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Morell was an Emperor of the Centauri Empire who reigned on Centauri Prime approximately twelve hundred years prior to the Third Age of Mankind.[1]


In the third year of his reign, Morell puts down an attempted Xon incursion [2] in the Battle of the Scoria Plains. Later, while returning with his soldiers to the royal palace, Emperor Morell stops by the river Tuwain to water his dromes and rest his soldiers after the long march from the sea. While there he met Malia, a prophetess who warned Morell that a dagger would strike to his heart from near his heart and that only the crescent moon hidden in darkness would save him.

Later, during a great dinner at the Palace, Morell's nephew Elfeni rises to offer a toast and Morell notices his nephew is wearing a broach shaped like a crescent moon and hidden by the shadow of his arm. Morell calls for the Palace Guard who stop Elfeni just as he draws a blade to assassinate his uncle. Elfeni later confesses to be party to a secret alliance with others who had attempted to bring about a civil war which would end with Elfeni replacing Morell as emperor.

Morell returns to Tuwain and gives the prophetess Malia a tenth share of his fortune and his pledge that for as long as there was an Emperor of the Centauri Republic, there would always be a prophetess of Tuwain held in royal favour, revered and honored as the Prophetess Supreme.

Around the Earth year 1062 Emperor Morell commissioned the building of an ornate carriage as a gift to his wife Celina. Shortly after she went mad and hung herself from the highest of the palace’s four towers.


  • The exact dating and order of some of the events of Morell rule are unclear. All that is said is that Morell's wife died around "1200 years ago" (Circa 1062) shortly after the carriage was made and that the events surrounding the assassination attempt by his nephew took place in the third year of his rule. Therefore it's impossible to determine the relationship between the two events, only that the death of his wife could not have been earlier than 3 years prior to the Battle of the Scoria Plains.