The Babylon Project

Lennier studies the history of the Motorcycle.

Motorcycles were a type of two-wheeled Earth vehicle.

Motorcycles were built on Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries. They were considered a symbol of self-reliance and masculinity for many of their owners. As gasoline-powered devices became out of favor due to their harmful effects on the atmosphere, production decreased and the last gasoline powered motorcycle was built in 2035. By 2258, they were a rare collector's item.

Michael Garibaldi collected all the spare parts to build a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle but could only find instructions in Japanese, a language of which he had no knowledge. Lennier offered to help him construct the motorcycle, as he was an expert in many languages and interested in the history of the vehicle. Through his excitement and Garibaldi being distracted, Lennier reconstructed the entire motorcycle and even fitted the machine with a non-polluting Minbari power source. Garibaldi wanted to be involved in the process and, at first, was angry, but then accepted it. The two of them went for a ride through the Zócalo.[1]