldi points out Talia knew a lot, but not as much as she might have known. He also recalls the incident involving Talia and Kosh (during the Deathwalker affair) and suspects they may have an ace up their sleeve.[54]

The long war between the Narn and the Centauri finally comes to an end when the Centauri launch a massive assault on the Narn homeworld itself, bombing it from orbit with mass drivers. Ivanova alerts Garibaldi to an advanced warning they received, warning him that ISN is about to break the story. Garibaldi immediately begins a lockdown of the station. The lockdown begins even as mass rioting breaks out in every sector. Sheridan, meanwhile, had gone down to Epsilon 3 to meet Draal (at Draal's request and over Michael's objection). He returns during the rioting, though, there is little more that can be done. The bombing of Narn continues for four days. On the fourth day, Londo Mollari returns from a trip to Centauri Prime. He asks to convene a meeting of the Babylon 5 council where he announces the unconditional surrender of the Narn Regime to the Centauri Republic. He reads the terms of the surrender and strips G'Kar of his rank. G'Kar, however, is able to stay on the station after being granted sanctuary by Capt. Sheridan.


The line has been drawn.

That same day, Delenn introduces Sheridan to the Rangers, transferring command of those in the area to his joint control. Garibaldi is present and explains that he has been aware of their existence for most of the year, but could not tell him because of a promise he made.[55]


"I always leave a little room for people to disappoint me. Thanks for not doing it."

The Narns quickly begin a resistance movement against the Centauri. Just as fast, Garibaldi learns of plans G'Kar has for shipping weapons through the station. He confronts G'Kar about what he knows, and G'Kar is honest and forthcoming (knowing Michael would not be asking if he did not already know). Garibaldi insists he call off these plans and G'Kar reluctantly agrees. In gratitude, Michael gives him information about an alternate route to ferry the weapons (one much safer and more discreet).[56]


Garibaldi and Sheridan discuss the Centauri aggression

In the wake of their victory over the Narn, the Centauri begin a campaign of aggression against several of their other neighbors. Sheridan's appeals to Londo are unsuccessful. The captain comes to Garibaldi for advice, figuring Garibaldi is the closest thing to a friend Londo has. Michael confesses there is little he can do—Londo is stuck where he is and does not know how to stop what is happening all around him. That same day, a pair of representatives from the Ministry of Peace, Frederick Lantze and Mr. Welles, come aboard, ostensibly to investigate the Centauri question. Lantze is not interested in the truth, however, but has come to push through a Non-Aggression Treaty between the Republic and the Earth Alliance. Welles, meanwhile, is there to check up on the Nightwatch, which is gaining more control and authority.

At the same time, a Narn heavy cruiser slips into normal space on the far side of Epsilon 3 and appeals to Sheridan for sanctuary. Sheridan grants the request, allowing the ship to repair and refuel, but when the Centauri learn of its presence, they send a Primus class battle cruiser to the station. When Sheridan insists on allowing the Narn ship to leave via the jumpgate, the Centauri ship opens fire on the station. In the subsequent firefight, the Centauri vessel is destroyed and the Narn ship escapes. Earthforce insists Sheridan make a formal apology for the incident. While riding the Core shuttle, he is forced to jump from the train when a pair of Centauri plant a bomb on it. Falling towards the "ground," he is saved by a mysterious being of light that all those present identify as being in the image of their own race (if they saw anything at all). Afterwards, the Non-Aggression Treaty is signed and the Centauri campaigns continue.[57]


"What kind of security chief would I be if I let people like me know things I'm not supposed to know? If I don't have to know it, I don't tell me and I don't let anyone else tell me either."

Warren Keffer, one of the pilots escorting the Narn ship through the jumpgate, does not make it back to the station. His ship's camera is recovered by ISN, however, and they air a short video of a mysterious alien ship in hyperspace. Earthforce Special Intelligence soon sends a special agent, David Endawi, to Babylon 5 to investigate any knowledge of the ship. Not long after his arrival, a Ranger named Marcus Cole arrives on the station. He appeals to Sheridan for a crew to help him liberate a Centauri blockade of Zagros VII, a small Drazi colony where the Rangers had an auxiliary training base. Marcus explains that the Rangers have a ship, they just need a crew to help pilot it. Sheridan takes Ivanova (who reveals she has known about the Rangers and Sheridan's connection for some time), Delenn, Lennier, and Marcus on the mission. He asks Garibaldi to keep Agent Endawi busy in their absence. When Endawi is unable to locate any real information on the ship, Michael suggests he talk to G'Kar. The mission to Zagros VII is successful.

Following it, Sheridan calls the command staff together with Delenn to announce the formation of a real War Council to prepare for the inevitable—a war against an ancient race known as the Shadows. Delenn finally explains to all present the full story about them: how 1000 years before there was a Great War. Now the Shadows are back, but they are moving quietly, behind the scenes for the time being. They must be opposed and stopped at all cost.[58]

Michael recognizes the ship in the videos (which the others explain is a Shadow vessel, one of which they destroyed on their mission) from the adventure he and Sinclair had on Mars. He asks Marcus to ask around and find out if anyone else knows anything about the incident.[18]

In February, 2260, an explosion rips through part of Downbelow, killing a few Lurkers. A message had come into C'n'C just before hand warning that "chaos is coming." Garibaldi is worried that it is a bomb, but cannot figure out why anyone would want to detonate a bomb in Downbelow. Forensics, however, quickly determines it was a bombing. Garibaldi assigns Morishi to help him reconstruct what happened. While they work, however, another bomb goes off in the customs area, killing several more and severely injuring others (including Lennier). Garibaldi is pestered by G'Kar and Londo, each blaming the bombing on the other. A third bomb is found by security teams in Brown Sector. They are able to evacuate the area before it goes off, preventing any more casualties. Hidoshi traces the signature of the explosives and matches them to a series of bombings on Proxima III. Ivanova suggests that the culprit may be coming back to the bombing scenes to savor the moment. At each site, security had set up video recording equipment. She suggests using an order of monks under the leadership of Brother Theo, recent arrivals on the station, to go over the footage. Shortly after they begin, another bomb rips through Red 15, the biggest one yet. This explosion is much more destructive than the others and the debris traps numerous people.


"We play this by the book."

