Jacob Mayhew

Jacob Mayhew and Sheila welcomes a new customer

New Wave Holosystems Corporation was a small adult entertainment business run by Jacob Mayhew in Brown 11.[1]

Established in early 2263, New Wave Holosystems specialized in realistic holographic images of men and women supplied by the customer by way of a picture. The customer is then able to touch their fantasy using a state of the art Sensual Telemetry Body Suit. Because the owner considered it to be an art form the service is very expensive.

Babylon 5's command staff first became aware of New Wave following a complaint of dangerously faulty equipment from a dissatisfied customer by the name of Mr. Clute. Since B5 regulations forbid the running of Holo-brothels on the station, Captain Lochley sent Security Chief Allan to order the establishment shut down.

Mayhew contested that his legally obtained six month entertainment permit for a "unspecified entertainment business" did not preclude holo-brothels. Later that day his attorney Mr. Riley filed a restraining order and a civil lawsuit against both Captain Lochley personally, and Babylon 5 as a corporate entity citing "restraint of trade, harassment, infringement of the right to free speech basic, violation of the constitutional right to the presence of an attorney during questioning. And slander, based on the false comments of Mr. Zack Allan, about the condition of his client's business." The dispute was quickly rendered moot when the company, its equipment and its files were destroyed by a Thermal Grenade thrown by Captain Lochley to blind the Ralga souls who had taken control of the imaging systems.

Though Mr. Riley threatened criminal charges, Captain Lochley was quick to point of that section seven, clause four of Mr. Mayhew's lease states that Babylon 5 and herself are not liable for damages resulting from military action. Lochley then warned against contesting this by threatening a countersuit over the illegal use of her image in the holo-brothel (which, according to Mayhew, was particularly popular with the business's female clientèle.)


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