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Homeworld of the Gaim. Former members of the League and current members of the ISA.

N'chak'fah, literally "The Nest", was first visited by aliens circa 2215 when a Narn vessel landed on what they thought was an uninhabited world, rich in exploitable resources. Until the arrival of the Narn, the possibility of a universe beyond their own world had never occurred to the Gaim, since the skies of N'chak'fah are always shrouded in a thick mist that obscures all view of the stars.

The Narn invasion was quickly beaten back by the ferocious Gaim warriors and introduced the Gaim to a universe full of other races.


Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

(the following is from the Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game's sourcebooks: The Lurker's Guide to the Gaim, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds Fact Book, and the Galactic Guide)

Planetary Features and Statistics[]

  • Planet's Name = N’chak’fah II
  • Diameter = 10,500 miles
  • Circumference = 33,000 miles
  • Gravity = 1.2 g
  • Weather Average = mild 60%, light storms (rain/wind) 25%, severe storms (rain/wind) 15%
  • Equatorial Mean Temperature = 84 degrees F
  • Continents = Supercontinent
  • Water Percentage = 68%
  • Population = 13.3 billion
  • Cities = Hexad Hive (1 billion)
  • Orbital Bases = 4 military, 12 monitor, 1 trade


The Gaim homeworld is a heavily defended planet. It's orbital defenses consist of automated mines and Tora-class satellites. These weapon systems were developed after their first contact with the Abbai, the undisputed masters of orbital assets. The Gaim quickly got up to speed on how to build, operate, and maintain automated orbital weapon systems. Which are reinforced by a fleet of Geun-class Defenders, modified ex-Earth Alliance Orestes-class ships which are armed with long-range weapons acquired from a variety of sources.



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