Hours later, the monks confirm someone was present at all the scenes, a man named Robert Carlson, a recent arrival who works in maintenance. Sheridan joins Garibaldi and a tactical team as they head for Carlson's quarters. Carlson is waiting for them, however, and announces over the PA system that he is holding a dead man's switch for the biggest bomb yet. He insists Sheridan come in for him. Garibaldi suggests sticking his Link in his pants so they can monitor the situation. As Sheridan enters Carlson's quarters, Garibaldi has C'n'C disable all messages to the Link and turn the volume up. When Carlson mentions the ability to detonate an explosion "as big as a sun," Garibaldi guesses that he has attached the bomb to one of the fusion reactors. A team is scrambled and the bomb is located, one powerful enough to blow the whole reactor. Garibaldi orders it brought out, hoping it is not booby-trapped. A Maintenance Bot takes the bomb far enough away, where it detonates harmlessly (after Carlson discovers Sheridan's link and drops the switch). Sheridan is able to disarm and subdue Carlson, ending the terror of the bombings.[59]


"This is a glass of water..."

Despite the fact the large numbers of Narn refugees are no longer coming to the station, Dr. Franklin is still heavily overworked. Michael worries he may be abusing Stims to keep going. He invites Stephen to dinner where he brings up the subject. Franklin angrily tells Michael there is no problem. After cooling down a bit, he promises Garibaldi he will cut back on Stims to prove himself.[60]


"No one's ever been to the Vorlon homeworld and back. Yet she goes and comes back like she's just been to the corner store."

Lyta Alexander soon returns to the station, this time via a Vorlon transport. Lyta explains that she managed to be picked up by the Vorlons and taken to their homeworld and will now be working for Ambassador Kosh. That same day, one of Brother Theo's monks, Brother Edward, comes to him complaining that someone had written in blood on the wall in his quarters. Once there, however, there is nothing on the wall. Garibaldi puts Edward in a different room and orders a forensic team to check it out. The next day, he goes looking for Edward to tell him that the preliminary forensic report found no trace of blood. He finds Edward in Downbelow, where Edward says that he ran into a Centauri the night before, just before he heard voices in the corridor. He mentions that he lost his bag and Garibaldi offers to put the word out for it.


"It was right here, Mr. Garibaldi."

Sheridan then contacts Garibaldi, telling him that Theo suspects Edward might have been mindwiped. Garibaldi quickly learns that Edward was formerly Charles Dexter, the notorious "Black Rose Killer," who was thought to have perished in a fire at the clinic where he was mindwiped. Edward's bag is located and Garibaldi discovers that Edward left a recorder on following an interview with Delenn and it recorded voices he thought were only in his head. Garibaldi confirms that someone tampered with the PA system where Edward heard the voices. Forensics also determines a chemical was put on the wall that would look like blood for a few seconds before disappearing. Garibaldi and Sheridan conclude someone must be attempting to break the mindwipe. Remembering Edward mentioned seeing a Centauri, Garibaldi tracks down a Centauri telepath hired to break down the mindwipe. When he refuses to divulge who hired him and what they intend to do to Edward (missing since he himself discovered the truth of what happened to him), Lyta forces the information from his mind. It is too late for Edward; however, as he is found fatally injured and dies soon after Theo administers Last Rites. The killer, a family member of one of Dexter's victims, is caught by Zack.[61]

Messages From Earth[]

"Seven years ago, I saw something. I was never able to prove it, and after enough people said I was nuts, I figured I'd shut up until I could find somebody to back up my story. Well, I found her."


In the next few weeks, the War Council begins to meet regularly, preparing for the upcoming War. Delenn suggests they use Draal and the Great Machine to locate some of the First Ones who might ally with them against the Shadows. However, the situation becomes complicated when EarthGov sends a political officer from Nightwatch, Julie Musante, who follows Sheridan everywhere. Sheridan has to send Ivanova to use the Great Machine. Not only does she successfully learn about the Walkers of Sigma-957, but she manages to download a copy of a message between President Clark and another wherein Clark admits his complicity in the death of Santiago. Sheridan sends the information to General Hague who leaks it to ISN. In the uproar it creates, Musante is recalled to Earth.


"You got charges to make, make 'em."

Michael confronts Zack, having seen him speaking to Musante briefly when she was aboard. Zack denies divulging anything to Musante and angrily chides the chief for not trusting him. That same night, G'Kar awakens Michael in the middle of the night to give him a copy of the Book of G'Quan, telling him it will help if he reads it.[62]


"See, there's this little thing called 'due process' and we're kinda funny about it."

There is little time to savor not having Musante snooping around, however, when Bester contacts the station to announce he coming aboard. Sheridan convenes the War Council and they discuss the possibility that Bester may scan them and learn about what they have been doing with the Rangers and against Clark. Delenn offers the use of Minbari telepaths to block Bester's telepathy and then convince him to take Sleepers while he is aboard. Bester reluctantly agrees to this. He also tries to goad Garibaldi by suggesting first that he had nothing to do with Talia's hidden personality, then hinting that she had been dissected. Bester explains that a drug smuggler is bringing a large shipment of Dust to the station. He and Garibaldi are forced to work together to locate the details on its arrival. After interrogating several persons, they determine where and when the shipment is going to be (and even find out it was to be sold to G'Kar). They raid the meeting and quickly take down the smugglers, recovering the drugs without any casualties. Garibaldi is as happy as everyone else when Bester leaves in short order.


"I figured you might want this back."

A single packet of Dust, however, had already been given to G'Kar and he used it on himself. Under its effects, he brutally attacked Londo Mollari. He pleads guilty to the charges and is sentenced to confinement in the brig. Michael offers to give him his book back, but G'Kar tells him to keep it.[63]


"You seem happier in here than you did out there."

Michael visits G'Kar infrequently in the following weeks (mentioning the numerous complaints of G'Kar's singing) and marvels at how calm and at peace G'Kar seems in his cell.[18]


"Ivanova's right: you are a big pain in the butt."

When Marcus comes to Garibaldi complaining that a friend of his, a Lurker named Duncan, has been acting strangely, Michael brushes him off. A few hours later, however, he learns that Marcus convinced Dr. Franklin to accompany him in Downbelow to investigate and were briefly detained by a strange alien race, the Vindrizi, extremely long lived creatures that bonded with human hosts. Though Garibaldi finds Marcus a pest, he is impressed with his skills.[64]


Michael shows the others the Psi Corps badge he recovered on Mars

Through the Rangers, Michael learns of the existence of a Dr. Mary Kirkish, a scientist working for IPX who was on Mars the same time Michael witnessed the Shadow vessel. Learning she is on the run, he asks Marcus to arrange for her to come to the station. Kirkish is nearly killed making the journey, but once on the station she explains to the War Council about what she saw on Mars—namely, that a Shadow vessel was excavated by IPX, but they were ordered away before they could finish digging it out. Other, unmarked ships moved into the site for weeks. Finally, a second Shadow vessel came, dug out the first, and they left. Michael explains how he saw part of what was involved and shows them the burnt Psi Corps insignia he recovered. Dr. Kirkish goes on to explain that a second vessel was recently found on Ganymede and Earthforce wants to use it against Earth itself if necessary.

