The Babylon Project

Nolan was a member of the Homeguard, working covertly on Babylon 5's maintenance staff.


While working at B5, Nolan became a member of the radical pro-Earth group Homeguard and collected material from them. On one occasion, he was openly hostile with an alien shopkeeper and caused damage to the shop. He was busted by Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, and he held a grudge afterward.

Later in the year, Nolan agreed to plant a bomb in Cobra Bay 12 to assassinate Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago who was due to visit Babylon 5. While "working," he started to plant the bomb and used a vibration detonator. Unbeknownst to him, there were plasma drivers in the bay, causing the bomb to prematurely detonate. He was critically injured and rushed to Medlab where his diagnosis looked bleak. Against Dr. Stephen Franklin's orders, he was awoken in a critical state by Maj. Lianna Kemmer, head of the President's security detail, to question him about the bombing. Nolan died within minutes after being revived, but not before confirming it was a bomb and falsely implicating Garibaldi.[1]