The Babylon Project

Ninon Davion was a human telepath and an officer of the Metasensory Regulation Authority.[1]

In 2148 Ninon accompanied Kevin Vacit to Interplanetary Expeditions Headquarters in San Diego to investigate the suspicious death of Mr. Raskov, a Commercial telepath. Shortly afterwards Ninon begins an affair with Vacit and becomes one of the very few ever to discover his true status as a telepath, a secret she loyally keeps until her death.

While Davion is in a secret loving and physical relationship with Vacit, the MRA arrange a marriage between her and another telepath. On March 4th, 2161 Davion gives birth to Vacit's daughter Fiona. In May of that year, when Fiona is only a few months old, Ninon is killed in the line of duty. Vacit, now the Director of the newly founded Psi Corps gives their daughter to Jack O'Hannlon to spare her from some of the very harsh changes he intends to impose on Psi Corps in the coming years.