Sheridan decides to take the White Star, the Ranger ship gifted to him, with Delenn to destroy the ship before it can be activated. The mission is successful and the White Star is believed to be destroyed by Earthforce near Jupiter. Unfortunately, President Clark uses the incident (officially labeled an attack by an alien ship) as an excuse to declare Martial law.[18]

Breaking Away[]

"Nobody sells out my people this way! Nobody!"

Michael, about Nightwatch


"Who's this 'us'?"

Shortly after declaring martial law, Clark goes a step further by dissolving the Earth Senate, arresting half its members and causing the other half to flee. General Hague flees the Sol System with a few other defecting ships. With riots breaking out on the station, Garibaldi decides to release G'Kar from his cell (so no one has to be assigned to him). Shortly after the martial law order comes to the station, orders come in through the Political Office that all offworld security will be handled exclusively by Nightwatch personnel.


"You work for the captain. And you work for me!"

Michael is incensed and marches straight down to the security office, where Nightwatch is already forcing people to either join or stand relieved. Zack tries to stop him from going in, telling him to "play along," but Garibaldi angrily brushes him aside and storms in. He confronts all the Nightwatch members assembled, appealing them to stop what they are doing and stand with him and the captain. No one joins him, however, and he is relieved of duty. Zack is ordered to replace him by the Nightwatch leader.

Hours later, Sheridan realizes that the orders for Nightwatch to take over came through the Political Office—not directly through the chain of command—and thus are illegal orders. G'Kar, meanwhile, approaches the command staff with an offer to replace Nightwatch security with Narns. Deciding he can trust Zack, Garibaldi has the others let him in on the plan. Zack then pretends to betray them to Nightwatch, fooling all the Nightwatch members into rallying in a docking bay and being trapped by Sheridan. They are put under house arrest while the Narns replace them in security.[65]

While the Alliance begins to crack, half the races of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds begin to war against the other half, stirred up by the Shadows and fear of the Centauri.



A few weeks later, Hague's ship, the EAS Alexander, sends Sheridan a message they are headed for the station. Sheridan asks Garibaldi to install a "kill switch" in the communication relay to prevent anyone from sending the word out when the ship arrives. After it arrives, the staff learns Hague was killed when the ship came under fire by the EAS Clarkstown, leaving Major Ed Ryan in command. A second defecting ship, the EAS Churchill under Captain Sandra Hiroshi, arrives a couple of hours later. At the same time, ISN announces that Clark has ordered the bombing of civilian targets on Mars after the colony refused to implement martial law. As a result, Orion VII and Proxima III break away from the Earth Alliance. ISN then goes black when Clark's soldiers storm the building. Once aboard, Hiroshi explains that a task force is headed for the station, charged with arresting Sheridan and the command staff and reinstating Nightwatch. The command staff decides they will stand and fight. Preparations are quickly made for battle and Sheridan announces that Babylon 5 is declaring independence until Clark's regime is brought down.


Garibaldi and Zack, ready for battle

Clark's task force arrives and starts the Battle for B5 Independence. Garibaldi assembles his teams in full tactical gear. They have to fight against a contingent of Earthforce Marines who breach the hull. The battle is hard fought but ultimately a victory is won by the station, partially due to Delenn arriving with the White Star and three Minbari battle cruisers. Garibaldi is injured in the fighting, fracturing his right elbow and wrist and suffering a minor leg injury. Though they welcome the victory, they all realize they are now caught in two wars.[66]

After the battle, the majority of Nightwatch personnel are all sent away from the station, though Garibaldi is concerned that some of them are not accounted for. Sheridan mentions that they cannot open communications until they can change all the computer passwords (thus preventing Earthforce from hacking them from a distance). Garibaldi explains that he has all the access codes to allow them to reset the computer with new passwords. This succeeds, but unfortunately the reset also reactivates an artificial intelligence program the station experimented with when it first came online. Garibaldi orders it removed and is probably never happier when crews succeed in doing so.

At the same time, Delenn and a Minbari captain are kidnapped by the last of the rogue Nightwatch agents. Their leader, Boggs, contacts the senior staff and demands the Minbari ships defending the station be sent away. With some help from Marcus, they are able to pinpoint where the hostages are being held. By staging a fake emergency, they flush out the Nightwatch agents and arrest or kill them during a confrontation. Delenn suffers a minor injury from a knife wound. While not life threatening, it does prevent her from staging a Minbari Rebirth Ceremony she had been planning. The senior staff decides to "bring the ceremony to her" by coming to her one at a time in Medlab and each confessing a secret they have never shared with anyone. Garibaldi admits "I'm afraid all the time of what I might do if I ever let go."

Afterwards, Delenn presents all four of the command staff with new uniforms.[67]



Turning the Tides[]


Garibaldi and Bester confront the scene in Medlab

Bester unexpectedly returns to the station alone aboard a Starfury. After they decide to hear him out, Bester explains he is proposing an alliance to work against the Shadows, as they are working with Clark and the Psi Corps. He offers to help them intercept a transport carrying weapon components for the Shadows. The White Star successfully intercepts the ship and brings it back to the station. The "weapon components" turn out to be telepaths in sleeper tubes with implants in them. Recalling that Delenn told them the Shadow vessels use sentient beings as their central processors, they realize the telepaths were being shipped for that purpose. Dr. Franklin awakens one in MedLab and she somehow "merges" with the machines there. Garibaldi and Bester confront her there. While she seems to recognize Bester, she fires at his Psi Corps badge, complaining "the shield hurts us, we cannot hear the machine."


"I've got it!"

After she is subdued, Garibaldi recalls something familiar he read in G'Kar's Book of G'Quan. Turning to the book, he finds a passage about Narn telepaths driving a "dark enemy" from their planet 1,000 years before—at the time of the last Great War. Garibaldi shares this information with the others in the War Council (which now includes G'Kar himself). They realize telepaths can be used against the Shadows. Even as they do, reports come in that the Shadows are attacking openly, no longer hiding.[68]


"You gotta know the truth."

