"My dad used to say, 'there are no happily ever afters--only new battles.'""


Neeoma Connally was the union representative of Babylon 5's Docker's Guild.[1][2]


In 2237, her father was shot and killed during a series of miners' strikes on Ganymede. His death would inspire her to spend her life fighting for workers' rights.

Connally worked as the union representative for the Docker's Guild on Babylon 5 in 2258. Severely shorthanded and forced to work with substandard equipment, the workers endured a series of serious accidents, culminating in the death of one of them, Alberto Delvientos. Connally was approached by Jeffrey Sinclair and Michael Garibaldi, but they were unable to resolve it. When the Senate refused to allocate any more funding, Connally helped organize a "blue flu." In response, the Senate sent Orin Zento to negotiate with her, with negative results. That night, the workers staged a full scale, illegal strike. In their next meeting in the morning, Zento invoked the Rush Act and Connally prepared herself with the rest of the workers for security teams to arrest them. After the security teams went in, Garibaldi eventually brought Connally out, but Sinclair had another idea. Connally watched with pleasure as Sinclair used his new authority under the Act to give the workers what they wanted.[1]

In 2262, when a transport had exploded in B5's dock, workers spent long hours restoring normal operations. Connally reported to David Corwin that operations were back.[3]


Connally did not appear in Strange Relations; Corwin reported that she had informed him that operations were back to normal.


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