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A perimeter mine over Ragesh III.

A mine is a kind of defensive weapon used to restrict or block access to an area of space. There are several varieties.


Perimeter mines[]

These are usually set up around otherwise vulnerable worlds. Normally inert, they must be activated from a command and control centre during an attack. This is to prevent accidental detonation and navigational hazards. [1]

Energy mines[]

These are a type of plasma weapon launched from either a ship or space station towards an advancing enemy and detonate when they reach a certain proximity.[2][3] G'Quan class heavy cruisers are equipped with energy mine launchers.[4]

Blockade mines[]

Centauri blockade mine over Zagros VII

A blockade mine is effectively an automated orbital weapons platform that can target and fire on enemy ships. They are dropped by starships and used to secure areas of space or planets to prevent an enemy from escaping or to stop reinforcements from getting through. They do however have their limitations and are easily cleared by even medium warships. They are mostly effective against transports, fighters, and slower vessels. [5]

Behind the Scenes[]

Omega class destroyers were to feature launchers for gigaton class mines, but these were never shown in the series due to limitations in the CGI budget.[6]