When one of his officers is injured, Michael personally takes him to Medlab. He finds Franklin more stressed than ever. The doctor even makes a mistake that almost costs a patient his life. Michael confronts Franklin again, pressing him about the Stims. When Franklin again tells him off, Michael decides he has to intervene whether Franklin wants him to or not. He goes to Franklin's assistant, Dr. Lillian Hobbs, and expresses his concerns about the doctor. He asks for access to Franklin's blood tests (which are regularly required for those who work in Medlab). He explains he can only readily access them by going through channels that would ruin Franklin's career if the paper trail becomes exposed. Hobbs refuses to give him the tests, but does tell him where they can be found. Michael enters Medlab after hours and locates the files. Before he can read them, however, he changes his mind, preferring to trust in Franklin. He is surprised when Franklin steps out of the shadows, observing what has happened. Franklin quietly explains that he had guessed what Michael would do and had checked the files himself—only to be confronted with irrefutable evidence that he is addicted to the Stims. That same day, Franklin announces his resignation as Chief Medical Officer.

Also that day, Ambassador Kosh is murdered in his room. Though the place looks like a warzone, no body is discovered. The Vorlons request the death be kept a secret and promise to soon send a replacement.[69]


"What if the message is from the future?"

Late in the year, a strange message comes in from Sector 14, seemingly from Ivanova. The message is a mayday. Recalling the "time flashes" he saw while on Babylon 4, Garibaldi theorizes the message might be from the future. He offers to take a Starfury to the edge Sector 14 and investigate. Once he arrives at the rim of the temporal disturbance, he picks up a clear, brief signal of Ivanova appealing for help during a Shadow attack on the station. The timestamp is dated for eight days in the future. He relays the information to Sheridan, who orders him to return to the station.


Michael sees a message from the future

On his way back, however, Garibaldi discovers the White Star (with Sheridan and Ivanova at least) heading the opposite way, straight for Sector 14. Sheridan firmly orders him back to station, claiming he cannot bring him along this trip. Garibaldi begrudgingly returns. As soon as he's back on board, Zack mentions that Sinclair came aboard during his trip and then left again with the others on the White Star. Michael is shocked that Jeff would leave without saying anything. He finds a message waiting for him. Sinclair apologizes for not taking him along, but explains that he will not be returning from the mission—and that Garibaldi would not return if he had come along.[70]

Hours later, the White Star returns from the mission—without Sinclair. He learns that the White Star traveled through time to steal Babylon 4 and take it 1,000 years into the past to turn the tide of the last Great War. Due to Garibaldi's previous exposure to the field, it would have aged him (and likely killed him) had he gone through it again. Not only did Sinclair stay in the past, but underwent a transformation to become the Minbari holy leader Valen[71]

The Vorlon Empire sends Ulkesh to replace Kosh as ambassador. More and more races begin to join together in the Army of Light to stand against the Shadows. Sheridan decides they need to test their theory regarding telepaths. He plans on taking the White Star out with Lyta Alexander. He asks for other ships to back him up. Delenn offers a Minbari ship. G'Kar offers the use of the G'Tok, which had recently come to the station to assist in its defense. After the meeting, however, the captain of the G'Tok tells G'Kar he has no intention of helping on the mission.


"You don't really think there are two of you, do you?"

Garibaldi, meanwhile, goes looking for Stephen Franklin after he learns the doctor has not been to his quarters in over a week. He finds him in Downbelow and asks what he is up to. Franklin explains he is doing a "walkabout," an ancient Earth tradition incorporated by his religious beliefs. The idea, Franklin explains, is that you keep walking "until you meet yourself." Garibaldi does not understand it, but respects Stephen's decision.

After he learns the G'Tok is not leaving, Garibaldi wakes up G'Kar. He tosses him his book and angrily asks why G'Kar has not sent the G'Tok out. G'Kar replies that its captain did not think it was worth the risk. Garibaldi points out that Babylon 5 pilots died protecting the G'Tok the last time it was at the station and that ultimately it is G'Kar's call. G'Kar relents and convinces not only the G'Tok but several other ships from other worlds to join the foray. The mission successfully destroys two Shadow vessels and proves the telepath theory.[72]


"I suppose this isn't the best time to mention you are all under arrest?"

Feeling a little home sick, Michael digs out his grandmother's Slugthrower, as it reminds him of home and family. While showing it to Zack Allan, Zack mentions that a maintenance worker has gone missing in Grey Sector. Michael decides to investigate it personally. One of the missing man's coworkers mentions having checked all 29 Grey levels for him. Garibaldi is confused, as there should be 30 levels. He finds his way to Grey 17, which had been hidden via the transport tubes being reprogrammed to skip the floor. Garibaldi finds the entire level a mess. He is shot with a tranquilizer hidden in an old dummy. When he awakes, he finds he has been kidnapped by a strange cult led by a crazy man named Jeremiah. Michael manages to seize Jeremiah and force him to show him the exit. Jeremiah explains that the cult brought a dangerous alien called a Zarg into the level. The Zarg killed the missing crewman. The cult took Michael's PPG, but he had the bullets from the slugthrower in his pocket. He uses a steam tube to fire them at the Zarg and kill it.[4]


Garibaldi helps coordinate the telepaths

In the next few weeks, Michael helped the station coordinate defense plans by sending telepaths out to all the ships needing them. Sheridan struggles to find a pattern to the seemingly random attacks by the Shadows.[73]

Sheridan and Delenn finally find a pattern and anticipate where the Shadows will strike next. Delenn reveals the completion of an entire task force of White Star ships. They rally the League worlds and other races and win a victory in the Battle of Sector 83.


"Now that they know we can hurt 'em, how long before they knock on our front door?"

Michael remains on the station to keep an eye on things. While the battle is being fought, Franklin turns up in Medlab. He had collapsed in a market in Downbelow after being stabbed in the stomach. Despite losing a lot of blood, Franklin was stabilized. Garibaldi goes to sit by him in Medlab until after he awakens. Franklin admits he "found himself," but it was not what he expected. After recovering, he requests his old job back and Sheridan grants it.[74]


"I need you to take care of this for me, Michael."

The day after the battle, near the end of 2260, Sheridan's thought-to-be dead wife, Anna Sheridan, shows up on the station. Dr. Franklin's tests seem to prove she is genuine. Sheridan asks Garibaldi to call over the crew of the White Star and issue them all ID cards. He then asks Michael to secretly transport a pair of thermonuclear bombs recently acquired from the Gaim to the White Star. Michael suspects Sheridan must be planning something crazy, but agrees to do it without questioning him. After the job is done, he lets Sheridan know moments before the captain leaves the station with Anna. He honors his word and does not mention the captain's absence.


"What the...?"

