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The Narn freighter is an unknown class of starship used by the Narn Regime as a cargo freighter and passenger transport.[3][4]


The ship comprises a forward cockpit that can be manned by a single pilot and a large aft cargo area that takes up the majority of the freighter's internal volume. Some Narn freighters have been known to be armed with pulse weapons.[5] The cargo area is capable of holding more than 700 Narns.[4]

Known Vessels[]

  • Tal’Quith: In 2258, the Tal’Quith that was dispatched to deliver a G'Quan Eth plant to Babylon 5 for Ambassador G'Kar and the Days of G'Quan. During the docking procedure the bay malfunctioned causing a departing ship to be put on a collision course. Ignoring C'n'C's instructions, the Tal’Quith's Captain fired the engines in the docking bay to avoid the other ship, but instead collided with the bay's wall, causing the Tal’Quith's cargo to be destroyed and causing severe damage to the docking bays that lead to the death of Eduardo Delvientos.[3]
  • Na'Tan: Ship that opened fire on Centauri liner in Babylon 5 space during Narn-Centauri crisis.[5]

Behind the Scenes[]

Though it's not clear who exactly designed the freighter, it appears as though it was based on the Narn fighter mesh with a different, up-scaled cockpit and a large cargo container on the rear. Several minor variations of this model were used, though the overall design remained essentially the same.[6]