Ni'im was a Drazi merchant trader.

In 2266 Ni'im was one of four people contacted by the techno-mage Galen to warn of the Drakh's possession of a Death Cloud. Unlike Sheridan, Anderson and Dureena Nafeel, Ni'im proved to be much more difficult to influence.

He did however witness the destruction of Daltron VII and witnessed the Shadow Planet Killer. Horrified by it, he followed it and its Drakh operators back to their fleet's assembling point. He initially wished to investigate the nature of the fleet but the sheer size of it encouraged him to withdraw. He elected to return to Daltron VII, to see if anyone could still be saved. However he was detected and was subsequently killed by the Drakh. His body was discovered partially buried on Daltron VII a few days later by the crews of the Excalibur and Victory

However he still contributed to the task for which he was chosen, as before he returned to Daltron VII he recorded a data crystal, documenting what he had seen, going so far as to hide it in his 'pouch' (a reproductive area) so the Drakh wouldn't find it. Dureena would locate this and she, Anderson and Sheridan would view it, learning what Ni'im had discovered.


References[edit | edit source]

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