Hours later, a fleet of Shadow ships suddenly arrives at the station. Garibaldi joins the Starfury pilots that scramble to protect the station. The ships do not attack, however, and then suddenly leave. One of them, however, approaches Garibaldi's ship and he blacks out.[75]

A Bold New Era[]

Garibaldi awakens to find himself in Medlab. Several weeks have passed and he is told that he disappeared while on patrol. Zack Allan explains that with help from G'Kar (who went looking for him) and Marcus Cole (who went looking for G'Kar) they were able to locate him aboard a mysterious transport. The ship ejected him before exploding once cornered. Zack also tells the Chief that Sheridan apparently died after going with Anna to Z'ha'dum, the homeworld of the Shadows. The Army of Light is collapsing and Delenn is preparing for one nearly suicidal last assault against the Shadows.


"What happened?"

Try as he might, Garibaldi cannot account for the missing time. Occasionally he can recall brief flashes of being trapped in a room, but nothing more than that. Desperate to feel useful, he insists on going with a security patrol when a strange, unknown alien ship arrives at the station. Garibaldi and the others are shocked when Sheridan emerges from the ship with a strange alien named Lorien. Sheridan announces his return and his intention to stand against the Shadows and end the war once and for all. Privately, he explains to Delenn, Garibaldi, and a few others that the Shadows and the Vorlons are really two sides of the same coin—they both were supposed to be "shepherds" for the younger races, but over time their differing ideologies drove them into all out war. During the meeting, Susan Ivanova and Marcus return from a mission in hyperspace and announce they have learned of a massive Vorlon fleet—one that has begun destroying entire planets that have allied with the Shadows.[76][77]

Garibaldi feels much more on edge following his return. Frustrated and angry, he is impatient when Dr. Franklin insists on running a few more tests before allowing him to go back to work. He is also surprised when Sheridan spends the next few days avoiding him. Michael confides in Zack that he does not trust Lorien and is suspicious of the stories about Sheridan's alleged "resurrection."


"We got a message for ya."

After Dr. Franklin authorizes him to return to work, he joins the command staff in the War Room. With the Vorlons destroying entire planets, the station is facing a massive refugee crisis. Franklin suggests they start ferrying people down to Epsilon 3. Sheridan agrees and then announces that the Vorlon ambassador presents a security risk. He explains to Michael that he has been avoiding him because he needs him to confront the Vorlon and is worried over the extent of the Vorlon's telepathy. He asks Michael to take a small team and "ask" the Vorlon to leave. Michael accedes to the order, knowing that a small team will not stand a chance against Ulkesh. Predictably, the Vorlon easily drives them away. The mission was really a ruse, however, and Sheridan is then able to draw out the Vorlon into a trap. This time, Ulkesh is slain, thanks to some help from Lorien and the remnants of Kosh (that had been inside of Sheridan).[38]


"The natives are restless."

It does not take long before the Shadows unveil a planetkiller of their own, a Death Cloud destroying whole worlds "influenced" by the Vorlons. The two sides dance around one another, however, not attacking each other directly. Sheridan decides he needs to force a confrontation. Learning that the Vorlons are planning to annihilate Coriana VI, a planet with six billion sentient beings, Sheridan decides that is where they need to make their stand. A massive fleet assembles at Babylon 5 under Sheridan's command. Garibaldi points out to Ivanova even if they win, they are still outlaws at home. Ivanova retorts that he is even more depressing than usual. Sheridan leaves Garibaldi in charge of the station when the fleet moves out.[78]

Following the Battle of Coriana VI, both the Shadows and the Vorlons—coming to realize they have outstayed their usefulness—leave the galaxy forever with the last of the First Ones. The Second Shadow War comes to an end and the Third Age of Mankind begins.[79]

The New Garibaldi[]

Civilian Life[]

"I want to get out of the game while I'm still ahead... Where does it say that I have to fight someone else's battles every day for the rest of my life?"


As celebrations erupt on the station and among the League worlds over the end of the Shadow War, President Clark announces a full embargo against Babylon 5. Sheridan calls a meeting to begin planning their next move, fully aware that they still have the civil war to deal with.


"I've decided to resign, effective immediately."

Michael surprises Sheridan and the others by announcing his immediate resignation. He points out that as they are outlaws, they cannot exactly hold him to his contract. He explains that he is tired of the job, tired of risking himself with no end in sight. The others are unable to dissuade him.


"Wel-come ho-me, Mr. Ga-ri-bal-di!"

Back in his quarters, Michael gets a visit from G'Kar. Michael is worried at first that G'Kar will be angry with him, since during G'Kar's failed attempt to find Garibaldi he was captured by the Centauri Republic. They tortured him, even putting out one of his eyes. G'Kar, however, is "delirious with joy" over seeing Garibaldi. He explains that being captured was one of the best things that happened to him as it ended up putting him in a position to strike a deal with Londo Mollari. As part of that deal, Narn was freed from the Centauri occupation (and Londo ended up becoming Prime Minister).[80]


"Don't get me wrong..."

Michael set himself up as a private investigator. With all the refugees and displaced persons (and their goods), this seemed like a natural and lucrative opportunity for him. Shortly into this new career path, he was interviewed by an ISN reporter that was allowed to come aboard the station. Garibaldi stated on the air that he could no longer trust Sheridan—that ever since coming back from Z'ha'dum, he was different. Michael sums it up as Sheridan having a "god complex" and not listening to anyone (or hardly anyone). The interview only further damages Babylon 5's image and sours the opinions of many of those on the station towards the chief.[81]

Friends No Longer[]

"Before he went to Z'ha'dum, he never would have gone up against his own, our own government like this. Maybe he thinks he's Alexander the Great. Maybe he thinks he's John the Baptist. And maybe he wants to take over the whole operation for himself. That's the part that worries me."

Michael, about Sheridan

A couple of weeks after the interview, Sheridan approaches Garibaldi to talk to him. Michael coldly tells him he is not interested in anything Sheridan has to say. Even when Sheridan says "I thought we were friends," Michael only responds "maybe we both thought wrong." Their arguing becomes more heated until they both finally walk away. A few hours later, Sherdian tries again. Unfortunately, an alien woman begin to fawn on Sheridan because of his "resurrection." Michael gets angry at her and tries to push her away. When Sheridan steps in between them, Michael knocks him to the ground with a punch. Sheridan calls off security, but angrily assures Garibaldi he will not be able to do that a second time.


"I'm in."

Earlier in the day, Michael had been approached by a man named Wade who wanted to talk to Michael about Sheridan. Wade explained that he and his friends were opposed to Sheridan's apparent intentions against Earth. Wade went so far as to suggest Sheridan had "lost his way" and needed someone to straighten him out. The day after his confrontation with Sheridan, Michael seeks out Wade and agrees to join him in opposing Sheridan. Garibaldi justifies it by believing Sheridan has bought into the "hero worship," the cult of personality that has sprung up around him. Michael states flatly, however, that he will not hurt Sheridan.[82]


"Hello, Chief."

