Nukenn of Zir was a Minbari of the Religious Caste who lived at the time of the Great War. Like many other leaders, he was extremely despaired by the constant Shadow victories and the infighting that plagued his homeworld as each cast fought for authority.[1]

Like Rashok of the Warrior Caste, Nukenn became a follower of Valen after the "Minbari not born of Minbari" appeared alongside Babylon 4. Nukenn served him for five years.

The death of Nukenn's son Tulan at the hands of a Shadow caused him great pain. In a rage, he shattered a stained glass window he had crafted in honor of Valen. Valen confessed to Nukenn that he regretted allowing Tulan into the Rangers because he was a gentle soul who was transformed by battle from something delicate to something hard and unyielding. He offered to let Nukenn take his rage out on him, which Nukenn declined, as an act of violence could not assuage the emptiness in his heart. When Nukenn saw that Valen had somehow had the window rebuilt during the short span of their talk, this time depicting Tulan, his faith in Valen was renewed.

Nukenn's experiences with Valen were recorded in the B4 databanks.


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