The Babylon Project

Nelson Drake was a member of Interplanetary Expeditions.


In 2258, he arrived on Babylon 5, assisting Dr. Vance Hendricks, with some artifacts from the long dead planet, Ikarra VII. Drake murdered a crew member in customs to smuggle the artifacts aboard. While unpacking the items, he was accidentally infected by the organic artifacts and began to transform into the ancient Ikarran War Machine.

The devices were designed to protect Ikarra from invaders, but had worked too perfectly and wiped out the entire Ikarran race. As the warrior, Drake began a power build up that would have allowed the device to easily destroy the station.

Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair managed to appeal to the sentient programming, telling it the truth of what happened on Ikarra VII. The device detached itself from Drake. Afterwards, Drake confessed that he had been acting under Hendricks' orders, leading to them both being arrested. [1]