Garibaldi does not hear from Wade for a few weeks. In the interim, Michael turns a respectable profit as a private investigator. Michael enjoys the personal touch of what he does a lot. Zack (who replaced him as Chief of Security) finally comes to Garibaldi to take back his Link, his ID, and his PPG. Michael hands over the first two, but tries to keep his gun. Zack insists he turn it over. Although Michael reluctantly does so, he feels like Zack has now betrayed him as well. That same day, Wade reappears and explains that his employer wants to hire him as a bodyguard and an "expediter" for a contact coming to the station who wants no record of their presence or what they are carrying. Wade explains he wants them brought in without going through security. Michael agrees, but is in no way prepared when the person who arrives is his ex lover, Lise Hampton.


"We're talking some serious contamination."

Lise is just as surprised as Michael is. She explains that her husband, Franz, cheated on her and then left her. In the divorce, Franz got sole custody of their baby girl. Lise explains she did not come to Michael because she did not want to throw his life into upheaval again. Instead, she met William Edgars and they were married six months earlier. Michael realizes the William Edgars she is referring to is the same man who is one of richest men in the Earth Alliance. Michael coldly states he is going to just treat her as a job and forget about once she leaves.


Michael plays cat and mouse through the station's air ducts

Michael escorts Wade and Lise into a bar in Downbelow where they pick up a vial from a contact. Lise explains that the vial contains data about a possible telepath virus. Edgars fears a panic and the chemical chain was so complex they had to go offworld for it. Michael suddenly notices a pair of individuals eavesdropping. As they leave, the two men attack them, firing on them with PPGs. Michael is able to take the PPG from one of them and help Wade and Lise flee. As the two men pursue, Michael deduces they are telepaths. Theorizing Wade and Lise will "telegraph" the safe route they are to take, Michael tells them the wrong directions. The two telepaths pick up on the thoughts and go to the wrong place where security apprehends them (although both men commit suicide rather than be arrested). Michael succeeds in getting Lise off the station. Sheridan has Garibaldi brought to his office and tells him off for causing mischief. Michael responds that Sheridan is the one who nearly got him killed by ordering Zack to take away his weapon. Sheridan warns him that he will shut him down permanently if the situation happens again.

When he returns to his quarters, he finds a message waiting for him on the Babcom from Lise. Michael deletes it without opening it, figuring he has been hurt one too many times. A few days later, William Edgars himself contacts Michael (audio only) to thank him and to offer him a retainer. Edgars explains eventually Garibaldi will have to come to Mars. Garibaldi accepts the offer.[83]


"Do you need someone to help locate your personality?"

A few weeks later, Lyta Alexander approaches Garibaldi for a job. No longer a member of the Psi Corps and without the Vorlons, Lyta is desperate for work. Michael likes the idea of annoying Bester, and admits that having a powerful telepath as an associate could be good as a lookout. Almost on cue, Bester himself approaches the two of them. After making a quick comment, Bester walks off. Lyta, however, tells Michael that Bester scanned him as he went away. Michael confronts Bester (who naturally denies everything) and has to be dragged away from him by security.

Late that night, William Edgars contacts Michael, aware that Garibaldi has hired Lyta. Edgars insists Garibaldi fire Lyta immediately, stating he does not trust telepaths in the slightest and cannot have him employing her. Michael reluctantly breaks the news to Lyta (who does not take it well).[84]

By September 2261, things begin to reach a head. Responding to the attacks on civilian targets by President Clark's forces, Sheridan decides to go on the offensive. He convinces all of the other races to suspend their mutual aid and defense treaties with Earth. Michael learns of this from Vir Cotto. Convinced Sheridan is mad with power and looking to set himself up as a dictator, Michael decides he needs to act as well. He contacts Edgars and requests to come to Mars as soon as possible. Edgars agrees the time seems prudent and arranges transportation that will slip him through the Earth embargo. While Sheridan's forces score a victory at the Battle of Proxima III, Michael leaves the station, confident that he will never return.[85]

Return to Mars[]

"I can't believe I'm back on Mars. Three times before this place almost killed me. I swore I'd never give it another chance to finish the job."

Michael Garibaldi

Face of the Enemy[]

Once on Mars, Garibaldi met Wade in one of the transport trains linking the domes. Wade insisted that Garibaldi wear a blindfold until they reached Edgar's residence. Before meeting Edgars, he ran into Lise again, who warned him that it was a bad time for Garibaldi to arrive. William interrupts them and ushers Lise off. Edgars reveals he knows a lot about Garibaldi. Michael explains he knows almost as much about Edgars. He asks Edgars to help him stand against Sheridan. Worried about what would happen to Sheridan if he is simply turned over to Clark, Michael hopes Edgars can arrange for Sheridan to be stopped without being killed. After their meeting, Wade shows Garibaldi to a bedroom to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Garibaldi is roused from his sleep and dragged away to a room with a telepath waiting inside. Over an intercom, Edgars explains that the telepath is there to confirm the veracity of Michael's responses. He further explains that he had Michael dragged out of bed to excite him and prevent him from trying to be dishonest. Edgars asks Michael's opinion of telepaths. Reluctant at first, Michael eventually confesses that he has not nor will ever be able to trust them. He also states he has a guaranteed way of capturing Sheridan. Michael believes Edgars is hiding something and wants in on it. Edgars seems satisfied with Michael's responses. Before letting him leave, he asks if Michael still loves Lise. Michael lies and says he does not.

"They can lie to us and we'd never know. We lie to them, they know it. How do you stop a conspiracy when there's no evidence? No record? It all takes place in thoughts, exchanged from telepath to another to another. Sooner or later this is going to get ugly."

Michael, on telepaths

The next day, Edgars meets with Garibaldi in person again. Edgars explains he fears a world run by telepaths where normal humans would be second class citizens. Edgars believes a war is coming: not a conventional war, but a war of secrets and control. Edgars goes on to tell that he knows Clark helped assassinate Santiago with help of the Psi Corps and some unknown aliens (the Shadows). Once in charge he gave Psi Corps a level of power undreamed of and if he is cornered, he may unleash the Corps. More time is needed for Edgars and his other associates to complete their plan "to change the world." He leaves Garibaldi for a brief time to decide for sure if he wants to help. Back in his room, Lise comes to see him. She insists she loves William and explains again why she did not come back to him because she knew he was married to his job and would always treat everyone else as second best. Michael apologizes for hurting her and professes he still loves her. Lise apologies to him again and then leaves. Later that evening, Michael goes back to Edgars and tells him he is willing to commit himself fully. Edgars asks him to demonstrate his sincerity by explaining how to get to Sheridan. Michael, torn over the situation he is in, agrees to do it, explaining that the way to get to Sheridan was through his father—and only he knows how to find him. Michael also agrees to set up Sheridan personally.[86]

In very little time (while Sheridan achieves a string of victories, each accompanied with defections to his side), Michael arranges for David Sheridan's capture. Afterward, Garibaldi sends a message to Sheridan, explaining that Clark's forces have captured his father and brought him to Mars. Michael offers to help him in a rescue operation. He explains a means for Sheridan to secretly come to the planet and the captain agrees. Sheridan meets Garibaldi in a seedy bar on Mars. As soon as he joins him, Michael drugs Sheridan and arranges for him to be arrested. Clark spares no time in announcing the capture over ISN (which relates that Sheridan is being held comfortably until a hearing will be convened). Michael is given full credit for his part in the capture, becoming a minor media hero.

