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"...Give me a break. Receive transmission, audio only. Yes?"

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""You are being held by a force of two gravities… THREE gravities. Six will crush your ribs to jelly and explode your heart. FOUR gravities. FIVE… I suggest you leave now.""

Ambassador Delenn to Ambassador G'Kar

A gravitation ring is small type of device of Minbari origin that can be worn on the finger like a typical finger ring. The ring can increase local gravity at least five or six times.


Delenn owned such a tool along with several other power rings and were kept in a secret wall locker in her quarters on Babylon 5. This device was used by Ambassador Delenn in 2257 to force Ambassador G'Kar to leave her quarters. [1] Many years later, Delenn would observe how much G'Kar had changed from the man who she had to force to leave her quarters with the gravity ring.[2]