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Na'Far was a Narn collaborator during the Second Centauri Occupation of Narn.


Following the surrender of the Narn Regime to the Centauri Republic in 2259, a provisional puppet government was established by the Centauri. Na'Far was a Narn who became a Centauri collaborator for said council. Na'Far was an outspoken opponent of the Narn Resistance, objecting because its efforts were stopping Narn civilians from acquiring food and other supplies being delivered by the Centauri, as well as leading to greater loss of life. Na'Far believed the time for resistance should be postponed.

Early in 2260, he was sent by the provisional government to replace G'Kar, the last of the Kha'Ri still free, as the leader of the Narn community on Babylon 5. He brought Ta'Lon along as a bodyguard. Na'Far first tried to convince Captain John Sheridan to withdraw his sanctuary, but Sheridan refused. He then approached the Centauri ambassador, Londo Mollari, to obtain permission to speak with G'Kar, who rebuked his appeal to turn himself in and return home. However, after the meeting, Na'Far was nearly attacked by several Narns who saw him as a traitor. Rather than cause such strife among the community, G'Kar agreed to surrender himself and allow Na'Far to replace him. The Narns rejected Na'Far completely – even Ta'Lon abandoned him, joining the Narn community on Babylon 5. They convinced G'Kar to remain. Na'Far then returned to the homeworld.[1]