The Minbari Civil War was a conflict on Minbar in 2261.

The events that lead up to the civil war occurred over many years, with the major tipping point before the civil war broke out being the dissolution of the Grey Council by Delenn in mid-2260.[1]

The war was mainly waged between the Warrior Caste and the Religious Caste. Warrior Caste Minbari began driving out Religious Caste Minbari from remote cities such as Sikar and Dronya, allowing the elements to kill them instead of themselves.[2]

The Worker Caste was caught in the middle. The war was also the first time in a thousand years that the Minbari fought amongst each other on a large scale.[3]

The civil war ended at the Temple of Varenni, where the opposing leaders were to step into the Starfire Wheel and whichever leader was able to stay within the Wheel before the fire consumed them would be the victorious side of the conflict. Delenn and Shakiri both stepped into the ring, but soon after the Starfire Wheel opened, Shakiri left. Delenn decided to make herself an example to the people of Minbar and decided to stay in the wheel until Neroon climbed into the wheel and removed her. Forsaking his Warrior Caste upbringing, he converted to the Religious Caste soon before being consumed by the Starfire Wheel and dying.

After this, Delenn created a new Grey Council. This one was made of two representatives from the Warrior Caste, two from the Religious Caste, and five from the Worker Caste - whom Delenn believed were best suited to represent the needs of the people.[4]


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