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This article is about the Earthforce ship class. For the EA Science ship, see: Olympus

The Olympus class corvette was one of the older classes of ship in use by Earthforce at the beginning of the Third age.


These ships saw service during the Earth-Minbari War, but as with other Earth warships they were hopelessly outclassed by the Minbari ships and were easily destroyed. Despite this, large numbers of Olympus class corvettes survived the war to see action during the final Battle of the Line.[2]

After the Earth-Minbari War several Olympus class corvettes were a part of the fleet that defended Earth during the Drakh attack of 2266.[3] Some of this class were still in service as late as 2281, one of which was present at the decommissioning of Babylon 5.[4]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Olympus class corvette was one of three ships designed by Tim Earls especially for the TV movie In the Beginning, though it was the only one to make it into the final movie.[5]


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