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"Mr. Jones" was a Telepath from the Bureau of Telepath Integration.[1]

In 2267 Mr. Jones came aboard the Excalibur to evaluate Lieutenant Matheson. Although he said that Matheson had become a model for the new rules governing telepaths, when he scanned him he went beyond his mandate and discovered where they were going, and condemned him for apparent mistakes. When Matheson protested, he threatened him with punishment.

Later, he went to Captain Gideon saying he was going to have Matheson recalled for further training for 'so called' minor infractions. Not liking this, Gideon enlisted Dureena to set him up for an unauthorized scan. When he confronted Gideon about what he thought she was going to do, Gideon, knowing that he had him trapped, told him that if he didn't lay off Lieutenant Matheson he would report his abuse of his authority. Realizing he was beaten, Mr. Jones backed down and withdrew his recommendation to have Lieutenant Matheson recalled.


  • "Mr. Jones" was most likely a former Psi Cop.
  • Another character named "Mr. Jones" was conceived as being a recurring character in Babylon 5's first season, though despite some surface similarities, was intended as a very different character; much darker than even Mr Morden.[2]


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