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Na'Kal was a Narn Warleader in the Narn Regime military and commander of the star cruiser G'Tok.

At the end of 2259, he and the G'Tok were on the run after the Narn Regime surrendered at the end of the Narn-Centauri War.[1]

In August 2260, the G'Tok returned to Babylon 5 as a part of the mutual defence treaty. Na'Kal came aboard the station and was greeted by G'Kar in his quarters. He was treated to what he thought was a plate of breen, though G'Kar revealed it was in fact Swedish meatballs, which taste and smell exactly the same – an odd coincidence. Na'Kal then informed G'Kar how few Narn ships that survived the War, and that they were undergoing repairs. He also asked him when they would strike back, but G'Kar said it was too early.

Later, G'Kar relayed a request by John Sheridan for additional warships in his mission in Sector 90 to assist in the first direct assault against the Shadows. Na'Kal flat-out refused participation in what he considered a fool's mission, since there were so few warships left, especially after viewing the records salvaged from G'Sten's failed assault on Gorash VII. G'Kar did not press the matter and Sheridan left on his mission with only the White Star 1 and a single Minbari warcruiser as support. After a verbal bashing from Michael Garibaldi, G'Kar changed his mind and convinced Na'Kal to take the G'Tok to Sector 90 just in time to assist the White Star, accompanied by a small fleet of League ships.[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

The warleader Na'Kal was played by Robin Sachs, the same actor who would later play the role of Na'Tok, a general in the rebuilt Narn military during the Centauri War. Despite that Na'Kal could very well rise to general in the newly rebuilt Narn military, these two characters are nevertheless different Narns.