The Mora'dum was a Minbari rite and exercise used by the Anla'shok in the training of all Rangers.[1]

Roughly translated into English as "the application of terror", the rite itself is designed to test a Ranger's ability to recognise, withstand and overcome their own fear while at the same time learning to apply terror against an adversary. The exact circumstances of the test can vary as it may be tailored to suit each individual.

In circumstances where a Ranger is defeated via the use of terror, the attacker is said to have taken the Ranger's courage. As soon as the Ranger is able to stand, he is to endure the Mora'dum once again and take his courage back from his attacker.

In 2262, Ranger Tannier underwent Mora'dum as invoked by Sech Durhan after the Ranger-in-training was beaten almost to death by thugs in Babylon 5's Downbelow. On orders from President Sheridan, Captain Lochley - under protest - had all security forces pull away while the Rangers prepared. One by one, they picked off the thugs until only their leader, Trace, was left. Tannier, still barely able to stand, met Trace with a denn'bok in hand and proceeded to regain his courage.

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