Back at Edgars' residence, Garibaldi insists on getting the whole truth from William and Wade. Edgars, fearing the "death of human liberty and thought," reveals that his corporation has been working for the better part of a decade to develop both a deadly airborne virus lethal only to telepaths and a vaccine for it. Edgars explains it as an insurance policy against a future telepath take over. He states that in just a few a days they will begin moving the virus out: and within a month it will have infected every human telepath. Michael states his approval of the plan. Once left alone, he enters into a sort of trance. He removes a false tooth and activates a signal inside. He then goes to a train and waits, still in his trance. Lise follows him but he simply tells her to leave. Right after she does, Bester enters the train, responding to the signal.

Bester asks Michael to explain what he knows. He scans Michael to get the full story about Edgars' plan. He thanks Garibaldi, though acknowledges Michael had little choice in the matter. He goes on to say that although he'd had his differences with Garibaldi in the past, his decision to use Garibaldi as a sleeper agent had never been anything personal, perhaps showing a hint of remorse over what had been done to him. At this point, Garibaldi is effectively catatonic, though Bester gloats how he can feel the "real" Garibaldi trapped inside his own mind. Michael can hear Bester and understand him, but cannot respond. Bester decides to explain to Garibaldi what happened to him at the beginning of the year. After the Shadows captured him in his Starfury, he was handed over to the Psi Corps to be "modified" into a sleeper agent. Bester was able to intervene and have the adjustments altered for his own sake. Rather than a complete reprogramming, Bester simply had Garibaldi's innate "stubbornness, distrust, and suspicion" accentuated. This was coupled with a series of subliminal messages sent to him over the days and weeks following his rescue and made him distrust Sheridan. After telling him the story, Bester contemplates murdering Garibaldi, but decides to remove the telepathic blocks. Once he leaves the train, Garibaldi awakens from his stupor and remembers everything.

Frantic, Michael tries to contact Babylon 5 but the station refuses to let his calls through. He rushes to Edgars' home, but arrives too late. Edgars lies dead and both the virus and the antidote are missing. Lise is also missing. A fatally injured Wade mentions she was gone when their attackers arrived. Michael quickly flees the scene.[87]

Setting Things Right[]

Knowing the Martian resistance was working with Sheridan's forces, Garibaldi appeals to them for help. Believing he betrayed Sheridan, they seize him and drag him to one of the resistance's lairs before Number One, the Martian leader. With her are Stephen Franklin and Lyta Alexander. Number One invites Franklin to personally execute Garibaldi, but he refuses and insists on hearing him out. Garibaldi tries to explain how Bester manipulated him, but even Stephen is skeptical. Michael asks Lyta to scan him to prove his story. Lyta agrees to the scan, finding mental blocks in his mind. Pushing with a deep scan, Lyta sees the whole truth. She then conveys it telepathically to Number One, who agrees to let Michael loose.

Now free, Michael explains he knows where Sheridan is being held on Mars and that he knows how to free him. With their resources spread thin, the resistance cannot spare any one, so Michael, Stephen, and Lyta go on the mission themselves. They are attacked in the tunnels by a security patrol and Michael is stabbed in the back. After Stephen stitches him up, they change into Earthforce uniforms and infiltrate the complex. They find Sheridan, who is delirious from a week of torture. The others are able to free him and arrange for him to get off Mars and back to the fleet (which continued under Ivanova without him and is preparing to come to the Sol system).[88]

Sheridan's final plan is revealed to Garibaldi, who stays on Mars to help put it into place. The last of Clark's forces (a fleet of over 30 warships) has taken up position in Mars orbit, preparing for the final assault. Working with the Mars Resistance, Sheridan's forces slipped 30 of the telepaths in suspended animation onto the planet. The plan is to slip each one onto a war ship and have Lyta awaken them. Once awake, they will merge with the ship, disabling it completely without destroying them. Using contacts in Earthforce, they succeed in loading the telepaths.

Garibaldi leads a small strike force (Number One, Franklin, Lyta, and a few others) that seizes control of a bunker on the perimeter of the Martian defense base. While Franklin prepares a device to enhance Lyta's telepathic range, Garibaldi uploads precise coordinates on the planet to Sheridan's fleet. Using the coordinates, a single White Star jumps into the Mars atmosphere. The White Star quickly destroys the defense arrays at the base. Meanwhile, the Martian resistance launches a full out assault that captures the other bases on the planet. Lyta succeeds in "activating" the telepaths and nearly the entire fleet is neutralized. The few remaining ships are quickly disabled by Sheridan's fleet, which then proceeds to Earth itself. Desperate and cornered, President Clark commits suicide just after ordering the planetary defense network to fire on the planet itself. Luckily, Sheridan's fleet is able to destroy the defense satellites before they can fire. The Earth Alliance Civil War finally comes to an end.[89]

Sheridan surrendered himself to the proper authorities, prepared to accept whatever consequences that would entail. Michael quickly got to work tracking down Lise. He learns that she tried approaching the Martian Mafia to slip off the planet, but the Mafia decided to kidnap her instead. Discovering a lead, he discovers they are holding her in an old warehouse. Michael storms the place with an entire platoon of Rangers who quickly subdue the men inside. Lise is rescued safe and sound.

On Earth, Sheridan is offered amnesty for himself and everyone who followed him on the condition of his resignation from Earthforce. He accepts the offer. After the situation is explained on the air, Delenn announces the formation of a new Interstellar Alliance with Sheridan serving as President. The Earth Alliance is offered membership, though one of the conditions for membership is that Mars be granted independence at last. Michael and Lise watch the news from Lise's bed. Michael contemplates how fast he wants to return to Babylon 5, figuring he at least ought to take a couple of days vacation (the first he's had in about five years).[90]

However, when news slips out that Sheridan and Delenn were married aboard a White Star shortly after it left Earth, Michael decides to head to Babylon 5 immediately. He and Dr. Franklin arrange a large reception for the couple, celebrating not only their marriage but the birth of the Interstellar Alliance as well.[91]

Covert Intelligence[]

"I spoke with the President earlier. I like the sound of that, 'I spoke with the President.' Me."


