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The Orbital base of "Quadrant 37" type was an unknown class of space station deployed by the Narn Regime.

Known stations[]

One station of this type was completely destroyed with its military complement in 2258 by two Shadow vessels. [1]


  • The station itself seems to be made from a number of Narn Cruisers attached together. Since the Narn forces in Quadrant 37 were bolstered just prior to the events of "Chrysalis" it is safe to assume that the design of this base was make-shift in nature - wielding together a number of ships until a more permanent installation could be put in place. It is unknown how often this technique was used by the Narn Regime.

Behind the Scenes[]

The station was designed by Foundation Imaging Co-Founder Ron Thornton.[2] It appears to be another "kludge" made up of the same Star Destroyer-like ships that Ron Thornton had already built for NewTek for release with LightWave 3D and subsequently used to build the Narn heavy cruiser mesh.