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"The humans are a real enemy. An enemy I can touch, see and kill."


Satai Morann was a Warrior Caste Minbari and a member of the Grey Council.


Unknown to him at the time, Sonovar - a relatively minor member of his staff - was acting as a spy; using his position and Morann's connections to Callier's inner circle to obtain intelligence that he would sell on to Londo Mollari of the Centauri Republic.[1]

In 2245, Morann was on the Valen'Tha en route to Z'ha'dum when it encountered an Earth Alliance explorer division, lead by the EAS Prometheus. Unable to understand their language and rather than trouble Chosen One Dukhat before they could find out more, Morann ordered the crew to increase the scanners to maximum to get a proper fix. As the ship drew closer, Morann reported the situation to Dukhat and the other members of the council, announcing that they were approaching with gun ports open, in accordance with Warrior Caste traditions.

As Delenn spotted a group of three Soul Hunter ships, Dukhat immediately ordered the ports closed. Morann protested that there's no reason if they do nothing to provoke the Humans, but the words were barely out of his mouth before the alien ships opened fire. Taken by surprise, the Minbari ships were heavily damaged in the sudden barrage and while Dukhat died in Delenn's arms, Morann and the surviving Satai quickly discussed what to do. Opinion was divided with half voting for restraint to find out what happened first, while the others voted to exact immediate revenge. Morann found Delenn kneeling over the body of Dukhat and told her of the impasse, asking her to cast the deciding vote. Furious and grief-stricken, Delenn screamed at Morann to strike the humans down with no mercy.

In the beginning, Morann happily supported the holy war against the humans, preferring to kill defenseless humans rather than take the risk of fighting the Shadows. But after much blood had been spilt, even he finally grew tired of war.[2] Despite this, he believed that Minbar, "a world gone mad", could not be halted as the war had taken on a life of its own.[3]


In the audio commentary for In the Beginning, J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Vejar divulge that in a scene in Delenn's quarters, Morann and Lenonn would have come to blows. This part of the scene was excised from the final cut of the movie.[4]