Michael tries to help Zack prepare for Sheridan's pending inauguration, but he quickly realizes Zack has things completely taken care of. Meanwhile, since Susan Ivanova has taken a promotion and a transfer, Captain Elizabeth Lochley has been asked by Sheridan to take command of the station. On the day of the inauguration, Sheridan receives a death threat. Despite Garibaldi and many others trying to talk him out of proceeding, Sheridan insists on going forward. Lochley agrees with his decision. Garibaldi, already suspicious of Lochley, openly admits his distrust of her. Lochley frankly responds that Garibaldi's opinion does not concern her—especially since he is now a civilian with no real connection to Earthforce, Babylon 5, or the Interstellar Alliance. Michael quickly gets to work tracking down the assassin while Zack tightens security. He manages to learn the identity of the assassin, John Clemens, a Clark loyalist who has been on the run since the end of the fighting (being wanted for war crimes).

Clemens manages to infiltrate the reception and tries to shoot Sheridan before the swearing in but is thwarted, though he eludes immediate capture. Garibaldi realizes he has stolen a Starfury and pursues in one of his own (not even taking the time to suit up first. Clemens has flown to outside the Sanctuary, planning on firing on it since Sheridan is there. Garibaldi manages to sneak up behind him and grapple his Starfury. He flies it far enough away from the station and lets the Defense Grid destroy it. Afterward, recognizing the need for an intelligence division of the Alliance, Sheridan appoints Garibaldi as director of Covert Intelligence.[92]

Garibaldi eventually confronts Bester on one of his many visits to Babylon 5 and learns that Bester has placed mental blocks in his mind that prevent him from acting against the Psi Cop. Shortly afterwards he is taken hostage during Byron's Telepath Crisis, and narrowly escapes execution. These events prompt him to start drinking again. His drinking problem spirals out of control, despite attempts to intervene from his friends and Lise. Eventually, following a meeting which he turns up to drunk, he is suspended from his position by President Sheridan.

Edgars Industries[]

After his suspension, Michael gets a new drive to become well again. This is partly helped by a conversation with Captain Lochley, who reveals she has also had problems with alcohol in the past. Lochley also arranges a surprise meeting between Michael and Lise. While on the station, she convinces him to come back to Mars with her sooner rather than later, in order to help with the running of Edgars Industries. She cannot deal with the politics and intrigue. Michael is at least partially persuaded by the fact that he believes he will never get his old job back after the reputation he got for himself.

A few days later, Lyta is facing charges for her involvement in terrorist activity, and Michael sees an opportunity to be rid of the neural block which caused his downward spiral in the first place. Using his contacts at Edgars Industries, Michael arranges for Lyta to be pardoned. This enables him to make a deal with her, he will create a telepath army for her to use against the Psi Corps over the next two years; in return, she will finally remove the neural block which prevents him from killing Bester.[93]

Number One is appointed as Michael's replacement. However, before Michael and Lise can leave Babylon 5, they are informed that an assassin has been hired to kill them, in order to prevent the details of Edgars Industries' projects during the civil war coming out. The assassin fails, but due to another ongoing situation with G'Kar's followers, Lise is accidentally shot. While she is recovering in the hospital, Michael arranges to marry her right there and then. She eventually makes a full recovery and they return to Mars.

One of Michael's first acts in his new job at Edgars Industries is to fire the whole board (who had all collaborated to have him and Lise killed). Furthermore, to prevent any chance of revenge, Michael threatens the board members with large death bounties on each of their heads that would become active should either himself or his wife die of anything but old age. After that action, Michael replaces them with those who had a reputation for being troublemakers in the company. His rationale is that if anything unsettling was going on inside the company, he wants to know about it.

Eventually, he creates the army which Lyta wanted, including "three ships, and enough weapons to shoot every man, woman and child in Calcutta with a different gun". Lyta removes his neural block (as promised, although she does add an extra condition) in 2265, and he relentlessly pursues Bester after that. However, once he finally catches up to Bester in 2271, Michael decides not to kill him, opting instead to leave him in prison, stripped of his telepathic abilities.

As of 2281 he is still living with Lise on Mars, and now has a daughter as well.



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  18. 18.0 18.1 18.2 18.3 Messages from Earth
  19. 19.0 19.1 A Voice in the Wilderness, Part I
  20. 20.0 20.1 The Gathering
  21. Midnight on the Firing Line
  22. Soulhunter
  23. Born to the Purple
  24. The Parliament of Dreams
  25. Mind War
  26. The War Prayer
  27. And the Sky Full of Stars
  28. Deathwalker
  29. Believers
  30. Signs and Portents
  31. Grail
  32. Eyes
  33. Legacies
  34. A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II
  35. Babylon Squared
  36. The Quality of Mercy
  37. War Without End, Part I
  38. 38.0 38.1 Falling Toward Apotheosis
  39. Chrysalis
  40. Revelations
  41. The Geometry of Shadows
  42. Exogenesis
  43. A Distant Star
  44. Soul Mates
  45. A Race Through Dark Places
  46. The Coming of Shadows
  47. GROPOS
  48. All Alone in the Night
  49. Acts of Sacrifice
  50. There All the Honor Lies
  51. Knives
  52. In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
  53. Confessions and Lamentations
  54. Divided Loyalties
  55. The Long, Twilight Struggle
  56. Comes the Inquisitor
  57. The Fall of Night
  58. Matters of Honor
  59. Convictions
  60. A Day in the Strife
  61. Passing Through Gethsemane
  62. Voices of Authority
  63. Dust to Dust
  64. Exogenesis
  65. Point of No Return
  66. Severed Dreams
  67. Ceremonies of Light and Dark
  68. Ship of Tears
  69. Interludes and Examinations
  70. War Without End, Part I
  71. War Without End, Part II
  72. Walkabout
  73. And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
  74. Shadow Dancing
  75. Z'ha'dum
  76. The Summoning
  77. Also see Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
  78. The Long Night
  79. Into the Fire
  80. Epiphanies
  81. The Illusion of Truth
  82. Racing Mars
  83. Conflicts of Interest
  84. Moments of Transition
  85. No Surrender, No Retreat
  86. The Exercise of Vital Powers
  87. The Face of the Enemy
  88. Between the Darkness and the Light
  89. Endgame
  90. Rising Star
  91. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
  92. No Compromises
  93. The Wheel of Fire