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The Moradi are a humanoid species.[1]


The Moradi are extremely xenophobic, believing that even verbal contact with other races is unclean.


The Moradi central government decided in 2267 that all literature, music, and cultural items not devoted towards science and military expansion were to be entirely destroyed from society's consciousness due to their decadent, subversive, indecent nature. The government seized all private copies, and destroyed all art, music, literature in physical and digital form

Natchok Var was able to download and save one final copy of all their society's musical, visual art, and literary accomplishments from the planetary datanet. He smuggled this information off his homeworld, and set out to find someone worthy of giving this information to. He was captured on Praxis IX, a world outside the Interstellar Alliance's jurisdiction, but was rescued by Captain Matthew Gideon and Dureena Nafeel.

He was later killed by his own people, but not before giving the crew copies of the Excalibur the data crystals that contained all his planet's cultural information. Var's last hope was that one day his race would see the error in their ways and seek this information once again.