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Na'Tok was a Narn General.

During the Centauri War, in August 2262, Na'Tok was on Babylon 5 to meet with John Sheridan and Elizabeth Lochley. Alongside Daro and General Kulomani, Na'Tok explained that Narn forces would not take orders from Drazi forces, emphasizing that the three races would not cooperate. He admitted that the current Centauri strategy was not typical, and supposed they were doing something different. At the end of the meeting, Sheridan insisted they not attack Centauri Prime, as it would kill civilians, however, Na'Tok was convinced by Daro afterwards to bombard the planet themselves. They arrived to find no defense whatsoever and they attack.[1]

During the attack, Sheridan arrived and plead to Na'Tok to stop. Na'Tok was unapologetic, saying that Sheridan can either leave or join the fight, as the returning Centauri forces would not care whether the attack was authorized at that point. When Sheridan was able to communicate to Londo Mollari and get the cease-fire, Na'Tok's forces then stopped.[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

General Na'Tok is played by Robin Sachs, the same actor who previously played the role of Na'Kal, a captain of one the few surviving Narn vessels in the Narn-Centauri War. Despite that Na'Kal could rise to general in the newly rebuilt Narn military, these two characters are nevertheless different Narns.