Miziri Tal was the Hyach ambassador to the Interstellar Alliance on Babylon 5.[1]

In 2262, she, with her government's approval, authorized the release of her people's medical records to the Interstellar Alliance's Xenobiological medical database overseen by Dr. Stephen Franklin. She was very well aware that her people risked exposing their long held secret of genocide against the Hyach-do hundreds of years ago, but she understood the need for her people to become part of the new interstellar community. She and her government accepted the risk. Her aide, however, did not agree and kept a close eye on Dr. Franklin. Tal was aware of this and, when Kirrin threatened him, Tal appeared and admitted what they were hiding and tried enlist help and forgiveness. He offered the Alliance's help if the Hyach admitted their secret. Tal and her government agreed and she ordered Kirrin to let him go. Her appeal to him for forgiveness, however, was in vain.[2]


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