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The Minbari Fleet is the spaceborn branch of Minbari military.


It's the spaceborne branch of the Minbari military, a vast organization that consists of thousands of craft. They are divided into effective strike teams of identical or complimentary vessels. The Minbari fleet differs from some the militaries of some other races in that it's not very flexible and once a small fleet or air strike unit it established, it will usually see service as a complete group rather than be divided into separate components due to changing combat conditions. Which may result in a force that is not optimal for a specific scenario, but since the Minbari usually err on the side of caution and deploy overpowering forces, usually it's not an issue for long.



Shai Alyt Shakiri.


Alyt Neroon.

  • War Leader: The commander of all 3 branches of the Minbari Military; the Fleet (spaceborne), the Infantry (ground), and the Navy (seaborne).
  • Shai Alyt: The highest position in the Minbari Fleet. Who is command of an entire battle group, consisting at minimum of one cruiser and a flight of fighters.
  • Alyt: The minimum rank to command a starship the size of a frigate or larger in the fleet. There are three levels, with career military officers usually taking roughly 20 years of commendable service to move up all three.
  • Alyt'sa: The highest sub-rank of Alyt, who are placed in command of a Sharlin war cruiser. All Sharlin cruisers are considered detached members of the War Leader's greater fleet. To be called up when needed, that duty superseding any previous fleet commands.
  • Alyt'el: Those of this rank are given command of assault cruisers or larger ships to strengthen their leadership abilities. The best earned this status after five years of minimum combat service, but fifteen to twenty years is the norm.
  • Dur'Alyt: It's an official rank that is used in an unofficial manner, in which a member of the lower ranks must take command of a vessel in battle. The one receiving the commission if usually not even an officer. It's the most common way that rank level soldiers join the ranks of fleet leadership.
  • Toran: They are the rank and file of the fleet, and its one with four grades including two non-Alyt officer ranks. Most of the Minbari in the fleet never progress past the second rank, Kor.
  • Hiai'sa: It's the highest rank of Toran. Hiai'sa are in charge of overseeing the tactical stations, ship systems, and combat activities. It's an officer rank, and they are expected to provide leadership during a battle. They receive orders directly from their ship's Alyt or they command their own heavy scout or a smaller ship.
  • Hiai'i: It's the lowest rank in the Minbari fleet. They serve as the liaison between the Hiai'sa and the vest of a ship's crew. Often a Hiai'i is given command of a minor ship, such as a gut, but otherwise the Hiai'is needs to serve for a minimum of three years at their present rank to become a Hiai's. It's also the traditional rank of the fighter pilots.
  • Kor: They are the elite crewmen who aren't officers. These crewmen are cross-trained on the systems of many different ships, a rarity in the fleet, and are usually able to adopt any role required on any ship within the fleet.
  • Galrin: They can be either the personnel who are new to the fleet or those whom have served without any notable distinction. Unless they receive a field promotion, they must wait four years between reviews of their performance to be able to advance in rank.

Organizational Structure[]

Minbari Fleet II (The Minbari Federation Fact Book)

The Minbari Fleet consists of several division, each of which is duplicated among the three castes, except for the fighter groups which nearly always consist of warriors from the Fire Wings clan.

  • Rapid Deployment Force: It's the division that is constantly used by the Minbari military. Which serves as a single craft and fighter escort, that's capable of traveling anywhere and dealing with small scale threats it encounters. Consists of 1 Sharlin cruiser and 12 Nial heavy fighters.
  • Standard Fleet: It's the most common deployment in the fleet. They are equipped for long term operations, sometimes traveling for months or years without returning to an allied base to be rearmed or to undergo refitting. Consists of 1 Sharlin cruiser, 18 Nial heavy fighers, 3 flyers, and 2 Tinashi frigates.
  • Assault Group: They are the fleet's heavy hitters when it comes to space combat, which is capable of taking on an entire fleet from most of the other Younger Races. These groups are usually named by their commander and will remain together unless their War Leader breaks it up to fill other roles. Consists of 2 Sharline cruisers, 48 Nial heavy fighters, 3 Tinashi frigates, and 1 Neshatan gunship.
  • Front Line Force: A battle group made up of decorated officers who have been given the honor of service at the front line of any major battle. It's the largest conditional fleet in the Minbari military. This fleet is usually the last thing an enemy ever sees. Consists of 3 Sharlin cruisers, 72 Nial heavy fighters, and either 6 Tinashi frigates or 6 Torotha assault frigates.
  • Planetary Intervention Force: Rarely deployed in the modern era, these types of fleet saw much use in the previous centuries. They were used to suppress uprisings, and the sight of one of these fleets was usually enough to put an end to the resistance before the battle even started. Consists of 1-2 Morshin carriers, 12-24 Nial heavy fighters, and 36-73 Tishat medium fighters.


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